While i was doing nothing i decided to go to my twitter account and directly browse the page of Takahiko Abiru. In case you don't know who this guy is he is the Animation Director of HxH 2011 anime. In his twitter account he likes to post his designs (mostly HxH character design) and also he understands English well since i got a replied from him twice.  Now let's get to the point while i was browsing i saw one of his post Ging Freecs and the first thing that came out in my mind is does this design means they will animate the 13th Chairman Election Arc? And then i browse the replied/comments on that said post and one Netizen said "I know this panel! So does this mean the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc is on it's way?" and Mr. Takahiko replied back "Sorry, but it's top secret.(´-ω-`)". Click this to view Photo

Well based on that comment i have a hunch that they may probably animate the next arc since usually if they don't want to why would he bothered replying to that comment. And that line "a top secret" sounds like there's something big.. Well who knows man ever since a rumor spread that HxH will end around 130+ episode something, this post right here makes me believe that they will make the next arc.

Here is the  actual post:

This is Takahiko Abiru's twitter account:

So what do you think?

Oh and before i forget i did mentioned that i got replied by him twice and the second reply actually he post a Youpi design on it and it makes my notification explode and i need to brag that out man!!So here take a look at it.

Click here!!

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