Part 2 of boosting the daily post/edit count. This blog is because I wanted to do the Halloween blog yesterday and I want to keep it organized. Also, I know if I went back to the other one, I'd forget it was that one and keep checking the Halloween one. So, yeah. That's it. ~Jay (Nov. 1)

Alright then but did you known all contribution pages are broken right now? ~OPN

Nani? I must test. ~Jay (Nov. 1) ((After the test, there's been no change...))

Is there a change now, I wonder... ~Jay (Nov. 2) ((The answer is yes. And not a day was skipped.))

Contrubutions were broken for several hours yesterday, luckily it is fine now. ~~ OPN

I didn't check my count before I posted the blog so I guess if a day wasn't skipped, then either: I must have gotten in at a good time or my count was held for when the contributions were down. And considering Fandom's track record, I'm going to assume the former. ~Jay (Nov. 3)

I'd assume that as well. ~OPN

If Fandom had been shown to be more competent in their "updates", then I'd have a little more faith in them. ~Jay (Nov. 4)

I never had much faith in 'Fandom' and they still managed to underachieve. ~~OPN

And every day they seem to care less and less about their actual contributors. ~~ÕPN (Nov. 5)

Honestly, I've never had a problem with Fandom until the most recent change. Well, maybe one or two minor things but nothing significant enough to be remembered. ~Jay (Nov. 5 <- 6, not 5) That means I'm back to Day 1. I gotta be honest, this set back has pretty much ended me trying to get that year badge. I'm done. I don't care. You can keep going with the edits until you get that badge, but I quit.

Then guess what bro, this will be the edit that gives me the badge. OnePieceNation (talk) 07:47, 6 November 2020 (UTC) OPN

So now you are just going to abandon me? ~~OPN

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