Umanma (ウマンマ, Umanma) is a Private Guard of the Second Prince Camilla and a Nen Exorcist.[1]


Umanma has long, wavy dark hair whose tips curl upon reaching her shoulders. She has big eyes and long, thin eyebrows, and a bulbous nose with a very prominent tip. She wears the standard uniform of Camilla's private guards.[2][1]


Like the other Have-Nots, Umanma is immensely devoted to Camilla and has the full resolution to sacrifice herself in the event that she would have to exorcise a Nen curse from her Prince.[1]


Succession Contest arc

Before confronting Musse Prince Camilla orders her guards to stay behind. Upon hearing the soldier's gunshots Umanma tries to rush to the room where he and Prince Camilla are, but she finds the doors locked. After Sarahell knocks them open, they burst into the room, guns at the ready. Umanma and Sarahell are shocked to see blood on the ground and on Camilla, who however appears to be unscathed. Camilla declares that Musse shot her and ran away and that she is going after him to execute him. Umanma attempts to dissuade her, but Queen Duazul sides with her daughter and orders them to stay.[2]

A few days later, while Camilla is confined to her room in the VVIP area, Umanma and most of her other bodyguards attend a meeting called by Sarahell about Shikaku's suicide and the possibility of him being a curse caster as well. Sarahell calls on Umanma to put her life on the line to exorcise Camilla should she be cursed, which Umanma resolutely accepts.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Despite being a Nen user, Umanma did not appear to be much stronger than a regular human physically, since she could be delayed by a locked door.[2]


Umanma is an Exorcist.[1]


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