It is known that the current News Feed on the main page is almost totally useless, with too many clickbaits, news not related to H×H, news derived from rumors, etc. And I'm unsure that the News Feed code can be improved. When it comes to reliability it's almost a fan consensus that @HxHSource twitter is the best news source. I created the post because despite being reliable, it is unofficial. HumbleX‎, Jaadowgg‎, and Martialmaniac already agreed with the idea, but other users may be against and have some comment, criticism, or caveat to make.

The implementation would be as follows:

News Feed

Twitter Source
Loading RSS data...

Note: the twitter timeline may not appear in the Firefox browser.

Keep in mind that even if there are no objections and the new idea is adopted, it still depends on @HxHSource owner's approval.

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