The character's name (ボキ, Boki) is strangely omitted both in the manga translation [by Viz] and in the anime subtitle, but Boki (ボキ) could be a word or expression in Japanese and not a proper name. It may have been a confusion caused by some unofficial translation. Furthermore, not even in the Hunter × Hunter Battle Collection card game he is called Boki and instead is treated as 小甲虫 ("Small Beetle"). The nickname "Small Beetle" may also have been attributed to the wrong Ant (the former "Steel Rope-wielding Ant" or "Stag Beetle").

Of course, in the present moment, this is not a priority at all, but it will stay here registered in case someone knows what boki (ボキ) could mean and wants to help resolve the issue. The confirmation of who is Boki's voice actor would be helpful as well.

Edit: the name could mean "bookkeeping" (簿記, boki) [written with katakana], but confirmation is still needed because I don't know how the word relates to the rest of the sentence and the official translation doesn't help in this case. --Gorgo616 (talk) 20:26, October 26, 2018 (UTC)

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