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  • Hunters = HU
  • Zoldyck Family = ZF
  • Zoldyck Family Servants = ZFS
  • Phantom Troupe = PT
  • Zodiac Twelve = ZT
  • Chimera Ants = CA
  • Dark Continent Expedition Team = DC
  • Kakin Royal Family = KA
  • Mafia Community = MF
  • Other = Other characters (e.g. characters with no affiliations, etc.)



{{Quotes|HU|I can't stand being on the losing end forever!!|Gon Freecss}}

"I can't stand being on the losing end forever!"

— Gon Freecss

Zoldyck Family

"And even if rule five has an exception where it doesn't apply to Killua, I don't mind dying as long as it means the rest of my family will be safe... Killua will suffer for the rest of his life.And I will live on forever... in Killua's heart...!!"

— Illumi Zoldyck, to himself

Zoldyck Family Servants

"Pick your own favorite way to die."

— Gotoh, to Hisoka

Phantom Troupe

"If you want something in life, steal it."

— Uvogin

Zodiac Twelve

"What happened to your smirk, Pariston? I absolutely refuse to let you have your own way!"

— Cheadle Yorkshire, thinking to herself

Chimera Ants

"Komugi... Thank you... At the end... Would you stay by my side?"

— Meruem's dying words to Komugi

Dark Continent Expedition Team

"If I can get my target to move as I want, I've succeeded as a Hunter."

— Ging Freecss, to Beans

Kakin Royal Family

"When I become king, I'll split people into two groups: Useful trash and useless trash."

— Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou

Mafia Community

"But I like this scar. Without it... I would have slid closer to death... With this scar... I was able to perch on the razor's edge. In order to destroy this dung heap of a world... I can keep trying just a little more..."

— Morena Prudo in "Balance"


"Oh please, he's "on vacation" with some woman."

— Neon Nostrade
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