Alright sooo out of the blue, i thought about what i would have as a nen ability if i were in hunter x hunter. And i would wanna fly. But be able to fight. So i'd like to be able to change mine and others gravitational pull. I dont know if it can just be a emission ability since I know i need emission to send them flying high in the sky or just make them be in zero gravity by shooting my aura out or hitting them with it but without damage being done like knuckles ability.I'm think about weather I'd need transmutter or manipulation as well to use this since emission abilities are vauge. But by touching them or shooting aura out, once it hits an object it changes it gravity to fly up,left,right or down increasing gravities pull already on them. The more hits the more it intensifies or the more aura the more power behind it. If transmutation is needed being an enhancer would be best but if manipulation is needed being a emitter is best to make them splat like flies. Love your thoughts on it. Thanks

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