"Oh my God, it's the Spiders!! I wanna ask them questions!! But I'd set a bad example!! I gotta find a way to chat with them one-on-one!! Should I ask them for an autograph...?"

— Tsudonke in "Alarm"

Tsudonke (ツドンケ, Tsudonke) is the Supervisor of the Cha-R Family.[1]


Tsudonke has fair hair that is shaved on both sides. He has freckles on both cheeks.


As mentioned by Brocco Li, some of the young mafiosi are secret fans of the Phantom Troupe; Tsudonke is among them. Upon meeting some members of the Troupe, he appears calm and collected, though inwardly he celebrates his chance. He goes as far as wondering if he could get a chance to question them personally and ask for their autographs. However, he knows he cannot do so in front of his underlings.[1]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Chap 380 - Phinks and Nobunaga meet Tsudonke

Tsudonke meets the Spiders

When Ken'i Wang brings back three of the Spiders back to their hideout, he calls for Tsudonke and three other men to inform them that Phinks, Nobunaga, and Feitan are now joining the surveillance rotation. Ken'i orders Tsudonke's group to guide them around.[1]

Tsudonke introduces himself to the Spiders and explains to Phinks that there are roughly 250 Cha-R Family members on the boat. He explains that they could also get food from the stockpile anytime, though they can also request for a proper meal from the cafeteria on Tier 4. As he speaks, Tsudonke inwardly wonders if he could get some alone time with each Spider and request for an autograph.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic تسودونك


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