How's it going y'all? While we await the next HxH episode, why not exercise our brains with these questions. Please avoid flaming and spoiling of the anime for the anime-only fans (like me). Here's a link to the old one if you want to answer some more hxh fan questions.

1) Zeno said ever since he took over their family's business, he has never killed someone who wasn't his target. Given that info, do you think it's possible to consider Dragon Dive as Zeno's new technique or a new application of an old technique? If not, since this is a wide-range technique, what do you think was its purpose prior to the Palace assault?

2) What is stonger? Netero's Zero Hand or Youpi's Rage Blast/ Meruem's use of Youpi's rage gun?

3) Do you think Killua's ability may hinder his progress or cause him some kind of stagnation in that it's pretty much gonna be all the same defense/offense mode all the time?

4) Yor honest opinion is needed here, no fan bias please. Now that Killua possesses Godspeed, is he now powerful  enough to defeat Hisoka given that: a) he knows Hisoka's ability, b) Hisoka doesn't know Killua's ability. 

5) It's been mentioned in this Wiki that Chimera Ants are capable of surviving wounds that would be fatal to a human otherwise and can regenerate damage to their body within a day if their heads are not destroyed. Why do you think Ikalgo is incapable of regenerating his severed tentacles?

6) If Youpi was said to be without an iota of human genetic material within him, why is he capable of using Nen? Aura blast? 

7)We've seen Netero prepapare and practice before the palace invasion took place. Without training, do you think Netero can summon his Guanyin at any moment?

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