The Trade Shops (交換(トレード)ショップ()()()()()()()()()[1] or 交換店(トレードショップ),[2] Torēdo Shoppu) are the card shops on Greed Island where players go to sell cards and buy information. The two known shops are in Antokiba and Masadora.[1][3]


The Trade Shops' are the places where players can purchase and sell items (only in card form) from the Trade Shop NPCs in exchange for the island's currency which is Jenny in card form, purchase game-related information to players such as card functions and directions to the island's locations and also functions as a bank, where he takes players' Jenny for safekeeping.[1] Only information on cards up to rank A can be purchased.[4]


Greed Island arc

Hiding from view from Gon and Killua, Motaricke contrived to steal with his "Thief" spell card their newly acquired "Sword of Truth" card and sell it to the local Trade Shop in Antokiba.[5]

Gon and Killua head to the Trade Shop in Antokiba and sell their four "Galgaida" cards to the NPC there. After purchasing an empty map they return to the Trade Shop and for 3,000Jenny Symbol 2011 learn the location of Masadora and are warned of bandits that inhabit the forest and the monsters in the badlands on the way to the city.[1]

Right after they give the Sick Villagers 80,000Jenny Symbol 2011 and some of their clothes, the boys plan on hunting the monsters in the badlands by defeating the monsters there and then sell their cards to the Trade Shop.[2]

To find out a way off the island so Killua could take the 288th Hunter Exam, Gon and his group head to the Trade Shop in Masadora and ask the NPC there for a way off the island. For 3,000Jenny Symbol 2011 he directs them to the island's port.[3] Later, Biscuit mentions going to a Trade Shop in order to find out more information on the S-Rank "Fortress" spell card.[6]

Not able to fully comprehend the information written on the "Paladin's Necklace" card that they won in Antokiba's monthly tournament. Team Gon asks the Trade Shop NPC in Antokiba for information on the item, and he reveals its special ability when worn.[7]

Gon briefly mentions the Trade Shop when he brings up the fact that you can only buy information on cards that are below A-Rank.[8]

Amid the meeting involving how to combat against the Bombers who are close to beating the game, it's revealed that you can inquire the NPCs at the Trade Shops top-ranked players by how many cards players have culminated, however, if you're willing to pay you can learn what exact cards they have. Later during that same meeting, in order to repay Gon's team for the information on the Bomber's Nen abilities a remorseful Asta discloses that if you shop at a Trade Shop over fifty times, the player becomes their "Best Customer" and is able to purchase B-Rank cards.[9]

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag French Boutique d'échange
magasin d'échange
magasin de change


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