Squadron Leaders (()(だん)(ちょう)()()()()()()(), Shidan-chō)[1] are high-ranking Chimera Ants originally under the command of the royal guards. After the birth of the Chimera Ant King, the squadron leaders are under command by the queen herself. Each Squadron Leader is in command of 4 to 5 officers, while each officer is in command of 10 to 15 peon soldiers.[2]

Known Squadron LeadersEdit

At the Chimera Ants' peak there were at least 31 Squadron Leaders, although the existence of 36 squads seems to mean that there used to be at least 5 more.[2] One was killed by Kite and a minimum of 16 more by Netero, Knov, and Morel.[3] By the time of the King's birth, only 14 Squadron Leaders remained.[3][4] By the time the Extermination Team managed to complete their mission, only 9 Squadron Leaders remained.[5]

     Deceased     Classified as Magical Beast

Squadron Leaders

Other Squadron LeadersEdit

The following seven Squadron Leaders were killed by Netero's group:


Under each squadron leader, there are also a various number of officers.

1. Leol's Division Officers:

2. Colt's Division Officers:

3. Zazan's Division Officers:

4. Meleoron's Division Officers:

5. Yunju's Division Officers:


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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