Suggestions for the upcoming Nen battles are welcomed here. The list below is what we currently have. It would be better if we have more options because there are two Nen battles each month.

  1. Feitan vs Nobunaga
  2. Feitan & Phinks vs Gon & Killua
  3. Killua vs Gon
  4. Machi vs Shizuku
  5. Machi vs. Hisoka
  6. Post-Rose King vs Gon-san
  7. Killua vs Rabid Dog
  8. Gon-san vs Prime Netero (Netero at his peak)
  9. Ant Queen vs Shizuku
  10. Chrollo vs Hisoka
  11. Chrollo vs Meruem
  12. Hisoka vs Neferpitou
  13. Kite vs Chrollo

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