This has been going through my mind and I thought it would be better if everyone's opinions were involved. During those rare times that I am active, I have been removing these "Manga" tabs from the character infoboxes.

To be honest, I prefer if our infoboxes would only show difference between 2011 and 1999 images.


  1. Like I said, it shows the difference of the two versions of the anime. The style, coloring, clothing and everything in the character can be differentiated by having only the 2011-1999 switches.
  2. It complements the Appearance section later in the article. Take Silva Zoldyck's page for example. When you click on the 2011 tab, a corresponding 2011 appearance will also be switched in the article. The 2011-1999 switch on Killua's page looks neat too.
  3. As for the Manga tab, no appearance will be shown. In some articles, like Illumi's page, once you switched it into the Manga tab, the image in the Appearance section does not correspond or does not show a manga appearance of Illumi. Moreover, the manga image of Illumi in his infobox is a cover from a chapter. It doesn't look very good in the article, especially with the title of the chapter and other panels. (Another example is Umori).
  4. Not all characters have this Manga tab in their infoboxes. The characters who have them are usually selective, the most visited pages of the wiki. It seems kind of unfair for the rest of the articles. We follow a certain format and it is the least we can do.
  5. If a character does have a manga image in the infobox, the image is usually of low quality and uncleaned scans. Most still have captions, which are not allowed, like in Seaquant's page.
  6. Plus, most anime/manga wikis show the difference of the character's appearance between the anime and manga. This should make Hunterpedia stand out a bit; instead of having an "Anime to Manga" or a "Pre-timeskip to Post-timeskip" switches, we have "2011 to 1999".

These are my reasons why I sometimes remove the manga images from the infoboxes. But I can't really do that without informing you guys. This wiki is run by various people and each opinion counts. Tell me what you think: if we should keep the "Manga" switch in the infoboxes, or not.

All opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Happy editing! 

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