Ever wondered where did that Togashi playing Dragon Quest info came from?

You can see Togashi playing Dragon Quest on this photo

And here are comments he left about it in the authors section from Weekly Shonen Jump:


"'I started Dragon Quest IX. I am trying to decide if I should continue playing as my character or restart and change its class and hair.”  Translated by Riniloves

WSJ 2010, 15th issue ended with this quote:

"I saw my Senreki.
But I’m annoyed by the fairy that accompanies me.

"We’re almost positive he’s referring to Dragon Quest IX again. Senreki is the combat log screen, showing a list of your defeated monsters as well as other “collectibles” for those who like to obtain a 100% completion. The fairy is the much maligned, ganguro-esque fairy guide Sandy, whom everyone loves to hate.

Right on the heels of his continuing Dragon Quest IX obsession (which is still making other various headlines), there are rumors that he may be addicted to the 11th incarnation of the other popular Square-Enix series. Since the level cap in Final Fantasy 11 was recently increased from 75 to 99, Togashi may just have a new excuse to indulge."

Source : http://www.moon-chase.com/yoshihiro-togashi-hay-fever-games-and-bookmarks/

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