The 6 Modern Nation Leaders or V6 ((ブイ)(シックス)()()()()()()()(), Bui Shikkusu), formerly the V5 ((ブイ)(ファイブ)()()()()()()()(), Bui Faibu), are the main world leaders.[1]


V6 Nations

The V6 countries highlighted in red on the map

The group is composed of two female and four male leaders from different countries: United States of Saherta, Federation of Ochima, Mimbo Republic, Kukan'yu Kingdom, Begerossé Union, and Kakin Empire.[2]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

122 - V5 Individual

A member of the V5 talking to Isaac Netero, ordering the extermination of the Ants

In a flashback involving Netero, the V5 order the extermination of the Chimera Ants by any means, implying the Hunter Association will suffer the fallout.[1]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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The V5 order the remaining Zodiacs to hunt down Beyond Netero to stop him from going to the Dark Continent.[3] To peacefully prevent Kakin from sending an expedition into the Dark Continent, they went as far as to propose it to join them, turning them into the V6.[4]

Leaders & NationsEdit


??? ??? ???
V6 Leader 1 DCE Portrait
V6 Leader 2 DCE Portrait
V6 Leader 3 DCE Portrait
??? ??? Kakin Empire
V6 Leader 4 DCE Portrait
V6 Leader 5 DCE Portrait

Summary of the Five TripsEdit

Summary of the Five Trips
V6 Member Begerossé Union United States of Saherta Federation of Ochima Mimbo Republic Kukan'yu Kingdom
Direction Northeast shore of Lake Mobius. North shore of Lake Mobius. Far southeast shore of Lake Mobius. Southeast shore of Lake Mobius. South shore of Lake Mobius.
Location In a steep mountain range. In the ruins of an ancient labyrinthine city that lies 400 km in a forest. Swamps - -
Resources Unmanned Rock Unknown Herb Nitro Rice Trinity Elixir Metallion
Use An ore that generates electricity when placed under water. One small bead can generate 20,000 kW a day. Can cure all kinds of diseases. The ultimate secret of longevity. The mother solution for all sorts of liquids. An alchemy plant.
Threats Pap Brion Hellbell Ai Zobae
Returning Survivors 7 out of 1000 (0.7% survival rate) 2 11 (99% fell prey to Hellbell) 3 6 (including Beyond Netero and the Hunter afflicted by Zobae)


  • The V6 may be based off the G7.



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