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Welcome and Introduction

Hello! I'm "Jay W Navi". You can just call me "Jay". Anyway, I guess I should say a bit about myself. I love Hunter X Hunter. The end.

No, I'm just kidding. But that is a major thing. HXH is my favorite anime and manga series. I loved Hunter X Hunter so much that I got into writing fanfictions because of it. So, yes. I am a fanfiction writer, as well. I am currently working on three or four stories right now so things are going rather slow. But I try to update as soon as I get chapters finished. I will give a list of the stories I've written/am writing and updates below. ((Unfortunately, the updates are going to have to start once I get something done.))

The last bit of stuff you need to know about me is that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon. Despite this, however, my favorite pairing in Hunter X Hunter is KilluGon (that's Gon X Killua). And most of my stories (all the HXH ones, anyway) feature this pairing. I could go on a long-winded fanboy rant just repeating the same things over and over again as to why they are perfect, but I will spare you. My favorite character in HXH is Killua. I believe that he is just the embodiemnt of awesome. Again, sparing you the long-winded fanboy rant. That's all I can think of to tell you. If you want to know more, just send me a message on my Talk page and I'll answer you.

Complete and Incomplete Stories

This is a list of all the stories I have written and the stories I'm currently writing. The completed ones are near the top in the order in which they were completed, followed by the stories that are on hold and then the ones I'm currently working on. "On hold" means I had to stop writing them for whatever reason but I have plans to continue them at some point. All of these stories can be found on my account.

Hunter X Hunter stories

  • Jealous Eyes: A story about Killua feeling jealous of Alluka, because she's spending a lot of time with Gon. Originally supposed to be an AlluGon story, thanks to a challenge back in 2014, about Killua's unrequited love for Gon. Changed to a KilluGon story with relatively the same premise.

Buddyfight stories

Other stories

Story Updates

As the heading says, this is where I'll update you on the chapters I have finished. The format will be sectioned off by month and then the date will be displayed along with the story in italics, the chapter number and the chapter title. Simple, right? I won't have links to the chapter, as the link to the story can be found above.

August, 2013

15 - The Fountain Redux Chapter 22: "Brother?"

September, 2013

20 - The Fountain Redux Chapter 23: "The Castle" ((Updated here a little later because... well...I guess I forgot.))

March, 2014

8 - My Kiss Did That?: New story. ((Updated here on Mar. 24 because I'm lazy like that.)) One-shot.

August, 2014

13 - Just a Hike in the Mountains Chapter 1: "Always Wear A Suit When You're On A Date". New Story.

October, 2014

30 - The Young Vampire Lord and His Prince Prologue: "A History". New Story. ((Updated here Aug. 28, 2015 cause didn't really think to then.))

August, 2015

28 - Just a Hike in the Mountains Chapter 2: "Breakfast".

February, 2016

3 - Buddyfight For Love Chapter 1: "I Have Something For You". New story. Two-shot. ((Created Buddyfight section in stories, since there will be more than one Buddyfight story.))

17 - Budyfight For Love Chapter 2: "Tiger's Pain". Updated to three-shot.

February, 2018

19 - Jealous Eyes Chapter 1: "Best Friend x and x Little Sister"

July, 2018

31 - Jealous Eyes Chapter 2: "Killua x All x Alone"

July, 2020

26 - Pokémon: Adventures on Wish Island Chapter 0: "Prologue"

Contact Links

If you don't want to send me a Talk page message or have a question about my stories, you can contact me at the following links:

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