• So the writer of this Fandom and some readers agree that Netero is an Enhancer despite some facts from the Manga itself.


    Isn't that Togashi did not provide any solid proof in the Manga or in the OVA adaptations that the late Chairman is indeed an Enhancer type?

    so take a look and read some key points here:

    1. It is already stated that a person's Nen is directly corelated and equal to their attitude, behavior and overall personality - Chairman Netero did not show any notable characteristic as an Enhancer. Instead he choose Pariston as his second in command and he is noted a a notorious twisted man - which imply as a natural "Emitter" type.

    2. Meruem stated that Netero simply immersed in his Nen training, dedicated himself in martial arts so much that he maxed his overall Nen potentional.

    3. Set of skills. Netero, instead of developing any Enhancer Nen Skill, he develop skills that it from Emission and Manipulation. Being called as one of the best and strongest Nen User before, isn't too dumb and stupid for our oldman to choose his Nen abilities contradicting his natural type?

    4. not to mention, his final skill is........... "Zero No Te" - Emission.

    If what they all said is true, that based from some playing cards that Netero is an Enhancer then he is just a one dumb and idiot Nen user. That may be the reason why he failed to match Meruem. Sad life. Lets agree to disagree.

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    • I think Netero was born as a pure enhancer, using his nen to boost and complement his marital arts throughout the first 46 years of his life. However, once Netero completed his punches of gratitude over the years a change occurred. His obsession and commitment to complete his 10,000 punches a day for the next four years transformed his nen and how it could be used. The 100 type Guanyin is a miracle of nen where Netero can emit an enhanced symbol of his faith and can be used as an extension of Neteros abilities. He’s not dumb like kastro in that he’s still an enhancer but is a true master of nen who can properly balance using emission and enhancement without any disadvantages. Similar to how Zeno emits his aura and manipulates it to move and take the form of dragons. Even hisoka who mastered his transmutation type nen may have used emission to “project” his bungee gum, or it may just be the properties allow him to do that. Nen is too complicated to have absolutes I guess is what I’m saying.

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    • I know i am late but enhancer types are very stuborn and I believe thats why netero used emission type nen we wanted to use that so he did simple.

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    • I agree with most of the things you said, but emitters aren't really twisted. They ate just wiser enhancers

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    • I would say Netero is so strong and trained for so long that he can actually use all Nen types. He is that strong!

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    • I think Enhancers and Emitters have some similarities. I remember Killua confused Leorio with an Enhancer even though he is an Emitter.

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    • I think Netero's hatsu works by first emitting the giant 100 type statue and then enhancing it so it punches/slaps with the same strenght and speed he would in his base form, this in turn allows Netero to fight from medium-to-long range while keeping his opponent at a distance. Not that he needs to, even some of the senior hunters like Morel would probably be at death's door after Netero's first hand.

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    • I agree with your conclusion. Infact he says this during his battle with Meruem;" When was it... that I began to wait for my enemy to attack? When was it... that I stopped hesitating to be gracious, taking the hands of my vanquished opponents... when they bowed their heads in defeat? That cannot be... the ultimate power I sought! It is fighting with all my soul against an opponent with the strength to defeat me!"
      To me this clearly says someway down the road Netero settled for a handicap rather than to find a worthy adversary. I do believe his hatsu was birthed by conceit. He considered the chance his "almighty" hatsu wouldn't be enough. He knew how to kill Meruem regardless. I think it brings more meaning to his last words. Anyway, I was really dissapointed in his hatsu. -ss

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