The United States of Saherta (サヘルタ()(がっ)(しゅう)(こく)()()()()()(), Saheruta Gasshūkoku) is a country in the middle of the Yorbian Continent, and one of the countries of the V6.[1]


Hunter X Hunter World Map

United States of Saherta's location on the map

It was originally part of the V5 before the Kakin Empire joined them and they became the V6.[2]

In the past, the United States of Saherta sent its special forces into an expedition to the Dark Continent. The forces went through the north of Lake Mobius and ended up in a sea of trees. After reaching 400km, they found the ruins of an ancient labyrinthine city where in grows an herb that can cure all kind of diseases. However the protector of this empty city, the botanical weapon Brion, decimated their forces, leaving only two survivors.[3]


Saherta is located on the Yorbian Continent. Notable places in this country are:


  • The United States of Saherta is most likely a reference to the United States of America or a fictional counterpart of the real-life country.

Translations around the World

Language Name
France Flag French États-Unis de Sahelta


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