Here are some fun questions. I don't read the manga so please don't spoil things for the sake of the others as well. Please apply Morel's principle while pondering on each question.

1) During Pitou's fight against Kite, it was obvious that Kite was already at the disadvantage when they began fighting having lost an arm after trying to shoo away Gon and Killua. So this begs the question: Could Kite have won had he not gotten injured before he fought Pitou?

2) Who would win: Feitan at his optimal self vs. Kite at his optimum?

3) Now that we have seen a glimpse of Feitan's abilities, who do you think will win in a battle between him and Neferpitou?

4) Do you agree with Morel's Nen Fight Principle or you have a different opinion? Share!

Thanks and have fun!

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