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    Happy 36th birthday to our ball of fury, Kurapika!! Please take care of yourself (and Camp Woble), use Emperor Time sparingly, and survive this bloody boat ride! Focus on your goals because the Spiders are definitely not on the boat!! What's that? Nope, Illumi didn't join the Spiders. Don't listen to anything Mizai tells you.Just please don't die.

    A fan.

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    Monroe Walk

    April 1, 2018 by - Darkchylde

    While reviewing the CA arc, I came across Cheetu's new ability called "The Blind Spot of War": The Dance of the Cheetah. Then I went further during his confrontation with Zeno and there was no mention of his new ability's name there. Assuming that the Monroe Walk and The Dance of the Cheetah are the same ability (since "The Blind Spot of War" was mentioned in both abilities), where did the Monroe Walk name come from? And I don't remember it being mentioned in the anime either.

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    New Background?

    March 16, 2018 by - Darkchylde

    I mentioned the plan to have a new background that shows the GSBs. Well, we already have it.

    What do you guys think? Does it look okay in your computer? Because in mine it looks a bit awry (probably due to the large image resolutions).

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    Wow. It's been two years since I made my last blog post. Can you believe it? Where'd the time go? Anyway, I have some few things to discuss with you guys:

    Good news! As per our mini-Community Poll last week, here are the results:

    What should we do to articles with both Nen and Guardian Spirit Beasts?

    Poll Options Number of Votes
    Put the GSB under the Nen ability section 4
    Separate the GSB and Nen, and give GSB its own subsection 44

    Should the Guardian Spirit Beast have its own template?

    Poll Options Number of Votes
    Yes 47
    No 4

    As a conclusion for this poll, we are going to add the Guardian Spirit Beast templates under the Abilities & Powers section, after the Nen subsection. I have already started one example (see: Template:Momoze/Guardian Spirit Beast). An…

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    Happy, happy birthday to Kurapika! We're hoping to see you come back in the manga.

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