The Succession Contest arc (継承戦編, Keishō-sen-hen; lit. "Succession Battle arc"), also known as the Succession War arc or the Black Whale arc, is the ninth (officially eighth) story arc of the series, and currently spans from Chapter 349 of the manga. Like the previous one, this arc has not been animated in either anime adaptation. After the arc's first chapter, Hunter × Hunter was put on a hiatus on August 11th, 2014. On June 26th, 2017 the manga returned, and then relapsed to hiatus on August 24th, 2017. The manga returned once again on January 28th, 2018 with Chapter 371 and went on another hiatus on March 28th, 2018. It has returned from hiatus since September 22nd, 2018 starting with Chapter 381 and went on hiatus again after Chapter 390. All the current chapters, minus the last ten, were adapted into tankōbon format.


Voyage Preparations

King Nasubi's personal butler Nugui explains to Tserriednich that the Succession War would begin once the voyage began, but if any of the participants (the King's legal children) died before, the war would be canceled. Tserriednich then participates to a Kakin Empire rite, receiving, unbeknownst to him, an "egg" from which his Guardian Spirit Beast will hatch.[1]

In the meanwhile, Kurapika and Mizaistom watch a recording in which the Ox interrogates Beyond on the identity of the spy in the Zodiacs, stating he will let him participate in the sailing ceremony that will take place on the eve of departure, in 34 days. Beyond declares he does not know anything and does not care about the ceremony; rather, the V5 will most likely pressure the Zodiacs into letting him go. Using his ability, Kurapika confirms he is not lying. They conclude the safest course of action would be to restrain Saiyu shortly before arrival.[1]

Shortly afterward, they discover some of the princes are hiring bodyguards, which would allow some of the spies to board the Black Whale. Kurapika recruits Biscuit, Basho, Izunavi, Hanzo, and Melody to be hired as bodyguards by each of the 6 Princes of the Kakin Empire and get information regarding Prince Tserriednich. Izunavi points out that something significant must have happened for all 6 Princes to put up job postings simultaneously. Hanzo states that Tserriednich is likely not among them as he is a veteran at this, and he likely has a private army. Basho expands on that, saying that the naive princes are the ones using money as a reward. Melody argues that if that is indeed the case, then it will make things easier. Biscuit counters, saying that the "elimination of threats" sounds suspicious. Kurapika sums up that all he wants is information, no matter the means. The information would have to allow Kurapika to come into physical contact with Tserriednich, since that way he could use more abilities effectively. If they could do that, then they could abort the rest of the mission. Biscuit asks to confirm that Kurapika would still give them the money even if they aborted since the contract would be in effect once they've applied. Kurapika states that that was obvious, angering Biscuit. He recalls Killua's advice on dealing with Biscuit and proceeds to reluctantly flatter her in order to ensure her loyalty. Kurapika looks at the 6 profiles, which look virtually identical, and observes the fine details of each prince (first to post, highest pay, the competitive one, the ones willing to interview, etc.). Kurapika focuses on two profiles: the one that had the highest reward by increasing theirs over the others', and the one who never changed at all. The former is competitive and likes to display power; the other has strong self-esteem. The one who matches these profiles is Prince Halkenburg. Kurapika thinks about his past: an honors student who had a poor relationship with his family, save Tserriednich. Kurapika decides that Halkenburg is the best option for getting close to Tserriednich, and chooses the one that he believes to be Halkenburg. He gets a response, which invites him to a hotel owned by the Hui Guo Rou family.[2]

Kurapika meets his employer, who turns out to be Queen Oito, mother of Prince Woble. Kurapika is surprised and disappointed, something that she senses. However, she states that his disappointment is all the more reason that he is the worthy candidate for the job. She reveals that they're looking for someone who came under the pretense that they would be hired by Prince Halkenburg, even with the fewest of indicators. The information put on the site was purposely vague to prevent anyone who might want to hurt the Princes from pinpointing their target. As that applied to Prince Halkenburg, he did not put up a post. She explains Halkenburg's reputation and the various viewpoints surrounding him. As such, many applicants would-be assassins or fake followers, which would be convenient for Oito since they have similar aims. Anyone could reach their goal by protecting Oito. Kurapika asks why regular applicants could not be used, and Oito divulges the true nature of the expedition: Succession War. Oito cannot get out because King Nasubi strictly believes that his children should aim to be king, and deserters would be killed. If Halkenburg becomes the king, then he can be blackmailed for participating in this barbaric event. So the job is to get Woble and herself off the voyage ship for 10 times the payment, or keep the conversation confidential and leave for the original fee. Kurapika agrees to do the former if Oito agrees to certain conditions. Oito agrees to them. Oito reminisces on her life, and how she thought that wealth was everything when marrying the king, only to discover her true value laid in her daughter Woble. She allows Kurapika to hold Woble. Izunavi is hired by Prince Tyson; Biscuit with Prince Marayam, Basho with Prince Luzurus, Melody with Prince Kacho, and Hanzo with Prince Momoze.[2]

Heavens Arena: Battle to the Death

Hisoka vs. Chrollo

At Heavens Arena, Hisoka challenges Chrollo, who has become a Floor Master to a duel. Chrollo decides to have a fight to the death, to which Hisoka consents. The battle begins with Chrollo using Black Voice, which he apparently stole from Shalnark, to manipulate the judge. Hisoka realizes that Chrollo was using the time he spent fleeing from him to steal more abilities. After having the judge manipulated, Chrollo uses him to pin down Hisoka so he can stab him with his second antennae. Hisoka deflects, but Chrollo uses this opportunity to launch a series of stomps. Amazed by Chrollo's resolve, Hisoka figures out the purpose of controlling the judge is to tire him out and strike while he's still weak. Hisoka attempts to slash the judge, but instead, the judge detonates. Chrollo reveals his ability: The Sun and Moon, which allows him to imprint seals with either plus or minus on a target, and when the opposite seals meet, an explosion takes place. Chrollo also demonstrates his other ability: Double Face, which allows him to use a bookmark on a page to maintain this page's ability. With this, he no longer has to hold the book open to use that ability, though he can use two abilities by having the book open to another page. However, this brought out new limitations to Skill Hunter. Chrollo says that he will show Hisoka three more abilities, thus setting a new record for the most abilities it has taken him to kill someone.[3]

Chrollo commands the judge copy to break Hisoka

After a small talk, Chrollo explains the rest of his abilities; Order Stamp, which allows him to control any inanimate object provided that its head is still connected to the torso. But since the former owner didn't consider a real corpse to be an inanimate object, Chrollo makes use of Kortopi's ability, Gallery Fake, and make a copy of the judge's corpse. After that, he uses Order Stamp to command the copy to kill Hisoka, albeit unsuccessfully. He then reveals his final ability; Convert Hands, which allows him to switch appearances with a person he touches. He reveals that one of his abilities belonged to a now-deceased person. Hisoka realizes that it remained after death because of that person's Nen becoming stronger postmortem. The ability is The Sun and Moon, which belonged to a Meteor City elder that once turned his brethren into bombs in order to purge an outside threat. The seals from the Nen ability cannot be removed. Chrollo declares that he will win, but Hisoka is insistent on continuing the fight. Chrollo jumps into the audience and uses Black Voice to control a large spectator. Chrollo hides behind him and manipulates another. By the time Hisoka deals with the two, Chrollo is gone from his sight. He realizes that Chrollo originally bookmarked Black Voice to control the spectators, activated and changed his appearance with Convert Hands, and then shifted the bookmark to that page so he could retain it and hide.[4]

Audience copies attack Hisoka

A panicked audience begins to flee the arena despite being told not to rush the exists all at once by the commentator. Several audience members notice that they have been duplicated, which alerts Hisoka to the fact that Chrollo is using Gallery Fake. Shortly, many of them begin rushing towards Hisoka who realizes that Chrollo is currently using Order Stamp to command the copies to kill him. He uses Bungee Gum to propel himself towards the ceiling, away from the puppets. However, this is proven futile as his pursuers are capable of reaching him. Hisoka blocks their attacks, but leaves himself open from behind; an opening Chrollo exploits to land a hit on him. Despite being pummeled, Hisoka is enjoying the fight by continuing to decapitate the puppets, while Chrollo uses openings to land guaranteed hits. Chrollo tries to attack from above, but Hisoka anticipates this and attaches Bungee Gum to a decapitated head, flinging it at Chrollo who dodges it easily, having expected it, and proceeds to stomp his opponent. Hisoka, however, knew this and has swung his foot with a head attached to it, hitting Chrollo while he is lying injured on the ground.[5]

Chrollo manages to recover from Hisoka's sneak attack. Hisoka uses the severed heads to smash the still attached heads of the remaining puppets, thus incapacitating them. He launches an attack on Chrollo who retreats again into the audience. Hisoka restrains one puppet to see through Chrollo's next actions:

1) Keep the bookmark on Gallery Fake. Open Order Stamp. Command the waiting puppets to kill Hisoka.
2) Keep the bookmark on Gallery Fake. Use both hands to create more copies. After that he would either:
A) Open Order Stamp. Command the puppets to kill Hisoka.
B) Open Convert Hands. Change his appearance with his left hand.[6]

The stamp vanishes from the puppet Hisoka is restraining, which leads Hisoka to believe Chrollo chose the second option. Hisoka realizes the audience should panic at the sight of Chrollo if he plans to copy them, so he's wary that Chrollo would opt for Option B to avoid the risk. Hisoka understands that Chrollo might go where his copies are already on standby in order to both create more copies and stamp the previous ones. Using this logic, he spots Chrollo, pursues him into the stands, and goes on an all-out offensive to pressure him. He begins to consider a third possibility:

C) Open Black Voice. Conceal the cell phone and antennae in his left hand.[6]

Hisoka kills Chrollo's lookalike

Hisoka makes sure to keep his distance, then flings several audience members, to whom he attached Bungee Gum, towards Chrollo who dodges them. However, Hisoka managed to attach Bungee Gum to Chrollo's leg. He drags him, and launches several strikes, apparently killing him. He finds out that it was simply a right-handed copy of Chrollo, meaning the bookmark is on Convert Hands. Hisoka is confused about why the severed head he was carrying from the start is still existing after Chrollo had removed the bookmark from Gallery Fake. He quickly realizes that it was a fake-out and that the puppets that have been afflicted by The Sun and Moon won't vanish.[6]

Hisoka comes to the conclusion that Gallery Fake, a double-handed ability, can still be used in conjunction with another ability. Chrollo may imprint the plus mark with his left while he's opening the book on The Sun and Moon, and keeping Gallery Fake bookmarked. He comes to the final conclusion that instead of following Option 2B exactly, Chrollo added another step:

D) Open The Sun and Moon. Imprint the plus mark with his left hand. Deactivate either or both. Open Order Stamp. Command the puppets to kill Hisoka.[7]

Hisoka decides to go on the defensive to prevent a puppet from detonating near him. Chrollo steals the microphone from the commentator to issue a "break Hisoka" command. From there, hundreds of audience members begin rushing towards Hisoka, which excites him. He uses Bungee Gum to swing the copies and smash the rest. However, the bodies cannot handle constant collisions, and the controlled puppets continue to pour in. All of a sudden, Chrollo has the head Hisoka is using detonate when he is holding it in his hand.[7]

Hisoka's severed hand

After one of the bodies explodes, blowing off his left hand, Hisoka tries to assess the situation. He soon comes to the conclusion that Chrollo figured out which body he decapitated, imprinted a left-handed plus mark on the body with his book open, before imprinting another minus mark on a different individual, then manipulating that individual using Black Voice, making them touch the body's plus mark, and creating a maximum-power bomb. Hisoka realizes the dangerous situation he is in and chooses to "go all-in", decapitating several puppets and climbing up the Heavens Arena walls using Bungee Gum in order to find Chrollo on the second floor. With the puppets in pursuit, Hisoka is faced with even more directly ahead of him, which has been ordered to self destruct after spotting Hisoka. Due to this, a large explosion comes from the second floor, sending Hisoka flying towards more puppets on the arena floor and blowing off his left leg. Before he is able to use Bungee Gum on his remaining leg to escape to the ceiling, a puppet from the second floor flies into his chest due to Chrollo's intervention. Hitting the floor, Hisoka is surrounded by a crowd of puppets before a large explosion engulfs them.[8]

Hisoka after his revival

Later, a news reporter at the scene of Heavens Arena confirms the end of the deathmatch which resulted in several audience casualties. Hisoka's dead body is seen before Shalnark, Kortopi, and Machi in another room. Shalnark explains that the large crowd of puppets had a cushioning effect that protected him from the bulk of the explosion, however, Hisoka ended up dying from lack of oxygen due to the blast and the mass of flesh. Kortopi and Shalnark then leave after Machi says she'll stitch him up. Before she can do so, aura begins to re-emerge from his corpse and Hisoka comes back to life; it is later revealed that he placed Bungee Gum on his heart and lungs in order to restart them after his demise. After a brief conversation in which Hisoka admits he bit off more than he could chew, he says that it will be his enemies which won't have a choice in where and who they face. He then proceeds to restrain Machi using Bungee Gum before she leaves, saying that he won't stop until he's killed all of the Spiders. He then leaves Machi, who continues to threaten him.[9]

Shalnark and Kortopi's corpses

Shalnark talks on the phone with Chrollo, who is planning to board the Black Whale of the Kakin Royal family in order to steal their valuables. After he hangs up, Shalnark wonders why Kortopi is taking so long in the toilet. As he receives another call, Hisoka exits from the toilet with Kortopi's severed head in his hands. He throws it at Shalnark causing him to scream out and become distracted, Hisoka dashes forwards and delivers an extremely powerful strike to his head, killing him. Shalnark's mangled corpse is then seen tied to a swing, with Kortopi's severed head placed in front of him.[9]

The Black Whale Departs: The Succession Battle Begins

Beyond Netero and the princes of Kakin Empire during the eve of departure

The day before the voyage arrives, and the eve festival celebrations start, all the voyagers gather in Kakin, in front of the Black Whale. The Kakin royal family is gathered at the assembly, with some princes believing that they will win the succession battle. Passengers begin entering the Black Whale; the first tier is structured for the Kakin royal family, V5 politicians, and industry dignitaries. The second tier is for the rich and celebrities, while tiers three, four, and five are designed for general passengers. Balsamilco, Captain of the Guards of Prince Benjamin, begins discussing the schedules of the princes with the other soldiers, noting they will act as guards until the disembarkation ceremony, also telling them that actual opportunities to assassinate the other princes may not come.[10]

Kurapika and Queen Oito are discussing ways of escaping the Black Whale. Kurapika ponders the quantity and strength of the other princes' forces, as well as the consequences of the frivolous examination conducted by the Dark Continent committee. Mizaistom calls Kurapika to inform him of the increasing conflict levels on the third and fourth-tiers, due to fights, apparent ticket forgeries, larceny, etc. Because of this, the Zodiacs are unlikely to meet up as planned. Kurapika assures Oito that there are escape routes if the worst happens, to which Oito reacts emotionally because she was initially prepared to face death. Kurapika calls the system controls room to get data, when he senses Nen coming from Prince Woble, shocking him.[10]

The Black Whale 1 sets sail

The Black Whale 1 sets off for the Dark Continent. It will take 3 weeks, passing through territorial waters before venturing in the more volatile uncharted water for 5 weeks. The ship will make a nominal stop at the New Continent to avoid public outcry, while Beyond, the Zodiacs, and other Hunters will head to the dark waters using Morel's ship after crossing the gate at the far ocean boundary. The departure ceremony takes place with the King, Princes, and Queens attending. Kurapika and the other guards find the exsanguinated corpse of the guard Woody. Kurapika demands to know if the guards can use Nen, but they all claim they haven't even heard of it. Some guards chastise Kurapika for mentioning Nen, believing that their mission was simply to protect Queen Oito and Prince Woble.[11]

The royal family attends a banquet, with the royal attendees believing that they will kill their siblings and win. Prince Kacho, Melody's employer, forms an alliance with Prince Fugetsu and acts like a diva; the latter action is discovered by Melody to be a facade. Kurapika comes across more murdered guards, prompting him to use his chain and interrogate the people in the room.[11]

Multiple Guardian Spirit Beasts invade Prince Woble's living quarters

While interrogating the other bodyguards, Kurapika reveals that the true nature of the voyage was a Succession Battle among the Princes of the Kakin Empire. Several guards admit to being aware of this and also confess to not being fully aligned with Prince Woble. They explain that 7 bodyguards were chosen to keep tabs on Woble; one from each higher-ranked queen. While they are assigned to keep Woble alive, they must make sure that Woble does not become a threat to their clients. One guard divulges the Seed Urn Ceremony, which gave Woble an egg that would hatch into a Guardian Spirit Beast. Kurapika theorizes that one of the murdered guards had tried to act on his own, and the Guardian Spirit Beast reacted to him. However, the other guards disprove this by saying that the amount of time since Woble received the egg (one month) was too short for her to master Nen to such a degree. All of a sudden, some Guardian Spirit Beasts start crawling over the Nen-oblivious guards, and the room becomes infested with Guardian Spirit Beasts. Kurapika makes an emergency call using all channels and contacts his fellow Hunters, but they all state there's nothing abnormal going on. Kurapika realizes that the princes themselves are unaware of the Guardian Spirit Beasts. Kurapika asks Bill if the parasite-type Nen acts like a curse, to which Bill confirms. Bill decides that he and Kurapika must be more open to each other. The Guardian Spirit Beasts have disappeared, except for one sticking to Sayird, influencing him to murder the other guards. He goes to kill the other two, but Kurapika prepares to fight him.[12]

Kurapika's Stealth Dolphin

Kurapika easily restrains Sayird and asks Bill whether Sayird's Nen ability is necessary for the mission. Bill reveals that Sayird's ability is an Emission-Manipulation based that allows him to project his aura into a ball and then control any creature caught inside the ball. Reminiscing on a training session with Izunavi where he told Kurapika to focus on co-operation with allies, Kurapika uses the Steal Chain to absorb Sayird's aura in the hopes that it would draw out the parasite in his body, which turns out to be a small spider-like creature. Though it manages to escape, Kurapika finds out that Sayird's Nen ability is called Little Eye, and it allows him to control captured creatures, excluding those that are created by Nen. Free from the Guardian Spirit Beast's control, Sayird admits that he was not in control. Because he is under arrest, he informs Kurapika that the largest creature he can control is the size of a hamster, but one can get sensory information from the creature. Additionally, he recommends that Kurapika not use tiny creatures like flies because they could easily be killed. With only two guards left, Bill says that without Kurton, in order to escape, they would need either Pariston or Beyond, both of whom would be difficult to co-operate with.[13]

Prince Momoze allows her bodyguards to be transferred to Prince Marayam, feeling pity for him and his mother as they would be unable to win in the battle to the throne.[13]

Halkenburg confronts his father about the Succession War

Prince Halkenburg announces to his father that he will be withdrawing from the battle, stating he initially joined to merely save his father's reputation, and he does not wish to earn the crown through bloodshed. Nasubi accepts his son's withdrawal.[13]

Bill discusses the key issue surrounding countering parasites which is the parasite's propensity to being made through the host's thoughts and feelings. Oito states that the First through the Fifth Princes lust this upcoming battle and would never willingly opt-out.[14]

Meanwhile, Tserriednich and Tubeppa agree to an alliance as the lower-ranked Princes are either unwilling or unable to fight, and the top 3 Princes have massive character flaws. Nasubi's monologue explains the rules regarding the usage of Guardian Spirit Beasts as follows:

  1. Guardian Spirit Beasts may not kill each other.
  2. Guardian Spirit Beasts may not directly attack other Guardian Spirit Beast bearers.[14]

His monologue goes on to explain that Guardian Spirit Beasts are designed to protect the princes, but it is up to the princes themselves to figure out how to kill their brethren. During the age of rival warlords, Nasubi's ancestor created the urn, and his children helped build the Kakin Empire to what it is today. The Guardian Spirit Beasts are supposed to protect the one who possesses the legacy of the Hui Guo Rou family: one who has foresight, carefulness, and strong planning abilities.[14]

Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast confronts Theta

Theta discusses how she will instruct Tserriednich to stay in his quarters without leaking the secret of Nen to him with Salkov. Salkov suggests that she inform him about Nen, but train him to use it in an inefficient way, such as having him use his weakest Nen type in combat. Luzurus and Tyson become aware of Nen and the Guardian Spirit Beasts that surround them. Halkenburg is horrified as he stumbles upon the unconscious bodies of at least eleven of his bodyguards. Theta is confronted by Tserriednich and his Guardian Spirit Beast, and he begins interrogating her about Nen. Theta admits that she is both aware of it and capable of using it.[14]

Zhang Lei learns of the death of all but two of Woble's bodyguards. His bodyguards bring up the issue of Guardian Spirit Beast, a topic which they are all unfamiliar with.[15]

Benjamin orders his soldiers to act as royal guards for the younger Princes

Camilla asks her father to make sure that the condition for dropping out is biological death. Her father tells her that the sole survivor will be the official successor to the throne, as he told Zhang Lei earlier, though it is up to her to interpret that. Benjamin arrives and tells Camilla to not be so focused on others' interpretations of the rules. Camilla argues that she wants them to feel despair to the point where they willingly die. She leaves after being called arrogant by her older brother. Benjamin makes an oath to his father that he would win and defend Kakin. He then decides to kill his first target: Tserriednich. Benjamin's bodyguards talk about the Guardian Spirit Beasts and deduce that there are unknown rules about them. Balsamilco instructs Benjamin to stay put as the introduction of Nen makes things more dangerous. Benjamin inquires as to why a Hunter would leak the existence of Nen, but Balsamilco reasons that it is to prevent others from making strikes as the Hunters' goal is to get to the Dark Continent. Benjamin orders his bodyguards to act as royal family bodyguards. They are to observe the Hunters and Guardian Spirit Beasts while having permission to kill if they are threatened.[15]

Kurapika and Bill discuss when to employ Sayird's power. The royal bodyguard Vincent shows up and kills a servant, claiming she attacked him. Kurapika realizes that he is not a bodyguard, but instead, an assassin.[15]

Kurapika transfers the right to use Little Eye to Queen Oito

Kurapika decides not to fight with Vincent because of the legal ramifications that would arise. Vincent says that he wishes to co-operate with Kurapika and the others, but Kurapika remains on the defensive. He transfers the right to use Little Eye to Oito. Vincent is distracted by the situation, which he perceives to be Kurapika attacking Oito, which allows Bill to get close to him. Vincent attempts to fend off Bill, but Kurapika steals his aura, and he is restrained. To avoid being forced to confess to attempting an assassination, Vincent swallows a poison he had hidden behind his back teeth. Kurapika decides not to report Vincent immediately as it would be ineffective and risky at the moment.[16]

Listening to the ordeal remotely, Balsamilco and Benjamin discuss the nature of the guards' ability. They struggle to understand what happened, but Balsamilco theorizes that the guards lied verbally to mislead any eavesdroppers. Benjamin orders all guards to use Nen immediately after announcing the right to self-defense and sends Babimyna after Woble.[16]

Kurapika decides Little Eye would best be used on Marayam's pet hamster at the next banquet, but due to time restraints, instructs Oito to use Little Eye on an insignificant insect like a fly to avoid suspicion. Despite the advantages of giving the dolphin his newly acquired ability, Kurapika decides not to do so because it would force him to stay in Emperor Time, which takes an hour from his lifespan for every second he uses it. They receive a phone call, which is a message from three princes (Benjamin, Zhang Lei, and Tubeppa), which presents an issue as choosing a Prince with whom to talk first will imply an alliance with that Prince. Additionally, Babimyna rings the doorbell, causing further pressure.[16]

Queen Oito in Zhang Lei's living quarters

Kurapika cannot comprehend why Benjamin would send an assassin and call at the same time, but he believes Zhang Lei and Tubeppa want to learn more about Nen, meaning that no one in their troops is a Nen user. Kurapika orders Bill to remain with the soldier. Shimano connects Kurapika to Zhang Lei, much to his surprise. Zhang Lei asks why he was chosen over Benjamin, and Kurapika says it was because he perceived Zhang Lei to be more open to discussion due to his desire to learn about Nen. Zhang Lei invites Kurapika, Oito, and Woble to his quarters. Kurapika then contacts Tubeppa, whose guard Maor offers a truce in exchange for information about Guardian Spirit Beasts. Kurapika, preoccupied with Benjamin's guard and the upcoming meeting, informs Maor of the circumstances, so Maor gives him one hour to deal with the issue. Kurapika then interrogates Shimano about why she chose Zhang Lei. She justifies herself saying that Benjamin is a callous individual and that he would likely have his captain of the guards act as a proxy. Additionally, his intention is likely to kill Kurapika and herself in order to avenge Vincent. As her desire is strictly to live, she connected Kurapika to Zhang Lei whom she perceives to be more of a humble individual, but not humble to the point where he would accept being spoken to second. Additionally, if Kurapika manages to get on his good side, he is likely to hold off killing them until later, if at all. Tubeppa is a more patient individual and is strictly devoted to finishing off the princes older than herself while allowing the young ones to survive. Shimano dissuades Kurapika from allowing Babimyna to remain at the door since spurning his request would result in arrest by the royal army, which would give Benjamin an opportunity to kill Oito and Woble and then pretend it was a murder-suicide on Oito's part. Kurapika informs Babimyna that he, the queen, and the prince are going to meet Zhang Lei. Babimyna decides to wait in the room while they are gone. Kurapika instructs Bill to tell Tubeppa that the situation has been dealt with if she calls.[17]

The three enter Zhang Lei's chamber, where he greets them. Kurapika explains the basics of Nen and reveals that the Guardian Spirit Beasts were assigned to the princes during the ceremony. Kurapika then asks Zhang Lei if he is willing to have the next part of the conversation in the room considering that the information could change the tide of the succession battle.[17]

Prince Marayam's growing Guardian Spirit Beast

Hanzo and Biscuit note that Marayam's Guardian Spirit Beast is growing, and one of Momoze's guards plans to kill her in a way to make their work obvious to their employer, but not to the authorities. Fugetsu's guards Ryoji and Bachaem discuss how they are the only two legitimately protecting her while the other guards are assassins. Kacho vehemently complains about the food prepared for her, much to the annoyance of her guards and servants. Halkenburg awakens from his slumber, where he finds his guards to be alive, suggesting to him that he merely dreamed of his guards' demise. Salé-salé invites his mother's anxiety as he is rather frivolous about the succession battle, but he guarantees her things would change at the next banquet. Luzurus smokes a healthy drug created by Basho while discussing how he could distribute the drug as a therapy for addicts if he becomes King. Tyson lavishes her book, while Izunavi praises her attitude in such trying circumstances. Maor heads to Oito's room while Tubeppa contemplates on how to get rid of Benjamin's guard Butch. Tserriednich trains in Nen with Theta, where she discovers that he is a Nen genius. Kurapika wraps up his conversation with Zhang Lei, and he sends his personal bodyguards Sakata and Hashito to assist Kurapika. Slakka notes that he is colluding with Unma's soldiers because they have mutual interests. Coventoba stays with Zhang Lei while Slakka accompanies Sakata and Hashito under Queen Unma's orders. Camilla orders her mother to get close to Halkenburg so she can kill him, as well as Benjamin. However, Benjamin's guard Musse eavesdrops on her conversation and plans to use his Nen ability to get physical evidence for her assassination plot. Benjamin comments that Kurapika is doing a good job of holding off his guards to force a stalemate.[18]

Kurapika returns along with the new guards. Slakka and Babimyna conspire to keep tabs on Zhang Lei's guards. Kurapika frets over the difficulty of applying Sayird's Nen ability.[18]

Chrollo on the Black Whale

Meanwhile, on one of the lower tiers, a passenger meets Chrollo and remarks that Chrollo looks as if he wants to kill someone. He suggests that Chrollo should forget his worldly ties, but Chrollo insists that ties are not forgotten; rather, they are severed.[18]

Kurapika, Oito, Bill, and Shimano search for a small insect on which to use Little Eye, which earns the curiosity of Sakata and Slakka. However, their search is cut short when Maor arrives. Agreeing to divulge the nature of Nen, Kurapika has the guards and Oito convene in the back room so that Bill and Shimano can continue their search. When pressed to explain why he moved rooms, Kurapika lies and says that it was to reduce Oito's stress.[19]

Oito activates Little Eye as Bill pretends to be the user

Kurapika explains how the Princes acquired Nen via the initiation, and the result was a protective force. Oito notices a cockroach near the door and stares at it, drawing everyone else's attention to it. Kurapika, needing to activate the ability on the cockroach immediately, deceives the guards by pretending to showcase the capabilities of Nen. Bill quickly catches onto Kurapika's ploy and pretends to shoot aura at the cockroach as Oito activates her ability. Oito requests to rest, which allows her to control the cockroach without being noticed. Bill commands the cockroach to move in specific ways to prove that Nen was controlling it. Kurapika asks Babimyna to confirm the accuracy of his lesson, and Babimyna agrees. Kurapika tells the guards that they would be able to learn the basics in 2 weeks, allowing them to stand a chance in a Nen battle. Babimyna notices that Bill released the cockroach through a vent, and using his En, deduces that the cockroach is being used for surveillance. The cockroach enters Marayam's room, and Oito sees Marayam, his mother, and his Guardian Spirit Beast.[18]

Momoze's death

Oito uses Little Eye clandestinely to survey the rooms of the other Princes and records the information such that Babimyna cannot read it with his En. Kurapika is concerned about the consequences of using Emperor Time for the extended period of time he did. Oito inspects Momoze's room, only to find her being suffocated by a bodyguard. Oito warns Kurapika of what Momoze's plight, so he has Bill and Babimyna get in contact with Momoze's operator. They are too late as Momoze already died of asphyxiation. Bill reveals that the guards were outside her room when the murder happened. Momoze's mother, Sevanti, is advocating for the execution of the six guards since she believes they are complicit in the assassination. Sakata asks Kurapika why Momoze's Guardian Spirit Beast did not protect her during the incident. Kurapika explains that because Momoze retired to her bedroom earlier than usual, she must have been fatigued. Because the beast draws its power from the host, it means that a significant amount of her aura was taken by the beast for some other activity, and while she was weakened, the perpetrator struck. Babimyna asks Oito why she took such an irrational approach to reveal Momoze's situation. Oito explains that while this was a survival contest, she still has the humanity to care for someone else's daughter. Babimyna leaves the room and retracts his En. Oito goes back to surveying with Little Eye. Bill returns from a phone call and tells Kurapika that they would receive bodyguards from 10 of the other princes, all of whom are likely to be stationed there to monitor Kurapika and Bill. The other Hunters have agreed to the 2-week timeline to teach Nen, although this could mean that many guards will be sent to learn Nen. Kurapika suddenly faints from the extended usage of Emperor Time, much to Bill's shock.[20]

Hanzo affected by Momoze's death

Hanzo laments over his failure to protect Momoze, and Biscuit comforts him. Hanzo deduces that the culprit used a clone to commit the murder, and arresting the 6 guards would only help vindicate them should another murder happen. Hanzo goes on to say that the murderer likely had to focus all their attention on the clone, and Biscuit continues the logic by saying it had to be an off-duty guard. Hanzo vows to avenge Momoze and catch the criminal.[20]

Tserriednich asks Theta about the amount of time required to learn Nen, referencing a message he heard from Zhang Lei stating that Nen could be taught in 2 weeks. He threatens her to tell the truth about the time needed to learn Nen. Theta responds that while it is possible, it is hazardous, and her method is the best. Tserriednich's Guardian Spirit Beast comes threateningly close to Theta as she promises that she is telling him the truth. Blood spatter then comes onto the ground.[20]

Queen Oito passed out

Kurapika regains consciousness after being unconscious for 9 hours. Oito had also passed out as her condition is linked to Kurapika's. Kurapika urges Oito to survey Tserriednich, to which Oito cynically asks if Kurapika is acting out of self-preservation. Kurapika justifies himself by explaining that the first two princes likely have Nen users in their ranks, and Oito has already established good relations with Zhang Lei. Woble suddenly shows affection for Kurapika, encouraging her to obey. Oito sends the cockroach through the vents to Tserriednich's chamber, but Tserriednich's Nen beast devours the bug, forcing Little Eye to end. Oito requests Kurapika to teach her Nen, but Kurapika reveals that she has already activated Nen by using Little Eye.[21]

The next day, the bodyguards and servants of several princes convene in Oito's room to learn Nen, and each thinks about how to gain leverage in the situation. Benjamin's bodyguard Furykov already knows how to use Nen, but is there to learn about Kurapika, and if Kurapika tries to fight, he would exercise his right to defend himself. Unbeknownst to everyone a feminine doll easily reads Furykov by his aura and will appease to his demeanor with its Nen ability: Silent Majority.[21]

As Kurapika lays down a line of white tape, telling everyone not to cross it or they'll be asked to leave and force may be used, the still unknown person controlling Silent Majority says that the only ones who can see the marionette are themselves and Loberry (a servant of Tenth Prince Kacho), the one possessed. One of Tserriednich's bodyguards, Myuhan, crosses the line to provoke Kurapika, but the situation is quickly resolved. The user of Silent Majority, speaking to themselves, says that everyone's attention was directed at Myuhan, but he wasn't one of the ten within range. They go on to say that if the marionette is deactivated without killing anyone, the curse rebounds to them. Furykov analyzes Kurapika, determining that he's most likely a Conjurer by examining the aura around his body, particularly his right hand. While everyone begins introducing themselves in the main room, Bill is helping Oito with Nen, as instructed by Kurapika. Furykov approaches Babimyna and asks him why he released his En. Babimyna shrugs it off, but Furykov says he needs Babimyna's report of the enemy's power. Babimyna tells him that Kurapika is the key, and is most likely hiding other abilities besides forcing confessions. He still hasn't seen Woble's Nen beast and doesn't know Bill's ability, letting Furykov know that he'll form a plan after the next banquet.[22]

Silent Majority begins its attack

After the introductions, Kurapika asks the sixteen students to raise their hands if they already know Nen. Furykov raises his hand, as does Belerainte, a Hunter and bodyguard for the Thirteenth Prince Marayam. As Loberry wonders why they're here then, she looks back and sees the marionette, with the user of Silent Majority wanting her to attract everyone's attention. As Kurapika explains that both Furykov and Belerainte will judge his teaching, giving any advice when possible, and Furykov wonders what Loberry is looking at, Loberry begins directing everyone's attention to the marionette, but they see no one there. With everyone focused in that direction, one of the bodyguards, Barrigen, starts to act like he's choking and the others notice something white around his neck as the life is drained out of him. The Silent Majority user monologues that there are four snakes in total, and if all four attack at once, they can drain the entire body of blood in 11 seconds. Sakata draws a gun and fires at the snakes on Barrigen and then asks that the royal army be contacted. Kurapika worries about the use of firearms, and that Gyo won't be enough to stay unharmed. Loberry says the weird woman is gone, with Kurapika now focused on finding who the assassin is among them.[22]

Given her involvement in the death of Barrigen, Loberry is restrained by Hashito while Sakata contacts Supreme Magistrate Cleapatro, asking her to charge Queen Seiko with being an accomplice to Barrigen's murder and plotting to kill the Fourteenth Prince Woble. She denies his request but says an investigator will be sent to Seiko's residence to monitor for 72 hours. It's 9:45 a.m. on the second day of the voyage. Kurapika refuses to give the bodyguards their weapons back and gives them fifteen minutes to decide if they wish to continue the training. Furykov continues pressing Babimyna on how he's handling his mission, but the latter says he'll handle it his way. As Shimano is preparing dinner, Bill and Kurapika sneak up on her, the latter with gun drawn and Dowsing Chain out. He asks her if she attacked Barrigen and if she can use Nen. She denies both, panicked, and Kurapika apologizes. Shimano wonders if it could have been Woble's Nen beast, but Kurapika explains that everyone (even those without Nen) saw the white snakes, but only a Nen user can see the Princes' Nen beasts. As the three discuss the situation, Kurapika realizes that if just one Prince was able to withdraw from the contest, there's a possibility that all Nen beasts might vanish. None of the remaining guards or servants left, and Kurapika instructs each to put their hands together in whatever way feels natural, giving different instructions to the three Nen-learning groups.[23]

Nugui and King Nasubi standing beside Momoze's body

In Tier 5, 3 thugs working for the Buor Family are extorting money from passengers trying to get to the dining hall. They're interrupted by Franklin, Phinks, Nobunaga, and Feitan, who quickly deal with the thugs and extract information about the Mafia from them. There are three main families: the Xi-Yu supported by Zhang Lei, the Heil-Ly supported by Tserriednich, and the Cha-R supported by Luzurus. They ask the thugs how they can get to the upper tiers, planning to get involved in the Mafia's dealings. In addition, Phinks tells them to find everyone taller than 190 cm (6′3″) and to get their room numbers, attempting to track down Hisoka. Chrollo and Machi meet up in a crowd of people, and each says that they're the one who's going to kill Hisoka. In a large, ominous room filled with 14 capsules with one more in the center, King Nasubi looks upon the deceased Momoze lying in one of the capsules and says to Nugui that she will become the foundation for the tree of Kakin.[23]

Hanzo avenging Momoze's death

At Kurapika's Nen training, Furykov sees two of Halkenburg's guards using more aura than the others and wonders why they're being so obvious if they said they didn't know Nen. They want to talk to Kurapika alone, and he says he'll talk to them after the session. Furykov continues analyzing the situation, saying that the two aren't self-aware and are either being manipulated or it involves Halkenburg's Nen beast. He confirms Loberry's arrest by the royal army and says there's one secret Nen user remaining among the group, who is hiding this fact well, and that they must be the assassin. The investigator sent by Cleapatro is questioning Queen Seiko, but she refuses to answer anything. He assures her she's protected under royal privilege, but she still refuses. In Prince Marayam's room, his Nen beast has grown even larger, and Hanzo guesses that it's because of his sister Momoze's death. Hanzo and Biscuit end their shift, and Hanzo readies to find Momoze's killer, hoping it will calm Marayam's Nen beast. Biscuit agrees to act as his lookout since no one can touch or talk to his original body or he'll be called back. Hanzo uses his ability, Hanzo Skill 4, and enters the cell of Tuffdy, one of the arrested bodyguards for Momoze. Hanzo says Benjamin wants to see him, and that another guard is going to take the fall in a suicide note, but for court records, Hanzo needs to know the method of killing. Tuffdy reveals that his ability, The Touch, allows a doppelganger of himself to do anything within 20 meters, as long as he's lying prone and has his eyes closed. As Tuffdy then wonders how Hanzo knew it was him, Hanzo suddenly takes out a rope and begins choking Tuffdy from behind, killing him. In Prince Salé-salé's quarters, Rihan observes the Nen beast, which is closely linked to the Prince's libido, and plans to destroy it as soon as possible. In Prince Tyson's quarters, she continues to get her guards to read the Book of Tyson, and Giuliano and Izunavi wonder what the eye-wogs are on their shoulders, thinking they're related to having favor with Tyson (since Benjamin's soldier Orau has none on him).[24]

Back at Kurapika's Nen training, the session ends at 12:30 p.m. and Sakata is urgent about hearing the situation with Halkenburg's two guards. Yuhirai tells them that Halkenburg wants out of the contest, so they need more information on the Nen beasts. He shows them his left hand with the mark of the feather and tells them what happened. Kurapika says memory revision is common in Manipulator attacks and asks Yuhirai what he thinks the mark means. Yuhirai thinks it shows solidarity with and allegiance to Halkenburg. Kurapika points out that while the contest is the perfect opportunity to abolish the monarchy, which Halkenburg greatly desires, he doesn't want to achieve this by killing his own siblings. Kurapika determines that Yuhirai is only half-awakened with Nen because of his connection to Halkenburg. He's also worried that Halkenburg's ability is too risky and could have severe consequences. Sakata and Yuhirai eventually agree that the lower-ranking princes should band together, and Kurapika plans to make appeals to the other princes, also hoping that it's possible to withdraw from the battle. After dealing with Tuffdy, Hanzo returns to Marayam's quarters but finds the place completely empty except for the Prince's Nen beast, which is now smaller yet more sinister, ready to attack if Hanzo steps any closer. Outside her quarters, Second Prince Camilla approaches Musse and says she's on her way to kill Benjamin, telling him to help her or die.[24]

Camilla's ability activating after her death

Musse immediately draws his gun, telling Camilla she's under arrest for conspiring to assassinate Benjamin, and that he's recorded her conversations. As Camilla continues to calmly walk forward, Musse worries that she's a counteractive type because she's closed off her aura with Zetsu, increasing the potential power of her counterattack. Hoping he'll be able to kill her or at least find out her ability, Musse fires three shots, two in the chest and one in the head, as Camilla falls bloody to the floor. He realizes he can't let his guard down before fulfilling his conditions, and reaches down and touches her neck. Suddenly a giant cat-like creature appears behind Musse and smashes him between its paws. It kneads him into a liquid which flows to its tail, and pours the substance into Camilla's mouth, bringing her back to life. Camilla's ability, Cat's Name, is a counteractive Nen beast that activates after death, reviving the user with the life of their attacker. Camilla says she doesn't need a Guardian Spirit Beast, and that this ability makes her invincible. Her guards rush out, and Camilla tells them that Benjamin's soldier shot her and ran off. They plead her to not go to Benjamin's quarters, but her mother Duazul tells them to let Camilla do as she pleases. On her way, she encounters two of Benjamin's guards, Furykov and Wolfe. Benjamin radios to them to let her through and not attack her. Camilla suddenly shoots both men in the head, killing Wolfe and grazing Furykov, who used Nen to avoid a shot between the eyes.[25]

The two, walk into Benjamin's quarters as the Prince himself sits in the middle of the room. Benjamin refuses to go along with her charade, and Camilla fires multiple shots at her brother, all stopped by his Nen beast. Out of bullets, Camilla yells at them to attack her, but Furykov calmly restrains her. They lock her in a cell, and Balsamilco confirms to Furykov that Musse's ability, Secret Window, is already active on her (a small owl-like creature hovers near Camilla). It allowed Musse to use three different birds as spies. The owl is activated by touch and can only be seen by the user, transmitting the target's every word and action to them telepathically. It's revealed that Benjamin's ability, Benjamin Baton, allows him to inherit the abilities of those who swore loyalty to him. They have to have graduated from the Kakin Royal Military Academy and be part of Benjamin's personal army. There are three stars on the palm of his right hand, below his index, middle, and ring fingers, signifying that he possesses the abilities of three of his soldiers (Vincent, Musse, and one who must have died before departure). The ability of his Nen beast is still unknown.[25]

Hanzo attempts to enter Room 1012, but the guards stationed there inform him that if a Prince "drops out" of the contest, their residence is sealed and the phone lines cut. Hanzo then goes to Prince Woble's quarters and informs Kurapika of the situation with Marayam. Given the strict hierarchy of Queens and Princes, they can’t contact Marayam's quarters right away, but Shimano urgently tells them that Marayam's Captain of the Guards is on the line. Hanzo quickly runs over to Room 1013, but there's still no one there. Introducing himself as Seventh Queen Sevanti's Captain of the Guards, Vergei says there's something he wants to ask Kurapika.[25]

Asked by Kurapika where they are, Vergei angrily replies that they're still in Room 1013 and that he'll be asking the questions. Kurapika would prefer to talk to Biscuit since Vergei is likely unaware of Nen, but informs him that the room is under someone's ability. Vergei takes all this as an absurd claim and asks what the situation is with the six suspects of Momoze's death. Kurapika informs him that they know the identity of the assassin, and asks Vergei to trust him and form a coalition and ceasefire agreement, which they already have with the Third, Fifth, and Ninth Princes. Vergei pretends to go along with the Nen situation, but quickly returns to his angry self, citing the violent deaths that have occurred in Woble's quarters and how deceptive Kurapika could be. Kurapika gives in and reveals the identity of the assassin, and says Tuffdy committed suicide in his cell, leaving a note behind. Kurapika provides him with even more information that isn't public yet to gain his trust, but Vergei continues his hostility, suggesting that the Hunter Association is using the Seed Urn Ceremony to destroy Kakin from within. The call ends, and Hanzo leaves, planning to look into things until he and Biscuit start their next shift (and he'll return to his body). Sakata asks Kurapika to tell him about the situation with Room 1013. Kurapika tells him what he knows, and is surprised that Babimyna isn't interfering.[26]

Fugetsu using the ability of her Nen beast for the first time

It's been 37 hours and 30 minutes since departure. The Eleventh Prince Fugetsu lies in bed, tears in her eyes and looking at a picture of her sister Kacho. She notices a strange door on the wall―the exact one that was on the magic worm, a tunnel the twins would play with when they were younger to pretend they could go anywhere. Fugetsu enters the door and goes through the tunnel, popping up from below Kacho's bed, who was also looking at pictures and crying. Startled after seeing her sister, Kacho signals for Fugetsu to stay quiet and head back before the guards find out. Melody notices Kacho's increased heart rate, but Kacho puts up a front and Melody understands this. Melody decides to talk to her about Nen.[26]

In Prince Salé-salé's quarters, Rihan continues analyzing the Nen beast. It's a Manipulator, diffusive induction type, able to control multiple people with the white smoke it emits from its many mouths. The more smoke someone breathes in, the more goodwill they'll have toward the Prince, with a small clone of the main body eventually appearing above their head, which also emits smoke. Rihan goes into more and more detail because it's essential for his ability, Predator. Once he chooses a target and activates his Nen, a predator begins growing inside him. The predator's effectiveness depends on the accuracy of Rihan's analysis and understanding of his target's ability. As a result, it's powerless against simple Enhancement and Emission attacks.[26]

While eating dinner in his quarters, Zhang Lei notices a coin dropping to the ground. The two guards present say it didn't come from them. But one of the guards, Coventoba, a soldier of Benjamin, knows that the coin dropped from the mouth of the Prince's Nen beast, which dropped a coin the previous day as well.[26]

In her quarters, Tyson preaches about the power of love and the Book of Tyson to all her guards. Giuliano and Izunavi are still unsure about the little creatures on their shoulders but figure they can't be harmful since Tyson talks so much about love. It's revealed that Tyson's Nen beast is an Emitter, diffusive levy type. If one receives a Book of Tyson, the eye-wog creature clings to them and collects aura in exchange for happiness, depending on how much they've read from the book. But if one breaks the book’s sole taboo, severe punishment follows. Camilla's Nen beast is a Manipulator, coercive type. It's able to control someone if its conditions are met. Tubeppa's is a Transmuter, collaborative type. Needing a research partner for activation, it can create a variety of drugs inside its body. And Luzurus' is a Conjurer, with a pseudo-coercive Manipulation ability. It sets a trap by conjuring what the target desires, and activates once the target falls for it.[27]

In Halkenburg's quarters, all the guards stand around the Prince in a moment of silence for Momoze. Shikaku, Benjamin's soldier stationed there, notices that each guard's aura has risen now that they're all gathered together. It's revealed that Halkenburg's Nen beast is an Enhancer, symbiotic type. The more people with the mark of the feather that gather under the Prince, the higher their potential. Once the group assembles and activates its ability, it's among the top tier of Nen abilities. Panicked by this, Shikaku thinks he should kill Halkenburg right after the moment of silence, but notices that the Nen beast is watching him carefully. He deduces the memory revision aspect and worries that it could force him to attack Benjamin. Right as Shikaku backs off and realizes it's best to wait for backup, Benjamin radios to him after he feels the spike in aura. Shikaku explains the situation, and Benjamin now has Halkenburg to focus on, in addition to Tserriednich and the assassin in Woble's quarters. Not wanting to see any more of his siblings killed, Halkenburg prepares to go see his father again, which is forbidden outside of the banquets. Back in her room, Fugetsu tries to make the door appear again but it doesn’t work.[27]

Vergei witnessing Biscuit's true appearance

Biscuit wakes up Hanzo, and he returns to his body, informing her about what's going on with the room and Marayam's Nen beast. They're both worried about Vergei, who doesn't want to let Belerainte go back to Kurapika's classes after Barrigen's death. Biscuit suggests that they can teach Nen here, but Vergei continues to question the existence of absurd superpowers. Biscuit changes into her true appearance and says she can't guarantee learning Nen in two weeks like Kurapika, but can at least double physical abilities in a month. Vergei is in disbelief, admiring her muscle tone and strength, and begs her to teach him Nen. He also agrees to send Belerainte back to Kurapika's classes to get information on the other Princes, not because he's accepted the existence of Nen. Belerainte opens the door, and the hallway looks completely normal. Biscuit explains the three categories of Nen space―impermeable, permeable, one-way―and they get confirmation that it's the third when Belerainte's body begins to vanish once he steps outside the door and the room appears empty to him once he's in the hallway. Vergei is again in belief, and Biscuit begins their Nen training.[27]

Halkenburg is denied in his attempt to see the King, told to wait until the next banquet. He says he'll keep coming back every day with a letter. Benjamin and Camilla sit in a courtroom, with one of Camilla's soldiers acting as her lawyer and Balsamilco acting as Benjamin's. The two go back and forth, with Camilla's lawyer arguing that Benjamin is harboring Musse. Cleapatro orders that the royal army will perform a search of both quarters and both Princes will be confined to the VVIP area under surveillance until Musse is found. As they leave the courtroom, Benjamin keeps observing Camilla with Secret Window.[28]

It's 10:05 a.m. on the third day of the voyage. Kurapika and Sakata come upon Myuhan dead in the bathroom, another victim of Silent Majority. Kurapika is worried that everyone will think they're behind these murders, given the earlier dispute with Myuhan, and that's exactly what happens. Belerainte speaks up and convinces the others to continue with their missions so the real culprit doesn't get away and they don't disappoint their respective Queens and Princes. Kurapika takes him aside and personally thanks him. In exchange, Belerainte asks if he can borrow Bill for ten minutes so he can give information to those in Marayam's quarters while not appearing to be talking to himself. Kurapika agrees, and Belerainte and Bill have their mock conversation in front of Room 1013.[28]

Kacho coarsely asks Melody to help her with her studies, and then begins using a device called Mosquitone to send out Morse code to Melody. She directs her to a cupboard in the kitchen where she finds another Mosquitone device. Melody realizes that Kacho is doing everything she can to survive, and swears she'll protect her. In Zhang Lei's quarters, the Prince finds another coin with a "1" on it, wondering if it's from his Nen beast and what effect it has. Coventoba provides some information about conjured objects and surmises that the coins must have an effect that's unique to Nen. It's revealed that Zhang Lei's Nen beast is a Conjurer, compound type. Someone who possesses a coin will obtain various abilities after fulfilling specific conditions. Late at night on the fourth day of the voyage, Fugetsu stays awake still trying to figure out exactly how the door works, saying she'll save Kacho with her "magic".[28]

Tserriednich performing the Water Divination test

​​​​​​In Room 1004, Tserriednich continues his Nen training with Theta. Danjin informs him that Myuhan has been killed, and it involved Nen. He surmises that they're teaching Nen to create a stalemate among the various groups. Tserriednich agrees, but wonders what if the act of teaching is a condition to manipulate people with a Nen ability. Theta is terrified by how quickly the Prince can consider the complexities of Nen. She has a covered wound on her face, previously inflicted by his Nen beast, and guesses that it must be a requirement of the creature. Tserriednich tells Danjin that if he continues, he'll need to bring something back to prove his innocence once the classes end, regardless of whether the Nen training is successful or not. Theta thinks to herself that she should have enough time to teach him Zetsu in the eleven days remaining before Kurapika’s Nen classes end. Tserriednich thinks he's ready for Water Divination, and Theta eventually gives in, realizing it would be beneficial to know his Nen type. After the Prince uses his aura on the water, it begins to darken and bubble, emitting a foul smell and breaking up the leaf in the center. Theta has never seen anything like this, confirming that he's a Specialist and a sinister one at that.[28]

Kacho asks her mother about Fugetsu and her putting on a music show at the banquet. Their mother Seiko thinks that's wonderful and will make another appeal to their father. But Kacho assures her that she's willing to fight in this battle to decide the king of Kakin, bringing her mother to tears. Seiko leaves, and Kacho then starts badmouthing her mother behind her back, in front of the investigator, putting up a front. During this, she starts sending code to Melody about the arrangements for the banquet next Sunday, where they plan to play the performance over the speakers across Tier 1 and for the King to keep it a surprise. As Melody hopes that the two will be able to escape from the ship, a fellow guard and Hunter, Keeney, approaches Melody and informs her that with his En, he detected a head pop out from Kacho's bed earlier. The two agree that it was most likely Fugetsu, and Keeney is worried that if anyone finds out that the two lack a combat ability, they'll become targets. Melody focuses on securing the route and timing for the escape, but is concerned that they haven't seen Kacho's Nen beast even once.[29]

All current Phantom Troupe members meeting on the Black Whale

In the central dining hall on Tier 5, the ten current members of the Phantom Troupe have assembled. Chrollo says they still don't know which tier Hisoka is in but found out that the movement between Tiers 3 and 5 is limited by the Mafia, with the three main families controlling a tier each. Multiple men with rose tattoos approach the Troupe as Chrollo asks Illumi to introduce himself to the others and tell them what he thinks Hisoka may be doing. Illumi gives a quick introduction and says he joined the Spiders on Hisoka's commission since both knew that they would end up killing the other. Illumi's commissioned target is Hisoka himself, and the two have a "prenup" where Illumi will be paid once Hisoka dies. They're both taking this seriously, so Illumi doesn't know where he is. One of the men with tattoos tells Chrollo to leave the table. Chrollo refuses, and the man recognizes them as the Phantom Troupe. He thanks them for the madness they caused in Yorknew City, offering to help them if they leave the table. The Spiders all stand, and Chrollo tells him they're looking for someone named Hisoka. The man says he can check the passenger list but doesn't expect he'd be on there. He asks the Troupe to join them and he'll offer them tickets to access Tiers 3 and 4. Chrollo again refuses, and the Troupe leaves. The man asks one of his comrades, Sun-bin if they should worry about them. Sun-bin says they'll go wherever they please, and worries the whole thing will come crashing down if they reach the upper tiers of the ship.[29]

Phinks noticed that the man gave himself away when Chrollo mentioned Tier 1 and that there must be a treasure. Chrollo says their first priority is finding Hisoka, telling them to do as they please in order to bring him Hisoka's head. The Spiders go their separate ways, but Shizuku and Bonolenov ask Chrollo if they can team up with him since their abilities don't work well against Bungee Gum. Chrollo agrees but his condition is that he gets to kill Hisoka himself. Shizuku plans to look for Hisoka in disguise, and Bonolenov tells Chrollo that he can take many forms using Battle Cantabile: Metamorphosen, but isn't sure how to best utilize it. Chrollo tells him there's something he wants him to do. Shizuku then asks if Chrollo can read their fortunes again, but Chrollo says the ability disappeared from his book, insinuating that Neon Nostrade is dead.[29]

The head of the Xi-Yu Family, Onior Longbao, and the head of the Cha-R Family, Brocco Li, both half-brothers of King Nasubi, are discussing the situation with the Spiders and how to keep them under control. They order their respective underbosses―Hinrigh Biganduffno for the Xi-Yu and Ken'i Wang for the Cha-R―to find Hisoka before the Troupe does. Hinrigh and Ken'i each brief their subordinates on the mission, and say they'll take care of things once this Hisoka is found.[30]

Morena with her 22 subordinates as they prepare to wreak havoc

Morena Prudo, the boss of the Heil-Ly Family and illegitimate daughter of Nasubi, addresses her 22 subordinates, who were forced to kill their other comrades until only this number remained. She asks each to come forward so she can grant them an ability. A young woman approaches, and Morena kisses her on the lips. Through her ability, Contagion, Morena uses her saliva to affect up to a maximum of 23 individuals, including herself. Each infected "levels up" as they kill, increasing their aura and power. They gain a unique ability upon reaching level 20 and can create their own community of infected at level 100. Herself at level 45, Morena informs them that killing a civilian is worth one level, those with Nen abilities ten, and a Prince fifty.[30]

The three Mafia bosses all have a scar of two slashes somewhere on their face, and it's explained that this marks them as illegitimate children of the King, unable to become rightful heirs. This scarring is done at birth, and they are only allowed to live as long as they agree to do so in the shadows. But Morena likes her scar, and it's what keeps her going so she can tear down the cruel world around her.[30]

Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan plan to head to Tier 4, leaving the bottom tier to the Buor Family. Nobunaga explains that the Cha-R control all commodities in Tier 5, the Xi-Yu trafficking of humans and goods in Tier 4, and the Heil-Ly act as go-betweens for the upper and lower tiers in Tier 3. But before going up, Nobunaga needs to get his katana from the warehouse. Phinks says he needs something as well, and Feitan needs his umbrella, which was hidden in with smuggled goods. Phinks and Feitan say they need to stay together so Hisoka has absolutely no chance if they find him. They're let in by a group of thugs, and one leads them through the warehouse to their weapons. But as the thug turns a corner, he completely vanishes from Nobunaga's En. They look around the corner and see no one. Turning back, they find the thug with his throat slit. Phinks and Feitan just move on since a corpse can't help them, and Nobunaga feels out of place. Someone's hands begin making an opening, as the focus shifts to the general passenger area in Tier 3. Mizaistom comes upon a crime scene with twenty victims. A man disguised himself as a soldier and killed them with a blade. There was one witness who says the attacker was 185-190 cm tall, with a crescent scar on the left side of his face. Mizaistom plans to talk to the witness, as the focus shifts back to the warehouse where the man with the crescent scar watches the three Spiders from an opening he's created in the ceiling. A member of the Heil-Ly Family and currently level 21 after his killing spree, Luini hopes that he and the Troupe members can destroy the world together.[30]

Mizaistom interviews the witness, who details her encounter with the killer. The man let her go and somehow escaped from a bathroom which was still locked from the outside. Given this and the fact that he was talking about levels and numbers of people, Mizai surmises that this must involve Nen. The woman gets emotional over the death of one of the victims, and Mizai tells her to go rest before they talk to her again. It's revealed that the woman, Cashew, is a member of the Heil-Ly Family (still level 1), and she planned this whole stunt with Luini because the latter wanted to find out how good the officials were at investigation. Cashew says she’ll take things slowly when it comes to leveling up. Talking to himself, Luini says if he's in a closed room with one door and impenetrable walls, he can make an opening in the walls or floor, only able to go somewhere he's been before. He's able to return to the original room at any time, but if the door to the room is opened, his ability resets and he can never use that room again. He's unsure if he can use it to go outside the ship, concerned that the ability could get reset while he's out there.[31]

Ken'i Wang confronting three members of the Troupe

The three Spiders make their way back to the warehouse entrance and find all the thugs went following a blood trail leading down the hallway. The three carefully consider the situation, with Phinks determining that the person doing all this wants a confrontation with the Cha-R. The blood trail ends at a locked door with security cameras. At the end of the hallway, Ken'i Wang and four Cha-R members with machine guns block the exit. He asks them if they attacked the guards at the warehouse.[31]

At the Tier 5 cafeteria, Franklin sits alone while eating a meal. He's approached by five men, one of whom sits across from him at the table. Ittoku, the Cha-R consigliere of the Cha-R Family, asks him why he's not out looking for Hisoka. Franklin says that Hisoka's looking for them as well, so if he waits, Hisoka will come to him. Ittoku tells him about the dead warehouse guards, but Franklin says they had nothing to do with that unless the guards themselves started it. Before leaving, Ittoku asks if the Troupe came on board just for Hisoka, and Franklin says they are still thieves, but their focus is on Hisoka first. Back with the three Spiders, Ken'i realizes they weren't involved and says that someone in the base let in a man carrying a bloody guard, the man's face too bloody to recognize and saying that the Spiders did it. Ken'i guesses it's a hitman from another family who desires conflict, and Phinks adds that maybe he needed to get inside the room so he could "mark" it for a teleportation ability, explicitly mentioning Nen. Ken'i asks if they would like to work together, while also thinking to himself that the Spiders can't be controlled and need to be eliminated.[31]

Speaking to a large group of Kakin military officials, Mizaistom brings up the recent murders on Tier 3, stressing that it seems to be the work of multiple serial killers and is connected to the Seed Urn Ceremony. The officials are outraged that he would suggest that a Prince is involved. But Mizaistom explains that if a Prince were actually behind these murders, it wouldn't be a problem since the Princes are exempt from all repercussions for their actions, besides directly killing another Prince, and he and the Kakin officials would need only set up someone as the true culprit. Since the Princes are so well protected, others may be driven to kill in order to gain favor from them. Given the ancient nature of the Seed Urn Ceremony, it's only natural that they would believe they could gain supernatural power through ritual sacrifice, and the killers aboard the ship may hope to gain powers this way as well. Mizaistom stresses that the crimes will only increase, causing the 200,000 passengers to panic and riot out of fear. He suggests sending 800 soldiers to the lower tiers to stop the killings and calm down any panic from the passengers. The officials quickly object, but Mizai reminds them that Benjamin is the head of national defense and would agree with him. And if they don't report this to him, and he sees the issue mentioned in the minutes of the meeting, they'll all be punished. The meeting ends, and Mizai feels bad about having to phrase things the way he did, but Botobai assures him it was the best option without explaining Nen. Botobai plans to get in contact with various Hunters on the ship, as well as to issue a gag order for the Kakin officials.[32]

In the Cha-R's base on Tier 5, Ken'i leads the three Spiders inside and shows them the security footage of the culprit, who made sure his face was kept hidden. There's an ominous door in the base which the culprit tried to enter in the footage. Ken'i asks the Spiders if they want to see what's inside, and Nobunaga offers to kill the culprit in exchange. Ken'i agrees and introduces them to some Cha-R members. The supervisor, Tsudonke, tells them that there are around 250 total Cha-R members on board, secretly hoping to chat with them with one at a time since he's a big fan of the Spiders.[32]

Prince Fugetsu is found in Tier 3 of the ship

A large overview of the Black Whale is shown, detailing the current locations of many notable characters. It's 10:00 a.m. on the fourth day of the voyage. In Tier 3, an announcement goes over the intercom that a stowaway with a weapon is on the loose, and all passengers should stay in their cabins unless escorted by the military to the dining hall. Botobai leads a group of soldiers who sweep the tier looking for anyone without an I.D. ticket. On the observation deck, they come across two individuals, holding them at gunpoint. It's Illumi and Kalluto Zoldyck. Kalluto says they were asleep and didn't hear the announcement. Illumi offers his ticket, and a soldier wonders why a VVIP is down on this tier. Illumi says he has business down here. The soldier informs him that the passage between Tiers 2 and 3 may be closed for the duration of the voyage, but Illumi is adamant about staying in Tier 3. Mizaistom and Botobai take it from here, as the former asks if the Spiders are on the ship. Illumi says they're all on board, and Kalluto wonders why he told him that. Illumi says he'll stay quiet from now on, and Mizai offers the two a room at the central police station. Mizaistom had known that Kalluto had joined the Spiders, but didn't know about Illumi and wonders what they could be plotting. He remembers their connection to Kurapika and worries that the Troupe may be here to exact revenge on him. As Mizai considers whether he should tell Kurapika about the Troupe, an official approaches him and says they found someone without a ticket. Mizaistom is startled and quickly returns to HQ, leaving the Zoldycks with Botobai and Ginta. The female passenger without a ticket is mentioned, one that several soldiers recognized. Mizaistom orders a gag order be imposed on the soldiers and that they are to be put into custody for now. Mizaistom approaches the person, and it's revealed to be Prince Fugetsu.[32]

In the central police station on Tier 3, they confirm with those in her quarters that Fugetsu isn't there, discussing how she got here through no existing corridors. Mizaistom tries to question her, assuring her of confidentiality and that they're here to help her but Fugetsu says she'll only talk to Kacho. The Hunter working with Mizaistom contacts Melody and informs her about the situation, telling her the twins are most likely plotting an escape and to continue assisting Keeney in preventing this. An exchange is shown between Melody and Keeney, with no words given. Melody seems startled, but after Keeney walks away, she says to herself that they still have to proceed. As Mizaistom escorts Fugetsu back up to her quarters, she thinks to herself about her ability. She creates the initial door, and once she reaches her destination, the return door appears which only Kacho can open. As long as they close the door, they can use the return door to go somewhere else, resembling one of their favorite games when they were younger. The investigator tells Fugetsu she'll have an escort for 72 hours, and can still attend the Sunday banquet. In Kacho's quarters, Melody plays a piece on the flute for Seiko and the investigator. Seiko hopes to hear more of her playing at the banquet and says she'll arrange for the broadcast they discussed earlier. Melody and the investigator walk off together, with the latter offering to protect Kacho until landing. Melody says it could draw suspicion, and the investigator agrees. However, he continues to offer his support in keeping both Kacho and Melody safe, saying he feels like he has to do something. As he leaves, Melody reads his heartbeat, describing it as if he's trying to suppress his emotions while on the job, and not ruling out the possibility of him being manipulated. She says 76 hours are left until the banquet.[33]

Predator devouring Salé-salé's Nen beast

In Salé-salé's quarters, Rihan notices that Koroabde has become a supporter of the Prince, now affected by the Nen beast. Rihan has all the information he needs, describing the Nen beast and how it works in thorough detail, the necessary conditions for his ability. He calls forth the Predator, and a four-legged creature with long black hair and a giant mouth full of razor-sharp teeth appears. It first destroys the clone above Koroabde's head, ending his infatuation with the Prince. As Salé-salé lies in bed with two women, his Nen beast floating above them, the predator leaps toward it and devours it whole. Once his predator finishes a mission, Rihan is unable to use any Nen for 48 hours. He radios to Benjamin's quarters that he's disposed of the Nen beast, requesting to sub out for Yushohi. Rihan will now go to Fugetsu's quarters. Yushohi's ability is the best among Benjamin's soldiers for assassination, and it should be easy to take out Salé-salé without his Nen beast. Yushohi radios to Rihan, informing him of Fugetsu's translocation ability and telling him that she may be able to become invisible as well. Rihan is slightly upset since his ability is predicated on he himself finding out the information on another's ability, worrying that Predator could get neutralized.[33]

Yushohi's ability, How to Get Away with Murder, involves the use of a stinger ball that must go unnoticed by the target, taking longer on those who aren't Nen users, while Yushohi remains close (within 20 meters). If the ball is found and removed, it will never work on that target again. It's also a good way of detecting Nen users since they'll react to the buzzing near their ear. Yushohi is contacted about switching with Rihan now that Salé-salé's Nen beast is gone. He enjoys taking his time but enjoys the moment his target dies even more. It's announced over the intercom that they have caught the stowaway, and the lockdown order is lifted, allowing the passengers to move about the ship again. It's 8:00 p.m. on the fifth day of the voyage. There are 72 hours left until the Sunday banquet.[33]

Halkenburg's Nen beast preventing him from taking his own life

Halkenburg once again attempts to see the King, with the soldiers expecting yet another letter. But he and his five guards draw their guns, holding the soldiers at gunpoint as the Prince makes his way, gun still is drawn, into his father's chamber. Nasubi says it's too late since he's already consented to the ritual. But Halkenburg was never told the siblings were going to kill each other. He orders him to suspend the contest or he'll shoot, but Nasubi refuses, saying that Halkenburg needs to participate and take action. Halkenburg fires one shot at Nasubi, and a bullet appears suspended in mid-air inches from his face. Nasubi says one must fire three shots when trying to kill, telling him that he can't die until the ritual ends. Nasubi's butler enters, informing Halkenburg that he and his guards won't be punished for their actions since this was all expected. But suddenly Halkenburg turns his gun on himself, firing one shot. His Nen beast stops the bullet inches from his head, and Nasubi asks him if he's awake now, bringing up the prisoner's trolley problem. Halkenburg wonders if he means that he has to choose either the citizens of Kakin or his siblings. His binary way of thinking disappoints Nasubi, who stresses that the country and its people are what matters most, with the question being who pulls the lever. The only way for him to change the country is to become King, and Nasubi challenges Halkenburg to tell him he doesn't need a king 'after' he becomes one.[34]

In Halkenburg's quarters, Benjamin radios over to Shikaku about the situation with Halkenburg and the King. Shikaku normally wouldn't be sleeping when Halkenburg's away, so he thinks the Nen beast must've attacked. Benjamin tells him that Halkenburg failed to kill the King, but he's now resolved to go all-out in the contest. Halkenburg and his guards return, and Benjamin orders Shikaku to obtain his ability. Aura swells around Halkenburg, and it's revealed that his followers' aura turns into armor for the Prince as well as an arrow. Halkenburg's own aura becomes a bow to fire the arrow. When the arrow is shot, it pierces any manner of defense and steals the enemy's will in exchange for the body of one of his followers. During the shot, Shikaku attempted to use his own ability, Culdcept, which apparently turns another's ability into a card to use, but since the arrow is unblockable, it broke the card and pierced Shikaku. Benjamin's soldier rises from the floor, addressing Halkenburg as "your highness" and asking for his orders. Behind Shikaku there stands a specter of Halkenburg’s sacrificed guard (insinuating that this guard's consciousness now inhabits Shikaku's body).[34]

Kurapika feels this second spike and rumbling of aura (the first was when Halkenburg and his guards had their moment of silence for Momoze's death). The assassin hasn't attacked in a while, but Kurapika worries about this new threat, especially if it's only one person with that much power. In Salé-salé's quarters, the Prince lies asphyxiating in bed, with one of his girls attempting CPR as Yushohi looks on and radios to Benjamin. It is now 8:00 p.m. on the eighth day. Nasubi, Melody, Kacho, and Fugetsu are all shown in a large ballroom as the Sunday banquet begins.[34]

As the attendees take their seats and pick up refreshments, it's announced that the first Sunday banquet will feature a concert hosted by the royal family, but Prince Salé-salé isn't feeling well and will not perform. Kacho and Fugetsu are told about the program changes, but it doesn't change the order of performances. Melody is confident about their plan, glad that Benjamin and Camilla are not present since both are probably Nen users. As various groups perform on stage, the focus shifts to Marayam's quarters, where an unnamed Hunter is worried that the servants at the banquet won't be able to return to the Nen space. Vergei assures them that it's for the best, and thinks that the Prince and others will be able to stay safe in the "fake" Room 1013 until they land. Biscuit agrees, though suggests sending the Hunters assigned to Marayam to the "real" 1013 in order to lessen any suspicions. She says she'll stay there since the Prince has taken a liking to her. Vergei watches on as Marayam plays on Biscuit's shoulders.[35]

Melody entrancing everyone at the banquet with her music

Back at the banquet, Keeney finishes up his piano solo and Melody bows in front of the King before her flute solo. Both Kacho and Fugetsu put earbuds in, telling a soldier that they're preparing for their act. Melody says that for three minutes, she can entrance everyone who listens. She begins playing the flute, and a wide vista of mountains, flowers, and butterflies surrounds everyone. The music plays over the speakers, and even the guards outside the banquet hall are entranced. Keeney leads the twins to the lifeboats, explaining to them that they should only use their ability when they think they're going to get caught. The ability should work on the lifeboat, and he tells them to imagine Kakin. But if the door doesn't appear, they should go back to their bedroom, assuring them that they'll find another way. Once the twins are aboard the boat, Keeney cocks a handgun, and the missing dialogue from the earlier exchange between him and Melody is given. Keeney had a wife and daughter who died two years ago in an accident. He had been looking for a place to die, saying that if it's found out that a Hunter helped two Princes escape, the entire Association would be affected. He hopes to see his family again, glad that he can help save the twins' lives. Melody continues playing, saying she couldn't stop him once she heard his heartbeat, and Keeney shoots himself in the head.[35]

The lifeboat races down the escape tunnel, and right, as it nears the exit, a swarm of shadowy hands, surround the two. Kacho realizes that for the Princes, trying to escape from the ship only leads to death. They hurry away from the hands, and Fugetsu summons a door to return to the ship. They race toward it, the door slamming shut, and Fugetsu finds herself alone in the tunnel, crying for her sister. But the door suddenly opens, and Kacho appears, the two embracing and deciding to lay low before trying another plan. The Nen beasts of both Princes are cooperative, with Fugetsu's being the tunnel and Kacho's indeterminate. Fugetsu's Guardian Spirit Beast ability, Magical Worm, allows her to control the journey outward, with Kacho controlling the return. As the two enter one of their bedrooms and lie down beside each other, it's revealed that the ability of Kacho's Nen beast, Without You, activates if either of the two dies, taking the form of the deceased to protect the other until her death. The body of the real Kacho is shown still on the lifeboat as it drifts out to sea.[35]

A flashback twenty-one hours and thirty minutes (Saturday, 10:30 p.m.) before the Sunday banquet. The Cha-R's second search for the hitman (Luini) was again unsuccessful, Ken'i Wang tells another man as they enter the Cha-R base through the ominous door mentioned earlier.[32] They're worried that the army may suspect the Mafia soon, which would lead to a search of the Heil-Ly's hideout as well as of their own. The man Ken'i was talking to, Tajao, is revealed to be the assistant to the Cha-R boss, as well as the military advisor for Luzurus' army. They describe the situation to him: the Heil-Ly hitman can use something called Nen, eight members of the Cha-R and Xi-Yu families each have gone missing, and 300 workers are missing in total. Ken'i thinks the man who went on a killing spree in Tier 3 has come down to Tier 5 with accomplices to continue the murders. Tajao wonders how that involves the Spiders, and Phinks tells him about their search for Hisoka and that they want to search for him on the higher tiers. If the Cha-R can get the Xi-Yu in Tier 4 to let the Troupe search there, they'll eliminate the hit man for them. Phinks tells him about the likely Nen ability that the culprit is using, and that he probably wants access to the ominous door, which he guesses is a shortcut to the upper tiers. Tajao says the Heil-Ly have their own door through Tserriednich, but Phinks says maybe the hit man wants to kill the Cha-R's boss. Ken'i asks Tajao to check with Boss Li to see if Morena is in Tier 1.[36]

Tajao then tells the Troupe that if Morena isn't up there, it will be an all-out war. Ken'i explains that the Kakin Mafia has a code: If a member wishes to make a hit or raid on another family, they have to inform their boss before doing so, who then contacts the boss of the other family within 24 hours to make a deal. Tajao adds that it's key that the boss was away from their turf when the initial incident occurred. Nobunaga surmises that on the ship, only Tiers 1 and 2 are considered away from their turf. Tajao confirms this, saying that if Morena was in Tier 3 and doesn't make contact, there’s nothing they can do to stop the war. And if the Troupe were to take out the hitman, they would also be at war with the Heil-Ly. Upon hearing this, Nobunaga decides it makes the most sense to go after Morena herself as well. Phinks asks them about verifying her location, saying they'll contact the rest of the Troupe and hunt down the hitman first. Both Ken'i and Tajao realize how dangerous the Spiders are. The bosses of the Xi-Yu and Cha-R are shown in their respective quarters on Tier 1, but Morena's room has no one in it. All three are known as "second-track fakers," having lavish accommodations, but this is only allowed if they maintain absolute obedience to the Kakin monarchy system.[36]

Tserriednich's two Nen beasts looming around him

Someone calls Tserriednich about Morena's location, and he confirms she's not in the VVIP area. He tells them that she's most likely been on the lower tiers since boarding, hidden with help from her butler. He says they can do as they as please, and he'll address the issue when he's free. As his guards mop up a pile of blood and guts, with bloody weapons sitting nearby, he orders them to get the soldiers in the lower tiers to search Morena's hideout. Tserriednich resumes his Nen training, creating a mass of dark aura behind him that turns into another Nen beast. Theta is horrified by the aura, saying that his Guardian Spirit Beast was created through ritual, but this Specialist Nen beast was conjured without intent and that it represents his own alter ego created through instinct. Extremely worried that she'll miss her chance if she waits too long, she applauds his progress and decides to move on to teaching him the four major principles: Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu. He'll have to practice each one every day to strengthen his Hatsu, but she stresses that Zetsu is the key to mastering Nen. She tells him to close off his aura in sections, and then to do so for his whole body for more than an hour. The Guardian Spirit Beast becomes suspicious of Theta, who says to herself that this training is necessary for learning Nen and she hasn't told a lie. The Nen beast backs off, and Tserriednich works on his Zetsu. Theta says she can do "it" tomorrow if she has to.[36]

Another flashback to 25 minutes before the Sunday banquet. Theta works with Tserriednich on his Zetsu, telling him to close his eyes, focus, and maintain it for 60 minutes while ignoring all sounds and disturbances. She says there's something on his shoulder, and he lets a little aura slip, but Theta says the enemy will be harsher. Tserriednich refocuses as his Nen beast slowly disappears behind him. Theta talks to herself, detailing her plan to kill the Prince. She considers the possibility that his Nen beast may hold a reserve of aura that it could use even when he's maintaining total Zetsu, so she thinks she must have him maintain it for at least 40 minutes. As she drops a mug to the floor, shattering it, two guards rush into the room, but she orders them to not interrupt since it's part of the Prince's training.[37]

Theta appearing to kill Tserriednich

Tserriednich starts over and gets serious this time, saying he won't open even one pore. Theta begins by flicking a small ball of aura at his forehead. It pops upon impact, and the Prince appears to open his eyes, closing them again. More time passes, and Theta quietly draws a handgun, but there’s an announcement that a surprise performance from the banquet will play over the speakers, the first act being a flute solo by Melody of the Hunter Association. The Prince's eyes remain closed, and as she wishes that he were the type to use his talent for others, Theta fires one shot at his head, saying that she will follow him soon. Tserriednich falls to the floor, blood and brain splattered behind him, but suddenly the two are surrounded by a vista of mountains, flowers, and butterflies. The Prince's body no longer lies on the floor, and Theta is in disbelief. The two guards rush back in after hearing the gunshot and order her to freeze. As she wonders if it's his ability, the Prince appears behind her, assuring the guards that this was part of training and telling Theta he was unfazed by the gunshot. She falls to her knees, looking ill, and Tserriednich's Nen beast bends down near her, telling her that if she lies to the Prince again once asked a question, she will no longer be human. Theta falls down to the floor, passing out.[37]

One of the Prince's guards tells him about hearing the gunshot, and then immediately seeing a beautiful landscape. They were unable to move as time passed, guessing it was due to the performance of this person named Melody. Tserriednich says to call her over, and to make it sound like an invitation rather than a summons. As Theta sleeps, she has a nightmare of the Prince's head on his Nen beast, a bullet hole through his head as he asks her if he can trust her, referencing a question that the Prince actually asked her.[20] Salkov sits by her bed as she wakes up, saying she was only asleep for fifteen minutes. He says he'll take things from here and that she should rest, as what looks like an infection covers the left side of her face, around the area where the Nen beast first attacked her. Salkov says that the Nen beast marked her for the first lie, and now this is a warning. He guesses that it's giving those who lie so many chances because it plans to add them to the Prince's pawns by turning them into something inhuman. He assures her he'll figure something out, and Theta wonders what, with Salkov hoping she could figure it out while she rests.[37]

Theta is still in disbelief over the incident, and Salkov tells her that there was no blood when he tested the spot with luminol. But she did fire the gun and tries to figure out what was real and what was an illusion. It's the ninth day since departure. In the Justice Bureau on Tier 2, the still-unnamed investigator is questioning Melody about the banquet. He tells her that Keeney left a suicide note explaining that he alone was involved in the twins' escape. The investigator adds that a few of the Princes were impressed by her performance and have invited her to their quarters. Melody realizes that she's being held to protect her from the more dangerous Princes. She asks about the twins, and he says they are also answering questions, having said that Keeney tried to force them to board the lifeboat. He isn't exactly sure about the situation and will continue his questioning with them. Melody decides to use her time in custody to plan out her next moves.[38]

In Halkenburg's quarters, the guard (named Sumidori) who was "sacrificed" so that the Prince could shoot an arrow lies on a table, wearing a device on his head to monitor brain waves. There's nothing unusual and he's apparently just asleep. Their understanding is that Sumidori's soul has possessed Shikaku's body, which Sumidori-Shikaku confirms, saying it doesn't feel too different from his own body. But they wonder where Shikaku is, with Halkenburg suggesting four options:

  1. Shikaku's soul is gone and he's dead.
  2. His soul is in Sumidori's body.
  3. The two coexist within Shikaku's body.
  4. It's somewhere (or in someone) else.

Sumidori (controlling Shikaku's body) shoots him in the head

They plan to learn what's going on with Shikaku's soul. Halkenburg tells them that after the confrontation with his father, he gained the resolve to do what he has to, and the ability awakened within him. Halkenburg shares his hypothesis with them, saying he'll have to contact an expert on Nen to see if it's possible. He asks Sumidori-Shikaku for his help, and he gladly obliges. In Luzurus' quarters, Basho feels a rumbling of aura from Halkenburg's room, and the doorbell then rings. It's Sumidori-Shikaku, and they ask him what he wants. He salutes and exclaims, "Long live his highness!! First Prince Benjamin!!!" Putting a gun to his head, he pulls the trigger and falls to the floor. In disbelief, the Royal Bodyguard watching the monitor says he killed himself. Basho feels the rumbling stop. Balsamilco informs Benjamin that Shikaku has committed suicide, most likely due to Halkenburg's Guardian Spirit Beast ability. The two agree that he's now their top priority and Benjamin orders that Kanjidol return from Luzurus' quarters to report everything he witnessed. Back in Halkenburg's quarters, they've tied Sumidori's body to a chair as he wakes up. Halkenburg asks him for his post and service number to confirm whether Sumidori's soul has returned or not.[38]

In Woble's quarters, both Kurapika and Bill felt the rumbling of aura, the latter guessing it was from the Ninth, Seventh, or Fifth Prince. Sakata asks if it could've been from Zhang Lei, but Kurapika says it wasn't his Nen beast's aura. A large amount of energy disappeared instantly, like a balloon popping, and Kurapika says this is common with Emission abilities, which can often go through physical barriers. There's one week left for the Nen training, and Sakata tells them that the others are starting to question whether this will actually work. Kurapika says they'll move to the next step tomorrow, bringing everyone together as he performs the Water Divination test. The water changes color and the leaf starts spinning, with Kurapika explaining that this determines their Nen type and telling them that his ability is of the Specialist type. It can only be done if one can produce enough aura, and Kurapika chooses to start with Ladiolus, who has been the quickest to learn. Babimyna notices that in an attempt to spur on the others, Kurapika picked someone smaller and weaker to show that gender and physical strength aren't related to Nen talent. Kurapika plans to perform Water Divination behind closed doors so that everyone's Nen type is kept confidential. Satobi objects to this, and Danjin is also suspicious. Kurapika explains that to achieve learning Nen in the two-week period, they'll be performing the test in a way that requires assistance from him and Bill. In addition, Kurapika and Bill learning their Nen types is payment given the risks. Lastly, he assures them that they’re teaching them Nen in order to empower the guards of the lower-ranked Princes so a stalemate can be created, telling them to quit right there if they disagree with the terms. Furykov and Babimyna stand off to the side, glad to learn that Kurapika is a Specialist. They discuss Rihan's ability, saying that after dealing with Salé-salé's Nen beast, he's now monitoring Tubeppa, whose Nen beast isn't showing itself. Furykov asks him about Woble's Nen beast, but Babimyna says it still hasn't revealed itself, whether because Woble is too young or it's a counterattacking type.[38]

In Tserriednich's quarters, Salkov is now helping the Prince with his Nen training, shocked that he's working on the four major principles in only a week. Tserriednich is working on entering Zetsu as quickly as he can, telling Salkov to time him, and when he can do so in less than a second, the two will spar. He tells Salkov that he's had a change of heart, and he now finds two-faced women cute.[38]

Tserriednich witnessing how powerful Nen can be

Flashback to 25 minutes before the Sunday banquet, this time with events from Tserriednich's perspective. Once he closes off all his aura, he suddenly sees an overhead view of himself and Theta, with static all around like he's watching a television screen. He and Theta talk in the exchange he's watching, and wonders if it's a dream. He loses Zetsu, and Theta repeats the exact lines she said in the vision, even when he changes his own dialogue. The vision lasted ten seconds, and he guesses it was some sort of precognition. It starts once he closes his eyes and achieves Zetsu, but he worries that he can't move during the dream, being defenseless for ten seconds so he can see ten seconds into the future. He enters Zetsu again, and maintains it past the previous point, realizing he can move now and that he can stay ten seconds ahead of actual events. Theta sees him as he was in the vision, and he realizes that he's the only one who can change what he does within those ten seconds. He wonders if it will reset once he opens his eyes while in Zetsu and talks to her, then closing his eyes again. Theta still sees him with his eyes closed and doesn't react to his comments. He closes his eyes and confirms he can do it in a row.[39]

He sees Theta draw her gun and shoot him in the head. He quickly opens his eyes, darting to the side and falling to the floor. But he realizes that Theta will think he's still standing there and that she shot him. Theta fires and the beautiful vista from Melody's playing suddenly surrounds them. Tserriednich is confused at first but realizes this is another person's ability, excited by how fun Nen is. The aftermath plays out exactly as before, and he thinks that he'll ask Theta later why she tried to kill him. After she's led away, he goes over in great detail how he thinks his ability works, and that he needs to test it more before addressing the issue with Theta. In addition, he realizes that the time it takes to enter Zetsu and being able to maintain it will prove essential to perfecting the ability. Once he can control Zetsu at will, he declares that he'll dominate not only the contest for succession but the world itself.[39]

Maor seeing Bill's ability

At Kurapika's Nen training, the guards still worry about the test being conducted behind closed doors, but Furykov assures them that he and Babimyna can tell if anything suspicious is going on, like manipulation, once Ladiolus comes back out. Babimyna thinks it's possible for Kurapika to semi-coercively open nodes, but then Kurapika's aura would be mixed in, and Furykov will be able to tell if someone is being controlled by it. They also worry that Bill's ability could be a factor, impressed by how intelligent Kurapika is. Ladiolus comes back out, and Furykov can't believe the volume of aura around her (as if she'd been practicing the basics for three hours every day for a year). He can't be entirely sure with just one case, but he doesn't think she’s being controlled. Kurapika informs them that there will be a gag order on all their results until everyone has taken the test. Maor is next and walks back with Kurapika and Bill. Kurapika informs him that they'll be using a Nen "attack" to force the process to speed up. Maor is rightly cautious, but Kurapika assures him he won't be harmed at all. Bill then puts his hands around the glass of water, which has a seed in it, causing the seed to sprout. Kurapika says he's an Enhancer whose ability allows him to cause the growth of his target. Maor asks if that ability will be used on him to awaken his own, but Kurapika says he will borrow Bill's ability and then lend it to him, which will semi-coercively awaken Nen in someone[40] (just as he did with Oito).[21] Maor exits with aura surrounding him, and Furykov again confirms that there's no manipulation here. Babimyna is now convinced that Kurapika is using his Specialist ability to awaken Nen and that this is likely only one of his abilities, possibly having one for each of his chains. Maor tells Longhi that everything Kurapika said was true, and he can feel himself brimming with vitality, as he focuses his breathing and works on maintaining it. Babimyna considers that Kurapika will only continue these classes to make as many Nen users as he can, wondering if there's any plausible excuse to stop him.[40]

Yuri goes through the process next, and Kurapika explains that by learning Ten and Hatsu, she'll then be able to perform the Water Divination test confidentially on her own. He also tells her that they're planning more classes, asking her if she can talk to Kacho and Seiko about sending more people. Bill thinks to himself about the benefits and risks of Kurapika's stalemate strategy, worrying that some could become power-hungry and use Nen offensively. But he knows Kurapika inevitably has more to his plan to counteract this. Kurapika thanks him for allowing his ability to be disclosed, especially since it's rare for male Enhancers to have a supportive ability. He asks Bill if he's sure he wants to continue. He says maybe, explaining that Beyond ordered him on board to travel to the New Continent, but he's the one who chose to be a guard for Woble since he thought there wouldn't be much combat protecting a baby. When Vincent appeared, it really angered him, and after hearing Kurapika's conversations with Oito, even though he's a coward, he says he finally gained the resolve to prepare for the worst. But Kurapika assures him that cowards don't gain this level of resolve. Hashito and Sakata interrupt the two, with the former asking if he can do the Water Divination test as well, since Tenftory will be the last to do it and he'd feel better if one of Zhang Lei's guards could use Nen sooner. But Kurapika denies his request, saying that he hasn't practiced the basics like the others and would be much more fatigued.[40]

In Tubeppa's quarters, Maor informs her that the training worked and they should send more of their guards, with Tubeppa allowing him to choose. Rihan wonders if he shouldn't be going after Halkenburg's Nen beast instead since Tubeppa's isn't showing itself, but that doesn't mean that hers is less dangerous. He also notices Maor's aura, understanding the stalemate that Kurapika is trying to create. He would prefer eliminating Kurapika first but knows that's not realistic for Predator given the number of abilities he could have. Since Halkenburg is already making moves, Rihan decides he should go after him first before Tubeppa. Even with Balsamilco's experience and telling them to be patient, he worries that they're being too cautious after Shikaku's suicide. The focus shifts to Balsamilco, who desperately wants Rihan to figure out the situation with Halkenburg and Shikaku, but can't give him any information since that condition is the crux of Predator. He wonders if Shikaku committed suicide in an attempt to guarantee Benjamin's safety, given the power of Halkenburg's ability, but realizes that Shikaku knows Benjamin despises begging for one's life the most. Now with Tubeppa's perspective, she says that Salé-salé wouldn't have backed out of the concert just because he was sick, guessing that he was killed and by Benjamin's men since they've started changing their shifts. She focuses on finding out Salé-salé's cause of death and whether Nen was involved, so she can develop countermeasures. She gives a flash drive to one of her researchers, Heisen, hoping the mission will in some way affect any emerging abilities, which was a concern of Rihan's. Tubeppa tries to come up with numerous ways to access the shift logs and find out what happened in Salé-salé's room, but realizes it would draw heavy suspicion. Maor isn't skilled enough with Nen to defend her, so she considers enlisting the help of Kurapika. It's 11:30 a.m. on the tenth day of the voyage. Kurapika, Bill, and Oito feel the fourth rumbling of aura, as the time between them is getting shorter.[40]

Flashback to 10:00 a.m. on the ninth day. Kanjidol is relating the incident at Luzurus' quarters to Benjamin and Balsamilco. He was in the Prince's bedroom with the Prince and four other guards. He tells them about the rumbling of aura and Shikaku's suicide, saying the two must be linked and that it may have been forced in some sort of deal to keep Benjamin from harm. Balsamilco agrees with the evaluation overall but has three problems with the theory. First, Halkenburg would have to have shot the Emission ability through the rooms of the Eleventh and Thirteenth Princes in order to strike Benjamin in the VVIP area. It's not in Halkenburg's character to force suicide or sacrifice the lower-ranked Princes to get to Benjamin. Second, if Halkenburg was able to order Shikaku to do something, he would have had him go after another Prince, not commit suicide. Third, Balsamilco theorizes that in this contest, Princes can't kill one another, and their Nen beasts can't harm other Nen beasts or the Princes themselves. Since killing a royal is a capital crime, even for a Prince, Balsamilco thinks it makes sense that the Nen beasts would follow this law. So Halkenburg's Nen beast would never support an ability that could kill a Prince directly. But Balsamilco is still unsure about the reason for Shikaku's suicide, telling Kanjidol that the key is that it happened in front of Luzurus' quarters. He orders him to remember whatever he can and to observe everything that happens there from now on.[41]

Steiner and Peuckert arriving to arrest Halkenburg

Back to 11:30 a.m. on the tenth day, Benjamin and Balsamilco feel the fourth rumbling of aura, and the former wonders what's going with Vict, who's now stationed with Halkenburg. Vict radios them using an emergency signal, saying something about Halkenburg and a bow. And as he mentions that the Prince is invincible and that "attacks won't...", he screams and the radio goes silent. Benjamin hoped that Vict's ability, Tackle Shield, would be able to keep Halkenburg in check, but realizes that Halkenburg's aggression and strength are greater than he thought. The two guess that it involves all his guards, and that he must sacrifice one of them for every shot. Benjamin's hand is shown with four stars below the four main fingers on his right hand. After Shikaku's death, he now possesses the abilities of four his soldiers through Benjamin Baton, saying that Vict is still alive, but worries about wasting any more of his men. Benjamin asks Balsamilco if they should transfer Musse's owl from Camilla onto one of his guards, but Balsamilco says they know even less about her ability, advising to keep it on her. He thinks that given the death of Shikaku and now what's happened to Vict, Halkenburg can be arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder, which has the added benefit of separating him from his men. Steiner and Peuckert, both from the Restricted Voyage Permit Agency's special task force, now working with the Kakin Justice Bureau, arrive at Halkenburg's quarters and take him into custody. He will be unable to contact his men until after the trial, and since Vict's status and location are still unknown, he'll be put under surveillance just as Camilla was. But Balsamilco declares that the trial is their golden opportunity, and they'll make their move there.[41]

In Tyson's quarters, Izunavi tells Giuliano it's time for his shift, but the latter is enraptured by the Book of Tyson, saying that he was wrong about the Prince and would love for her to be King. But that would be incomplete contrast to her principles, and describes the book as a sort of parting message. Izunavi reminds him that his real job starts after he’s protected the Prince, once they reach the "New Continent." Giuliano knows this but is unsure if he'll be able to just move on when he can see, as he describes it, the tragedy to come. He makes his way to the main room, and everyone is waiting for him, suddenly surprising him with birthday wishes. It's not his birthday, but Tyson, who's made him a cake, knew that they would have to say goodbye in two months anyway. She says she's so glad to have met him, and Giuliano begins crying with happiness.[41]

In Luzurus' quarters, Kanjidol tries to get information from the other guards, but they're hesitant or unwilling to do so. Kanjidol thinks Shikaku's suicide was done in order to create a diversion, turning everyone's attention to the hallway while Halkenburg had Queen Duazul's men do something in the room itself, possibly attempting to assassinate Luzurus. Besides Satobi, five of the guards belong to Duazul, and two of them may have tried to do something to two guards not affiliated with the Queen (Macne and Scairt). Kanjidol thinks about what to do, worrying that he may draw suspicion, and thinks that Duazul's men may be trying to manipulate Macne to kill Luzurus, but wonders how feasible that is with everyone else around. In addition, he believes that going after Halkenburg should be Benjamin's priority, rather than investigating Luzurus' quarters. Lastly, he approaches Basho to ask him if he'll help with the investigation. Basho also thinks Duazul's men are involved, and suggests that Macne and Scairt be put under surveillance as suspects. But he says Luzurus disagrees with this, and that Duazul's men don't help any Prince. Even though none of her men know Nen, they could be pretending in order to throw them off. Kanjidol agrees and walks off. But Basho was just feigning that opinion, and actually believes that Benjamin's men are behind all this and that Shikaku's suicide was necessary for an ability to activate, citing the power of Nen after death. He thinks they may have done it to put suspicion on Halkenburg, while they actually go after one of the higher-ranked Princes.[41]

With Camilla still under surveillance in the VVIP area, the focus shifts to her guards, one of whom has a picture of Benjamin in her shirt pocket. Moswana says she'll curse him to death so Camilla can take the throne. It's revealed that ancient Kakin had an unusual burial practice known as afterlife companions. They were taken from the lowest of the caste system, the Have-Nots, and were used to supervise, in the land of the dead, those Princes who couldn't become King, so that they wouldn't turn into vengeful spirits and curse the King or Kakin itself. The custom is no longer practiced, but Kakin's caste system remains, with these Have-Nots unable to hold public office or join the military and gain rank. Camilla, however, allowed them to join her personal army, giving them the same rights as Kakin's soldiers. With Camilla now supporting them, they called for the practice of afterlife companions to be brought back and combining this with their Nen abilities, these Have-Nots became curse assassins. There are soldiers assigned to curse each of the remaining Princes. They must carry the target's name, a picture of them, a piece of clothing, or something from their body at all times and curse them as much as they can. The longer this goes on and the closer they are to their target when they themselves die, the stronger the curse becomes, with the strongest being to commit suicide right in front of the target. Sarahell, Camilla's captain and assigned to curse Prince Woble, says that Shikaku wasn't a Have-Not, but that he still could've used a similar curse. If this affects Camilla, they have their own exorcist ready to deal with it. The soldiers formerly assigned to curse Momoze and Salé-salé will now investigate whether the enemy has any exorcists.[41]

The ability of the Have-Nots, Yomotsu Hegui, is explained in further detail. One carries a dagger and something connected to the target. After cursing the target every day, on the day of the curse, they burn the object and drink a tonic of the ashes, then committing suicide with the dagger to activate the curse. The curse puts the target into a state of forced Zetsu, and the strongest of curses can take effect and be fatal within a couple of hours. Sarahell worries about the Princes' Nen beasts as well as the Hunters, hoping to curse one of the Princes so they can find out if the Association has an exorcist with them. She summons Fukataki, the Majordomo, who explains how much time each curse would take before being able to activate. Another soldier informs Sarahell that Kacho and Fugetsu are being held in custody for an escape attempt, and Fukataki says it would now take much longer given their current location. She also explains that with the Nen beasts as a factor now, the curses won't be successful unless they're close enough to touch the Princes, looking into their eyes when they curse them. Even though she hasn't been cursing her for a while, Sarahell thinks that Woble is the best target, especially since the Hunters there are still offering Nen classes. Fuktaki asks her if she's aware of the risks, and Sarahell says even if she fails, she has nothing to lose as a Have-Not.[41]

In Zhang Lei's quarters, Tenftory informs the Prince that the Nen training was successful, now able to see his Nen beast. Zhang Lei gives him a coin as a reward, thinking that it's the first one he's given to someone. Coventoba, however, still has the coin he secretly picked up but notices that the coin's number has gone from "1" to "10".[41]

Coventoba thinks it may be a different coin, but realizes it has the same aura as the one he initially picked up, guessing that it has something to do with the Nen beast's ability. He asks to see Tenftory's coin, and it also has a "10" on it. Zhang Lei thinks to himself about the ability, saying that the Nen beast drops one coin a day and it would be pointless to keep them himself. He's unsure about the purpose of the coins and thinks they will be more useful after he becomes King than for the contest itself. Now with renewed resolve to win the throne, Zhang Lei goes to meet with the boss of the Xi-Yu Family, telling him that three of his siblings are already dead. He asks Onior about Nen beasts and Nen, with Onior oblivious to both, but he does know that some of his younger members have weird powers. Onior tells Zhang Lei that Nasubi won his succession contest by being patient and waiting, saying that he'll look into what happened back then. Zhang Lei leaves, saying to himself, "I'm counting on you... father."[42]

Hinrigh contacts Onior about the situation with Morena and the Heil-Ly, saying that it's worse than they thought and several members of the Cha-R and their own family have been killed. Onior still wants him to find Hisoka first so they can control the Troupe, and Hinrigh lets him know that Hisoka wasn't in Tier 4. Onior tells him to give the Spiders permission to search Tier 4, while he goes up to Tier 3 to look for Hisoka and kill Morena as well. Hinrigh meets up with Zakuro and Lynch, telling them that they're resuming the search for Hisoka and they'll also be crushing the Heil-Ly. Hinrigh bribes a soldier to let them up to Tier 3, and he says it's calmed down there, but that the Heil-Ly is on a rampage. As the three arrive, two Heil-Ly members spot them, and the Xi-Yu members notice this. Zakuro and Lynch approach one of them, but a third Heil-Ly member sneaks up behind Zakuro and slashes at their throat with a knife. Zakuro puts their hand to the wound, while the first man kicks Lynch hard in the stomach, knocking her to the floor. Hinrigh catches up with the female Heil-Ly member, saying that if she takes him to Morena, he'll spare her life. The woman casually walks away, saying a few words about still being civilians and that the soldiers will get involved if they continue to escalate things. Hinrigh realizes that this the case because Morena's people didn't list themselves as official Mafia members. The Heil-Ly member who punched Lynch tries to question her, but she points his attention to his friend, whom Zakuro has wrapped up in a web of blood that's coming from the wound. They hurl the man into the air, slamming him down to the floor. Zakuro's full name is Zakuro Custard. They're a Manipulator, and their ability, Bloody Mary, allows them to control their own blood. They keep an I.V. line with them since it's practical, but also as a limitation. Lynch sneaks up on the other man, startled as he is by Zakuro's ability, and asks him how many Heil-Ly members there are, punching him hard in the stomach. A voice comes out of his body that says, 23 people. She then asks him how many of those have abilities and what they are, striking him with a flurry of punches. More voices come out, saying that he doesn't know how many have abilities and that they have to kill people to increase their level to 21 in order to attain one. Lynch's full name is Lynch Fullbokko. She's an Emitter, and her ability, Body and Soul, causes the target's inner voice (not audible to others) to come out once she asks them a question and hits them.[42]

Hinrigh using his ability to dispose of two soldiers

Hinrigh regroups with them both, saying that they have to back off since the Heil-Ly members are listed as civilians. A soldier lets them off with a warning but tells them to stay out of Tier 3 from now on. Hinrigh gives a roll of money to each of the two soldiers, touching both of their guns, and promises that they won't make them use their weapons and that they won't come back to Tier 3. The two soldiers are happy to have the money, but suddenly the barrels of both their guns turn into snakes, firing bullets into each of their heads. Hinrigh is a Conjurer, whose ability, Biohazard, allows him to turn a weapon or piece of machinery he touches into an animal that he controls, which is still able to function as the original object.[42]

Notable Characters

Major Battles

Story Impact

  • Chrollo has apparently removed the Judgement Chain and battles with Hisoka.
  • Hisoka dies after fighting Chrollo, but revives himself, and goes on a killing rampage against the Phantom Troupe. He has managed to kill Shalnark and Kortopi.
  • Kurapika goes on the Dark Continent voyage in order to confront Prince Tserriednich and regain the eyes of his fallen clan members.
  • Chrollo is on the Black Whale along with the rest of the Phantom Troupe, and they aim to avenge their comrades' deaths by killing Hisoka.
  • Kurapika loses 5 years of his lifespan due to using Emperor Time for 12 hours.
  • Neon has apparently died, since her name disappeared from Chrollo's book, which apparently only happens to those who are dead.


  • The concept of "Nen after death", "post-mortem Nen", or "Nen becoming stronger after death" is very prevalent in the Succession Contest arc, as in:
    • the Seed Urn, a conjured object that outlives its creator;[1]
    • The Sun and Moon, a Nen ability that continued to exist in Chrollo's book even after the original owner died;[4]
    • Hisoka's use of his Bungee Gum to reanimate his body after he died;[9]
    • Benjamin's Nen ability, Benjamin Baton, that allows him to inherit the Nen abilities of his soldiers when they die;[16]
    • Camilla's counteractive Nen ability, Cat's Name, that activates after she is killed;[25]
    • the Nen ability of Kacho's Guardian Spirit Beast, Without You, whose activation is triggered by the death of Kacho or Fugetsu and starts to work from then on;[35]
    • and the Have-Nots' Nen ability, Yomotsu Hegui, a Nen curse triggered by, among other things, the user's suicide.[41]

Intertextuality and References

  • This arc is characterized by a plethora of references to songs or performances of the Japanese idol group Keyakizaka46:
    • The Silent Majority Nen ability has the same name as Keyakizaka46's debut single. The doll's hairstyle may also be considered reminiscent of the center girl of the song.
    • The name of Camilla's ability, "Neko no Namae", is also the title of a song by the idol group.
    • The sound made by Camilla's Nen Beast, "neru", is the onomatopoeia for kneading, but it is also the name of one of the group's members, Nagahama Neru.
    • In Chapter 378, the item numbers of "Silent Majority" (SRCL 9041) and "Masshiro na Mono wa Yogoshitaku naru" (SRCL 9488) can be seen on a sign in Tier 3.
    • Halkenburg's frontal pose when notching his arrow in Chapter 382 is taken from the music video of "Fukyouwaon".
    • The servants dancing in Chapter 383, are seen striking a pose similar to one from the concert "Keyaki Kyowakoku 2017", a similarity which is reinforced by the flag in the background is identical to the ones waved by the group.
    • The second name of her Guardian Spirit Beast's ability, "Season of Two" (Futari Saison), is a reference to their third single and the main name, "Without You", comes from the fourth track (Kimi ga Inai) from the "Masshirona Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru" music album of the same idol group.
    • Bill's Nen ability Erigeron is named after a song by Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46's associated group.


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