Pure Paladin Squad:

  1. Who were the old members? My theory is that they were Isaac Netero, Maha Zigg Zoldyck & Linne Horsdoeuvre.
  2. This theory is instrumental to my next: I think Gon's mother was Isaac's Great Granddaughter & Beyond has been denying his birthright & keeping all of the money, including intercepting any child support Ging, a descendant of Don, sends his way, if he even does send any. Maha & Linne know & will help restore his nen.
  3. I think Gon & Killua will found the New Pure Paladin Squad with Palm, Kurapika, Leorio(medic & exorcist), Kite & Alluka(medic & exorcist) after a time skip that will happen after Gon regains Nen & Beyond is exposed.
  4. To summarize my theoretical timeline: current story to Maha sending Gon to Meteor city to test his empathy & show him the grey of the world, to Maha & Linne training him, to Beyond & others returning from the Dark Continent to Gon exposing Beyond, not necessarily defeating him, to Gon's 16th birthday to a time skip where he establishes a Shingen-ryu dojo in Meteor city with Killua, Palm & Alluka to prepare for the dark continent by training more Hunters, with all of them becoming Three Star hunters (check: Bylaws & Types) & colonizing the New Continent & the rest of the Untamed Waters of Lake Mobius to Resuming the story with Adult Gon & Palm waking up in bed together in the new continent dojo ready to form the New Pure Paladin Squad, with 3 star exclusive membership, & go to the Dark Continent.
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