Tuffdy (タフディー, Tafudī) was a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Momoze[1] until her death.[2] He also served as a spy for Queen Swinko-swinko.[1]


Tuffdy was a tall, well-built man with a mashed-in nose, a cleft chin and short, fair hair.


Tuffdy was willing to kill Prince Momoze in order to carry favor for whoever would become the next king of Kakin, regardless of his employer and his instructions.[1]


Succession Contest arcEdit

372 - Hanzo snaps Tuffdy's neck

Tuffdy suffers the same fate he inflicted Prince Momoze

As Prince Momoze rests in her bedroom, Tuffdy plots,[1] and eventually carries out, the murder of Momoze. After Momoze's murder, Tuffdy, with the other royal guards, are taken into custody by the Kakin Royal Army to be interrogated about the murder. Hanzo suspects him or Nagmum (the two who were on break) as the one who murdered the prince with a clone.[2] The following night, Hanzo appears in Tuffdy's cell through his Hanzo Skill 4, telling him he has been scouted by Prince Benjamin for his assassination of Momoze. The ninja tricks Tuffdy into confessing his crime and Nen ability, then, when Tuffdy asks him how he found him out, Hanzo responds he decided to test him first on a whim and snaps his neck.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Despite being a Nen user, Tuffdy did not appear to be much stronger than a regular human physically, as he could neither break free from Hanzo's grasp, nor tear the cloth used to break his neck.[3]


Tuffdy was proficient in Conjuration, Manipulation, and possibly also Emission.[2][3] However, Hatsu seems to be all he was skilled at, as he was easily subdued and killed by Hanzo with a cloth.[3]

Tuffdy's Nen Abilities
Type: Conjuration and Manipulation[2] The Touch (幽体離脱(ザタッチ) Astral Projection)
Chap 368 - Momoze death By lying down with his eyes closed, Tuffdy can create a clone that can move freely within a 20-meter radius from him.[3] Since he is devoting his full concentration to the clone, he can control it with great precision. The ability should require Emission as well, if Hanzo's guess that Tuffdy can conjure the clone in a specific location away from himself is correct.[2]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic تافدي
China Flag Chinese 塔夫迪


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