Basho's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown Great Haiku (流離さすらいの大俳人グレイトハイカー The Wandering Haiku Poet)[note 1]
Basho's nen ability 2011 Basho has an ability wherein he writes a haiku on a strip of paper. According to him, whatever is written on it becomes real. However, if the poem is bad, the effect will be significantly weakened. Both times he displayed his power, Basho's compositions allowed him to summon flames, using a punch as the trigger on the first occasion and the act of lying on the second.[2]

Original Text Rōmaji Viz Translation


"Oresama ga
 Nagutta mono wa
 Mina moeru"

"My hand makes a punch
 And whatever I hit will
 Burst in flames a bunch"[2]


"Waga toi ni
 Soragoto bito ga
 Yaka re shinu"

"If you are a liar
 Your painful death will be swift
 In a trial by fire."[2]

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