• I live in Canada
  • I am Male

Hi! My name is Benjamin but you can call me Ben. I have been a fan of Hunter x Hunter since the 1999 version. I've seen the entire 2011 version 7 times and most of the time that's when I arrive with the questions that I put in my "HxH Thoughts and Questions Discussion" blog. I still keep rewatching the whole thing. I'm caught up with the latest manga chapter although I only decided to finally read it when the anime ended at episode 148.

Random thoughts about me and Hunter x Hunter Edit

  • I think it's the best shounen-type anime there is. I've seen other great animes but HxH is simply more thought out than any others out there.
  • I like Hisoka but I hate how other fans hype up his strength.
  • The characters I identify with the most are Killua and Kite.
  • My Nen-type is emission.
  • I have a very strong feeling that the new character in the Dark Continent Arc, Benjamin Hui Guo Rou, was named after me. Though that's just me. Iol. I think Togashi-san reads posts on Crunchyroll and saw mine and he decided to name one character after me, LOLOLOL. I just find my name to be a very rare one in Japanese so... LOLOLOL
  • More to come..

Favorite Characters Edit

  • Killua
  • Gon
  • Kite
  • Biscuit
  • Kurapika
  • Meruem
  • Chrollo
  • Pitou
  • Youpi
  • Hisoka
  • Illumi
  • Isaac Netero

Favorite Battles Edit

  • Gon vs. Pitou
  • Netero vs. Meruem
  • Uvo vs. Kurapika
  • Killua vs. Leol's soldiers
  • Kite vs. Pitou
  • Meruem vs. Komugi


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