Hello everyone, I've been seeing these types of blog posts and I figured why wouldn't I have one myself. I have a few questions for you guys and I hope they weren't mentioned before, enjoy!

1. Which are more effective in battle, Illumi's needles or Shalnark's antenna? Of course knowing that both characters are manipulators. 

2. Why does Hisoka refrain from fighting when he usually has the chance to? I know he likes to enjoy his battles and so wait for his opponents to mature, but he waits too much, doesn't he? That was clear in the last mission movie, as well as when he had to choose between killua's wrath and illumi's rage. 

3. Do you think that Maha Zoldyck is still a capable fighter? I know he's old but Netero showed incredible abilities despite his old age. 

4. Since Kikyo is originally from Meteor city, and Silva once mentioned he killed a phantom troupe member, is it possible that it had anything to do with kikyo? 


Shalnark is the one outlined.

 5. Shalnark wears a tabard very similar in design to that of kurapika's. Shalnark's appearance itself is very close to that of the kurta (Pairo and Kurapika). Could it be that he relates to the Kurta Clan? Is is possible that he was the one who led the troupe to the kurta?

6. Who would win a swords fight, Feitan or Nobunaga and why?

I hope my questions intrigue you all. I apologize if they are not suitable but this is my first time and hopefully I'll get the hang of it later on.

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