Domo, everyone! I'm again doing these questions and thoughts thing as blogposts. I think it gets more attention here than when it's inside the forums tab. I hope y'all don't mind. Anyway, here's a new set of questions I thought would be interesting.

1) If Gon didn't decide to sort of self-destruct at the end of his fight against Pitou, would he have remained at that powered up state until he dies? Or would he just suddenly get into coma after defeating Pitou as result of his own covenant to himself?

2) If Menthuthuyoupi had known ahead of time that they were poisoned by the Rose bomb, with his ability to liquefy his cell (and after being able to pass that ability to Meruem), do you think he and Meruem could have avoided death by sequestering the poison in their bodies?

3) Does anyone here have a theory/explanation which brother Kalluto was referring to when he said he "won't give up... all for the sake of retrieving my brother" during the Troupe's fight against Zazan? And why did he say that?

4) After clearing the Game, will the Greed Island Game reset? becoming playable again for other hunters or is it over and can't be used as a game after Gon cleared it?

5) What do you think of Morel's ability as a sea hunter? I thought, aside from his superhuman lung capacity, the rest of his abilities are a little farfetched for someone who hunts in the sea.

6) What do you think of Togari? This Wiki describes him as a Manipulator. But as a previous hunter examiner, Togari didn't seem to have exhibited any nen ability aside from being able to physically wield his 4 blades. Could it mean that he just didn't get the chance to show more? and partly because nen wasn't supposed to be revealed yet at that stage in the series?

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