There are various types of vehicles in the Hunter × Hunter world.

Transportation Vehicles


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Airships are a type of aircraft widely used for long distance travel. They are spacious enough to include bars, lounges and bedrooms. The first airship seen in the series was used by Chairman Netero when he visited the participants of the 287th Hunter Exam during the 2nd Phase.[1] Lingon Airport in Yorknew City seemed to have only airships, as does the Hunter Association. This suggests that blimps are the prevalent means of aerial transportation,[2] whereas airplanes do not seem to exist at all.

A helicopter appeared only once, during Cheetu's confrontation with the police in the Republic of Rokario.[3] At the World Tree, a one-person seater helicopter with a rescue basket is also used to help climbers in trouble.[4]

Another type of aircraft that has been seen in the series is the hot air balloon. The Phantom Troupe used a hot air balloon to escape to the Gordeau Desert after raiding the Underground Auction.[5] Milluki Zoldyck used a small hot air balloon to leave Kukuroo Mountain to go to Yorknew City.[6]


Khara's boat.png

In the preliminary phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio went to Zaban City on a ship. In the 4th Phase, the candidates had to use some boats to get to Zevil Island. The Phantom Troupe used a boat to reach Greed Island as well.[7]

Road vehicles


Cars are the most used transportation vehicle. Leorio once had to drive a car to help Kurapika go after the Phantom Troupe. During the Southernpiece Auction's time, Neon's bodyguards were shown to have several cars of their own.[8] Aside from private cars, vehicles for hire such as taxicabs and buses are also popular. In the Republic of Padokea, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio took a tour bus to reach Kukuroo Mountain.[9] During Killua journey to save Gon, he and his butlers are seen using a limo as mean of transportation.[10] The police has at its disposal both cars and motorcycles.[11] Bizeff, Hina, and Welfin are seen using an RV to go to Meteor City to find Gyro.[12]

Transportation vehicles such as trucks are used in the Republic of East Gorteau to transport items to the basement of the Royal Palace.[13]

Rail vehicles


Rail vehicles are a common type of transportation. The first train seen was the one on which Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio got to the neighborhood of Kukuroo Mountain.[9] In the 1999 anime, Kurapika meets Melody in a train station.[14] The Phantom Troupe rode a train when chasing after Kurapika.[15] Morel Mackernasey and his comrades took a train to arrive in the Republic of East Gorteau during their Extermination Mission.[16] Only the names of a few stations have been known are Castor, Lipa, and Tarsetol Stations.[15] Gon and Killua rode a train to meet Kurapika at the beginning of the Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge movie.[17]


Skateboard used by Killua

During the 1st Phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, Killua has a skateboard which he uses to travel a few kilometers.[18]

Military Vehicles

Armored Vehicles

An armored vehicle is the type of vehicle used in warfare. It can range from artillery tanks[19] to armored transportation vehicles.[20]

An armored transportation vehicle used by the Republic of East Gorteau
Artillery tank used by the army of the Republic of East Gorteau

Military Aircrafts

Fighter aircrafts are known to exist,[19] although they have yet to make an appearance. Bombers are similar in appearance to heavily armed airships.[21]


  • Most of the aircrafts in the Hunter × Hunter world seem to be amalgamations of various types of real-world aircrafts, like: airplanes, helicopters, airships (dirigible balloons/Zeppelins and blimps), and hot air balloons; varying the combinations and elements used, not necessarily all in each aircraft, with the predominance of airship/dirigible characteristics.
    • The Viz translation of Chapter 234 translates "戦闘機" as "fighter jets", which would imply the existence of certain types of planes; however, the literal meaning is "fighter aircraft", therefore encompassing any type of aircraft (airships included) designed primarily for air-to-air combat.
  • Although many characters are endowed with vastly superhuman speed, they seem to prefer using cars for longer itineraries,[22] possibly because that exceptional movement speed cannot be maintained for long periods of time.


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