"This is it. I have some amount of skill. I've been through my share of carnage. People who've been through that gain a sixth sense. And it's telling me... that today is the day... I die."

— Squala in "September 4: Part 10"

Squala (スクワラ, Sukuwara) was a senior member of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards.[1]


Squala's 2011 anime adaptation design

Squala's manga appearance

Squala wore a fuchsia-colored long-sleeved shirt with a purple zig-zag pattern on it and plain blue pants. His skin was brown with a dot in the middle of his forehead. He had long, curly black hair tied back tightly.


According to Melody, the sounds of Squala's heart distinctly sounded like that of a liar, which she confirmed after hearing his claims that he wasn't an infiltrator.[1] He would also lie to protect his comrades when being interrogated by Pakunoda.[2] Although the most senior member of the Nostrade bodyguards, he admitted that he wasn't the type to lead when asked if he should become the new head bodyguard after Dalzollene's death.[3]

Squala cared deeply for Eliza and his many dogs. He even snapped at Pakunoda after worrying that the Phantom Troupe would harm her.[2]


Squala was the most senior member of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards. While not a professional Hunter, he could utilize Nen.[1] He was in a romantic relationship with Eliza, one of Neon's female attendants. Squala was less enthusiastic about his job than his peers. A fearful man, he wished to leave the Mafia and live a simple life with Eliza.[4]


Yorknew City arc

Squala and the other bodyguard applicants

Along with five other applicants for the Nostrade Family bodyguard position, Basho waits in a room at the Nostrade's Mansion. The butler plays a video introducing the supposed boss who details the requirements for the position. The applicants are given a data card with specific items listed on it and instructed to retrieve one of them. When one of the five applicants, Basho, tries to leave but finds that the door is locked, they are all suddenly ambushed by eleven hooded assailants wielding guns and swords.[5] When the armed assailants fire at the group, Squala and Basho are left in disbelief as they witness Kurapika stopping the bullets with his chain. Kurapika then leaps to higher ground and jumps onto the chandelier to scope out the room. He finally jumps down and surprises Squala and the other applicants as he holds an applicant hostage and demands that he stop the assailants.[1]

After Tocino complies, Kurapika explains how he figured it all out. Tocino then introduces himself and hints at the fact that there is one more infiltrator in the room. Kurapika uses his Dowsing Chain ability to locate the other infiltrator and it turns out to be Squala. Bewildered by this, Squala denies the accusation and questions how they can rely on a moving chain as proof. Melody tells everyone that what Kurapika did is called dowsing, but Squala argues that it still isn't reliable enough. Melody then reveals that she can tell that both Squala and Tocino are lying by the sound of their heartbeats, leaving the two men shocked. Basho concludes that Squala is indeed the other infiltrator, causing him to panic and theorize that there are really three infiltrators within the group. Kurapika uses his chain to rule out Melody, who in turn rules out that Kurapika.[1]

Squala under Baise's control

Squala then claims that they're wasting time and won't figure anything out by continuing to argue. Taking advantage of the situation, Basho showcases his Great Haiku ability to question all the applicants. When Basho finally gets to Squala and asks him whether he's an infiltrator, he truthfully confesses that he is. Squala sits down on a nearby couch and introduces himself, revealing that while he doesn't have a Hunter License, he's a Manipulator who has been given orders. Baise then asks him what his orders are, and Squala replies that it wouldn't be a test if he revealed it, assuring them that they cannot torture it out of him. Baise taps him on the shoulder and suddenly kisses him on the lips to activate her Instant Lover ability. She reveals that whoever she kisses becomes her slave, resting her foot on Squala's forehead as he begs her to step on him more. Aroused by this, Baise pulls out a camcorder and demands Squala to reveal how he used his Nen and threatens to stop stepping on him. Squala quickly confesses that he's just a lowly dog master and that there are many roaming around the mansion.[1]

Squala and the other bodyguards listening to Dalzollene's instructions

On August 31st, Squala, Dalzollene, Linssen, Ivlenkov, and Tocino escort Neon Nostrade by airship to Lingon Airport and then make their way by car to Yorknew City.[6] On the night of the Underground Auction, Dalzollene instructs the bodyguards at the Hotel Beitacle on what they have to do during the auction. Squala is assigned to stay with Dalzollene to protect Neon at the hotel.[7] After Dalzollene is informed by Kurapika about the auction massacre and how the items were all stolen, he orders Squala to join him and to leave five dogs behind. Squala then orders Neon's two attendants to watch her carefully and to not let anyone else inside the room.[8]

After following Uvogin and the other Troupe members to the Gordeau Desert, Squala and the other bodyguards all witness his massacre of dozens of Mafia members. Upon witnessing Uvogin's ferocity, Squala exclaims that he doesn't want to be part of the effort to capture him. Basho agrees with Squala and notes that they don't have the strength to defeat him. While Dalzollene agrees with Basho and Squala, he brings up the fact that they can't simply run away without at least trying. As Squala panics at the idea, Worm from the Shadow Beasts suddenly appears from underground and asks what family they belong to. Dalzollene replies that they are with the Ritz Family and acting as bodyguards for Light Nostrade.[9]

After three more Shadow Beasts arrive, the four confront Uvogin, but they are all quickly defeated. Kurapika then reveals that he plans to capture Uvogin, and Squala quickly reminds him of the Spider's ferocity in battle. However, Kurapika ignores Squala's plea, leaving him and Dalzollene stunned.[10] Squala warns Kurapika that he will surely die, and Dalzollene adds that they will return to the city and regroup. Sensing Kurapika's rage, Melody uses her ability to calm everyone and asks that they plan out a strategy. Kurapika still insists on capturing Uvogin and eventually manages to do so with his Chain Jail ability. On their way back to the city, Squala is seated in the back of the car next to the chained Uvogin. Kurapika eventually sees Machi's Nen thread, and Melody spots something on Uvogin's left calf. Squala quickly removes the needle and tosses it out the window.[11]

After Squala and the other guards torture Uvogin for information, the other Troupe members learn of their location and proceed to rescue their captured comrade. With the exception of Dalzollene, Squala and the other bodyguards manage to escape.[12] Soon after Uvogin escapes, Melody tries to contact Dalzollene, but Squala tells the others that he is most likely dead and assures them that it was the right idea to escape. The group then discusses what to do next, and Squala reveals that their real employer is actually Neon's father and that only Dalzollene knew how to contact him. Seeing no other alternative, Kurapika and Squala go into Neon's room and wake her up to tell her about everything that has happened.[3]

Neon remains ambivalent when she is told about the bodyguards who were killed, only caring about the mummy of Princess Corco. After discussing how to proceed further with Neon, the bodyguards wonder who should become the new leader and inform Light of the current situation. Kurapika says that Squala should be the one to call, which catches him off guard. Linssen agrees since Squala has been working there the longest, but Squala nervously explains that he isn't the type to lead, also telling himself that he doesn't want to babysit a brat like Neon. Melody then suggests that Kurapika should be the leader because of his responsible attitude and good judgment. The others quickly agree with Melody's suggestion.[3]

On September 3rd, Light Nostrade finally arrives in Yorknew and is brought up to date with all of the current events. He thanks the group and sends his daughter to another room, promising her that he will force the thieves to return the items she wanted. Squala and Basho are both shown feeling awkward as father and daughter joke with one another. With Neon out of the picture, Light reveals to the bodyguards that the Underground Auction was rescheduled for the same place and time, also informing them that all the Shadow Beasts are dead.[13] When Kurapika checks the Hunter Website, he sees pictures and descriptions for Neon, Squala, and the other bodyguards (besides himself and Melody).[14] On the night of September 3rd, Kurapika manages to win the Scarlet Eyes for Neon. Back at the hotel, Light thanks the group for their hard work and informs them that the only item left to win is the tissue used by Sonne Limarch.[15] On September 4th, Squala and Basho keep a close eye on Neon as she admires her newly-acquired Scarlet Eyes.[16]

Squala with his dogs

That same night, Squala stays behind in the hotel room guarding the Scarlet Eyes along with his dogs as he reads through a magazine. Squala's Dalmatian growls before someone suddenly knocks on the door. Squala asks who it is, and the person replies that it's room service. Squala has the person leave it in the hallway and says that the tip is under the door. After the person leaves, Squala calls over his Golden Retriever and has it unlock the door and fetch the tray full of food. His Bloodhound sniffs the food and gives a bark of approval after confirming that it hasn't been tampered with. Squala and his dogs then enjoy the food together as Squala tells himself that he needs to find another job now that things are getting too difficult. He adds that Eliza also wants to quit, but worries that there aren't many jobs that will feed his dogs and keep Eliza happy.[4]

Later that night, Kurapika contacts Squala to warn him that the Phantom Troupe knows about them changing rooms and are heading there now. Squala panics and realizes that he needs to escape as quickly as possible, leaving the luggage behind but guessing that he should take the Scarlet Eyes with him.[17] Kortopi tracks the fake eyes and says that they are moving down slowly, with Chrollo guessing that the person is inside an elevator. Kortopi then updates Chrollo and tells him that the eyes are moving at 25 mph. Squala is seen driving a car as he gives a sigh of relief, telling his dogs that while he planned to wait until he found another job, it will his last day as a Nostrade bodyguard. Kurapika asks about Squala, and Melody replies that he isn't answering his cellphone, guessing that he left it back at the hotel. Squala, however, is confronted by Pakunoda, Nobunaga, and Kortopi on a busy street during rush hour. Nobunaga orders Squala to get out of the car, and Squala compiles as he allows his dogs to leave behind him. Using his past experience as a fighter, Squala then realizes that it's his day to die.[18]

Squala killed by Nobunaga

Squala cautiously walks in front of his car as Pakunoda points her gun at him and Nobunaga threatens to kill him if he even moves. Pakunoda restrains Squala and asks him a series of questions, all of which he is either confused about or avoids answering. Pakunoda then breaks his right arm and repeats her order, threatening to break his other arm if he doesn't. Nobunaga reminds him not to move and says that he only needs to answer her questions.

After asking about Uvogin and the chain user, Pakunoda finally asks Squala if he loves anyone. Squala says that he wouldn't be involved with the Mafia if he did, but when Pakunoda suddenly asks if her name is Eliza and describes her as attractive, Squala becomes enraged and begins to warn them not to lay a finger on her. However, Nobunaga immediately slices off Squala's head with his katana and says that he warned him twice not to move. Pakunoda then transfers Squala's memories to Nobunaga and Kortopi by using her Memory Bomb ability.[2]

Greed Island arc

Melody tells Kurapika that Eliza was overcome with grief after Squala's death since the two were in love. She adds that Neon was more upset over Eliza than the Scarlet Eyes being taken and agreed that it would be best to return home.[19]

Abilities & Powers

Squala managed to put up a convincing fight against Tocino's puppets, although it is likely that he knew about the ability beforehand.[1]


Squala is a Manipulator skilled enough to have created an ability.[1]

Squala's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation Dog Manipulation*
DogManipulation.png Squala can manipulate dogs. He takes complete care of them in exchange for their services. They can work as guard dogs, run errands, or go on spying missions. They can even partake in complex conversations, using their barks in a similar manner to Morse code.[2] He can also have them open doors, push carts, and smell his food for poisons.[4]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Squala and Shachmono Tocino vs. Kurapika, Basho, Baise, and Melody[5][1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic سكوالا
France Flag.png French Sukuwara


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