Tri-Orb Hotel (ミツマルホテル, Mitsumaru Hoteru) is a hotel by a train station located in Doli City.[1]


The Tri-Orb Hotel is where Gon and Killua end up at after escaping from Palm.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Hunter X Hunter - 94 - Large 33-2-

Palm finds Gon and Killua using her clairvoyance

Scrying the location of Gon and Killua with her clairvoyance Nen ability, Palm locates them at the Tri-Orb Hotel. Deadset on exacting her revenge on the two, she arms herself with arrays of kitchen knives and tries to chase after them, only to be stopped by her mentor Knov, whom after learning the boys' location, contacts Morel to keep him up to date.[1]


  • The hotel is transliterated as Triple Circle Hotel in Crunchyroll's version/translation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag French Hôtel des Trois Ronds


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