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    no specific blog

    September 10, 2014 by Boronbo

    hello guys,i wish all of you are in a good mood 

    till now hxh has many character and each one has his own personality and ability and many other thing 

    so i want you to give a comment on any character you like i would give a exemple but i have no idea so it's up to you guys :P

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    Leorio and his ability

    March 29, 2014 by Boronbo

    hi guys,i don't read manga but i was watching leorio character page and i did know that he did use a ability on Gin so there is  some questions got in my mind:

    1-did he improve as much as gon and killua because we could see that they are in different level now 

    2-did some one help him to improve or he improve by himself

    3-do you think he will have a important role after the chairman election arc

    (sry for my  language i know it's very bad but i think its understandable) ty and have a nice day 

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    gon and killua watch hxh ?

    December 11, 2013 by Boronbo

    hi guys i know it's a silly blog but i watch recently hxh movie :phantom rouge how did Gon and Killua know that Uvogin who attack them.they never see Uvogin before it's just illogical

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    the mysterious past

    December 1, 2013 by Boronbo

    hi guys,in episode 97  Shizuku say that she almost die for just watching pain packer and rising sun of Feitan.that mean Feitan use it before .here is the question:do you think that he use it just to show his power to other membre or Feitan was agains't some one really strong (like Netero or Silver,Zono or some one else?) where he near to lose then he go angry and use pain packer and rising sun 

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    hi guys i know some people hate those type of  blog who talk about power and ability and strength and ... but i like this type of blog  so if you one of those you can just ignore.

    i want to talk about the testing gate 

    we just know that killua open the third door and leorio second and gon and kurapika can open the first door so which door do you think the other characters in the series can open

    Phantom Troupe

    1. Uvogin
    2. Phinks
    3. Hisoka
    4. Franklin
    5. Feitan
    6. Machi
    7. Chrollo Lucilfer
    8. Bonolenov
    9. Nobunaga Hazama
    10. Shalnark
    11. Pakunoda
    12. Shizuku
    13. Kortopi

    other member of Zoldyck Family:

    1. Zeno Zoldyck
    2. Silva Zoldyck
    3. Kikyo Zoldyck
    4. Illumi Zoldyck
    5. Milluki Zoldyck
    6. Kalluto Zoldyck

    other characters:

    1. Biscuit Krueger
    2. Isaac Netero
    3. Razor
    4. Kite
    5. Knuckle Bine
    6. Kurapika[Emperor Time]
    7. Morel McCarnathy

    those are the m…

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