"Love will always triumph!! All the cold, lonely nights and the times you wish you could take back... They will one day become beautiful memories. This is love! The power of love!!"

— Tyson Hui Guo Rou to her staff, in "Persuasion"

Tyson Hui Guo Rou (タイソン=ホイコーロ, Taison Hoikōro) is the Sixth Prince of the Kakin Empire and the daughter of her father's fourth wife, Katrono.[1]


Tyson is a plump woman with a large head, a round face, and straight long black hair.[2] She has dark, upturned eyes, long eyelashes, and she has an oval spot above each eyebrow.[1]


Tyson enjoys being surrounded by handsome men and selected her bodyguards using that criterion.[3] She is also extremely possessive of them, refusing to let the Hunter Association screen them.[4] While she likes being pampered by her bodyguards, she is very feminine and blushes when they call her "cute".[2] She appears to genuinely cherish them, as seen when she threw Giuliano a surprise party because they would not get to celebrate his birthday before his contract expired.[5] She believes that her teachings based on love can change the world,[6] and, despite being involved in a succession war, she opposes violent action.[5]


Succession Contest arc

Tyson hires Izunavi as her personal bodyguard during the voyage to the Dark Continent.[3] She participates to the ceremony on the eve of the beginning of the expedition and boards the ship, thinking she could win the Succession War while giggling to herself. She then takes part in the formal event with her family and other important guests. Like the rest of her family, she resides in the 1st deck of the ship.[7]

Tyson gives away the Book of Tyson to her guards

Shortly afterward, her Guardian Spirit Beast becomes active and its spawn ventures into Prince Woble's quarters.[8] Tyson then hears Kurapika's announcement and learns of the existence of Guardian Spirit Beasts. She deduces they were granted to the Princes via the Seed Urn Ceremony and that her siblings must possess them too. She then wonders if hers looks like an angel, and is elated to hear when Izunavi replies they look like fairies and believes that her "fairies" are filling the ship with love.[2] Tyson offers Izunavi and another bodyguard copies of her book, the "Book of Tyson", which she believes to be capable of bringing about world peace. As she dances off with another bodyguard, Izunavi reads the first chapter of the bible and is instantly disgusted by it.[6]

Tyson does not send any of her Royal Bodyguards to study Nen under Kurapika.[9] That night, she asks Izunavi and Giuliano if they have read her book and whether their hearts are being changed. The latter lies, praising the book, whereas Izunavi admits he has not read it yet. Tyson forgives him, stating everyone does things at a different pace. She then guarantees her teachings will awaken a hidden power in the two.[10]

Tyson delighted by her bodyguards' rock performance

The following morning, she preaches to her employees that love will always prevail, citing verses from her book that a bodyguard recognizes as being from a famous singer. While her Guardian Spirit Beast spawns more Eye-wogs, she leads her employees in a series of exercises.[11] On the day of the banquet, Tyson has all her bodyguards prepare performances, with her personal army singing a cappella and the two Hunters in her employ a rock performance, both of which leave her delighted. Later she is briefly transfixed by Melody's flute.[12]

On the 10th day of the voyage, Tyson organizes a surprise party for Giuliano and prepares the cake herself. When he states it is not his birthday, she replies that they will not get the chance to celebrate it before his contract ends. He is moved by her gesture so she orders him to smile, and to state, her cake is delicious even if the ingredients are not in the correct ratio.[5]

Tyson's Employees

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 Royalty  Personal Guards  Hunters  Provisional Hunters  Spies  Allies  Servants 

Royal Family
6th Prince 4th Queen
Tyson Hui Guo Rou SC Portrait.png
Tyson Hui Guo Rou
Prince Tyson's Employees
Tyson's Personal Guard 1 SC Portrait.png
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Tyson's Personal Guard 5 SC Portrait.png
1Q→1P 2Q→ 3Q→
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? ? ? ? ?
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Legend of Symbols
Symbol Meaning Example Meaning
P prince 1P The 1st Prince.
Q queen 5Q The 5th Queen.
... sent by 1Q→ X is sent by the 1st Queen.
... sent to →14P X is sent to the 14th Prince.
...... reassigned to 2Q→14P X is reassigned by the 2nd Queen to the 14th Prince.
...... was assigned to one or more princes →8P→11P X was assigned to the 8th and 11th Princes.
in charge of a prince's curse 4P♰ The guard is in charge of the 4th Prince's curse.
formerly in charge of a prince's curse 12P♰ The guard is formerly in charge of the 12th Prince's curse.
* Information found in Togashi's notes from "Jump Ryu! Vol. 21" interview 1Q*→ The guard's affiliation is revealed in the notes.
Servant* The employee's position is revealed in the notes.
[name]* The employee's name is revealed in the notes.
? Placeholder
(might hold another position)
Captain? The employee might not be the captain or a personal guard.
? The employee might not be a personal guard.
2Q? The employee might have been sent by another queen.
(might have initially belonged to either Prince Momoze or Prince Marayam)
This particular issue arose when their mother Queen Sevanti sent all of Momoze's Hunters and servants to Marayam. Since we only got to see 4/5 of Momoze's Hunters and 2/3 of her servants by that time, we can't say for certain which prince the marked characters initially belonged to.

Abilities & Powers

As a prince of Kakin, Tyson holds significant political power and wealth, although not on the level of the elder princes.[3]

Guardian Spirit Beast

Tyson's Guardian Spirit Beast

Like the rest of her siblings, Tyson received an egg from which a Guardian Spirit Beast hatched to protect her.[1] As a parasitic-type ability, she has no control over it, nor can she see it. The Guardian Spirit Beast is subjected to two rule-like instincts: it is unable to fight other Guardian Spirit Beasts as well as to directly attack the host of one.[2]

Tyson's Guardian Spirit Beast
Type: Emission (Diffusive levy type)
Tyson Nen beast.png Tyson's Guardian Spirit Beast is an Emitter with a diffusive levy type ability. It takes the appearance of a heart shape with four small wings and a big eye at the center.[11] From its sphincter-like opening at the bottom is lays smaller Nen beasts about the size of a lizard, with a large eye for a head, prehensile hands and a tadpole-like tail.[2] These "Eye-wogs" (()(だま)ジャクシ()()()()()()()(), Medama Jakushi) attach themselves to anyone who comes across Tyson's teachings, collecting aura from them and bestowing happiness in return. The degree of happiness received depends on how thoroughly one has read the Book of Tyson. Should the one and only taboo of Tyson's teachings be broken, harsh punishment will be meted out.[11]


  • "My fairies will fill this ship with love...♥"[2]
  • (To Izunavi and Giuliano) "There will be true world peace when all of humanity becomes my disciples!!"[6]
  • (To Izunavi and Giuliano) "I guarantee that you have something special inside you. My book will send you to the next stage!!"[10]


  • Her in-universe or alternate name, as seen on the "Book of Tyson" cover, seems to be "Taithon".
  • Tyson's smaller Nen beasts resemble the Pokémon species Unown.
  • Her Guardian Spirit Beast has been compared to a Spirit Bomb for its supposed power.[11]

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag.png French Tyson Hoicoro
Greece Flag.png Greek Τάισον Χόικορο (Táison Chóikoro)
South Korea Flag.png Korean 타이손 호이코오로 (Taison Hoikolo)


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