Alright, kite has a few mysterious numbers, I thought it be fun if I made up some ideas about what the other ones do, so in 2088 when the manga starts again we could look back and see if any of us got close to the other numbers. so please in the comments tell me your guesses and ideas on what the others could be or your comments on the ones I've made. Also if you want you could also make up what number 3 does too ;) just remember that number 2,3 and 4 are kites already revealed abilities

before I start when coming up with my own I kept in mind that I think crazy slots is a variety weapon meant to deal with all situation even though its random. meaning I'd say all weapons can be used at any time but depending on the type of fight they allow different advantages and disadvantages. thanks

Number 1: sword; I think it would look like a fencing sword. it is meant to Perce an opponent in a 1 v 1 fight, I would assume it is meant for close combat with a master enhancer because being a conjuror in a close combat fight against an Enhancer, one would need limitations on a weapon to compete, therefore it is a weapon that could pierce and enhancer while light enough to try to doge with less head on strength checks the way you would with a medieval sword. it kind of works the way Feitan used ko on the tip of his sword in the chimera ant arc. but kite has been seen with a katana type sword so maybe its takes that form

Number 2: Scythe; Kite conjures a very sharp and enormous scythe. It cannot be dispelled until Kite uses Silent Waltz, which is also the only way the scythe can be utilized.

  • Silent Waltz ( Grim Reaper's Dance): After increasing the size of the blade, Kite swings it in a circle, generating an invisible slash that propagates in all directions. When he used it against a platoon of Chimera Ants, it bisected every one of them and fell the trees around him.

Number 3: Mace; Kite conjures a clown-like mace or a stick, which he seems to wield the weapon with a reverse grip. The true orientation and function of this weapon is still largely unknown. The clown, however, refers to it as a "good number". but it seems to imply that this one's the one Ging talked about. According to Ging, the Crazy Slots ability has a number that only comes up when Kite desperately does not want to die. Its power is so great that Kite managed to reincarnate as Meruem's twin sibling after his death. i think it is this number

Number 4: Carbine; Kite conjures a carbine with its shape similar to a long-barreled handgun combined with an extremely long buttstock. It can shoot powerful bullets in quick succession and seemingly without making any noise. Regarding the "long-barreled" element described above, alternatively, the front part/piece of the weapon is similar to and could be a type of suppressor (even being distinctively colored in the anime), which would explain the lack or reduced amount of noise.

Number 5 Gernade; it is a one use weapon, a gernade, Kite would have it appear and after pulling the pin out their is a 5 second before it bows and it is a dangerous weapon, if kite pulled the pin and dropped it he would die

number 6: sticker gun, Kite would attach a sticker onto the opponent and that stick resemble the crazy slots face and the opponent smiles like it. since kite has 80% proficiency he can give some better quality commands, this has basic commands but kite can attach stickers to a lot of people. since the clown on the crazy slots is sentient kite can change orders to the human sticker dolls by asking crazy slots, it stops when the sticker is pulled off

number 7: scissors; some what basic but it divides what ever is between it into two but does not do any damage, if it is human then they don't bleed to death, it is an empty void and can be reattached if put back together. but if your cut in half and fighting kite good luck reconnecting without getting merked.

number 8: shield; it is the crazy slot with wings and it can be held on the arm or let go and fly around either kite or whom ever kite wants. It will fly in front and take the brunt of any attack and is as big as about kites torso and is very quick. if I could add more it be that it absorb some of the Nen being attacked to it either increases its defensive strength and speed or holds onto the nen and when attacked again with an attack too strong it could use it to lessen the blow or if an attack is weaker then it could overtake the attacker breaking their fist, if one is hitting the shield with 10% aura and you've absorbed 20% then you could hurt their fist if they punched the shield.

number 9: crazy clown; the crazy slots clown becomes a humanoid conjuration that's the same size as kite that can call upon any of the 8 weapons without pulling the slot and it being randomized. it is like a better version of Double.

thanks, if I could draw I'd Draw these just for the clowns face, love his weapon designs

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