Killua Zoldyck wastes money on buying chocolate robots at a Hunter exam and I mock his heart ripping ability by referencing Indiana Jones.

Killua Zoldyck, me, Gon and the others are at a Hunter exam where we get to kill people for some reason. There is an area with a candy store. Gon grimaces as Killua runs off towards it.

Gon: Killua don’t run off!

Killua wants some chocolate robots.

”Whattya mean you’re out of chocolate robots?!” Killua yelled.

Gon: Killua! You are obsessed with chocolate robots! Quit wasting your money!

Killua: Chocolate Robots are not a waste of money! What about all that hair gel you buy?!

Gon winces as he feels his ridiculous overgrown spikes of black hair with green highlights.

Me: Watch out Gon. You’re making Killua mad. He might rip out your heart!

Killua: I’d do no such thing!

Me: Kali ma shakti de! Kali ma! Kali maaaaaa! (Puts my hand towards Killua’s chest.

In a flash Killua is now behind me a few feet away holding a small bloody bundle in some fabric from my blue sweater with green triangles on it. I could see it was beating weakly and saw to my horror I had a gaping bloody hole in my chest.

Me: Hey! Gimme back my heart!

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