Spider Eagles (クモワシ, Kumowashi) are a beast species indigenous to Split Mountain.[1]



The eggs

Spider Eagles build webbed nests deep within Split Mountain's canyon in order to protect their eggs from predators, making their eggs one of the most difficult ingredients to obtain.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

After the failed Second Phase of the Hunter Exam by the examiner Menchi, she asks for Chairman Isaac Netero to take her and the remaining examinees to Split Mountain. She retrieves one of the Spider Eagle's eggs while the chairman explains the Second Phase. The examinees manage to retrieve eggs on their own, and delightfully eat the boiled eggs, comparing these eggs to regular eggs.[1]


Spider Eagle (1999 serie)

The "spider" detail in the head

  • Spider Eagles itself are just mentioned and never seen in the manga[1] or in the 2011 anime series[2] (only its eggs), but are shown in the 1999 anime adaptation.[3]
  • The design of its head includes what looks like a spider on top.[3]

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Exclusively in the 2011 anime adaptation:
    • the Split Mountain canyon has updrafts that help hatched Spider Eagle chicks fly up to the web;[2]
    • contrary to what is shown in the manga[1] and 1999 anime adaptation,[3] the egg size is more akin to that of an ostrich than the one of a chicken;[2]
    • and, the eggs are also known as "dream eggs".[2]


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