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Insane Makaioshin Insane Makaioshin 6 days ago

Gon & Killua's New Paladin Squad

Pure Paladin Squad:

  1. Who were the old members? My theory is that they were Isaac Netero, Maha Zigg Zoldyck & Linne Horsdoeuvre.
  2. This theory is instrumental to my next: I think Gon's mother was Isaac's Great Granddaughter & Beyond has been denying his birthright & keeping all of the money, including inter…
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Jay W Navi Jay W Navi 13 days ago

Lest We Forget

Today marks 102 years since the end of "The Great War". If you can today, take a moment to remember those who have fought and died for freedom. We constantly hope that nothing like it happens again and maybe, sometime, we will learn from the past.

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Jay W Navi Jay W Navi 23 days ago

Let's Boots Our Post Count Part 2

Part 2 of boosting the daily post/edit count. This blog is because I wanted to do the Halloween blog yesterday and I want to keep it organized. Also, I know if I went back to the other one, I'd forget it was that one and keep checking the Halloween one. So, yeah. That's it. ~Jay (Nov. 1)

Alright the…

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