One of the handicaps among hunters during the earlier expedition in the Dark Continent was the lack of intel regarding the 5 calamities. I know there's still very minimal info available about their nature, but I guess the same can be said about the abilities of the hunters in the Hunter Association. So given all these little info we have, who among the hunters and other nen users, i.e, the Phantom Troupe, Shadow Beasts would you pair up to battle the five calamities? Give an explanation how your team would beat a specific clamity. For example, Versus Ai: (and I'm not saying this would work) I'd pair up Shizuku, Morel and Knov to battle Ai.. Morel's smoke ability may determine the presence of Ai, Knov's portlal is usable in many scenarios, and Shizuku's Blinky would suck Ai and trap it in another dimension...Liked that? Now it's your turn.. One at a time.

1) Vs. Brion
2) Vs. Ai
3) Vs. Hellbell
4) Vs. Papu
5) Vs. Zobae Disease. (This one I'm not sure if it can be beaten but I'd like to hear your ideas)

PS: You can't bring Nanika & Meruem with you, but the Royal Guards are at your disposal :D

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