Wow. It's been two years since I made my last blog post. Can you believe it? Where'd the time go? Anyway, I have some few things to discuss with you guys:

Guardian Spirit Beast templates

Good news! As per our mini-Community Poll last week, here are the results:

What should we do to articles with both Nen and Guardian Spirit Beasts?

Poll Options Number of Votes
Put the GSB under the Nen ability section 4
Separate the GSB and Nen, and give GSB its own subsection 44

Should the Guardian Spirit Beast have its own template?

Poll Options Number of Votes
Yes 47
No 4

As a conclusion for this poll, we are going to add the Guardian Spirit Beast templates under the Abilities & Powers section, after the Nen subsection. I have already started one example (see: Template:Momoze/Guardian Spirit Beast). Any new GSB templates will be under the [[Category:Guardian Spirit Beasts]] to avoid confusion with [[Category:Nen Abilities]] (and also for better organization and stuff).

Now that's it has been decided, I will remove the poll and the floating notification now. Thank you all for voting!

New Wiki Background?

Nen Beasts

Something like this maybe?

This is a fairly minor suggestion, but what do you guys think of changing the wiki background? The current one is supposed to represent the Dark Continent arc, but we have been past that since Chapter 348. I was hoping we could get permission from the people who are coloring the manga chapters, if we can use their work as a background. Maybe let's show images of the Guardian Spirit Beasts, or Team Kurapika in color? Again, it's just a minor thing but I kind of what to see something new in the background again.

Add more suggestions below!

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