Vict (ビクト, Bikuto) is a high-ranking soldier in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire, and one of the personal soldiers of Prince Benjamin.[1] He was among Prince Momoze's bodyguards under direct orders from Prince Benjamin,[2] until her death.[3] He has since been released from captivity and has been reassigned to Prince Halkenburg.[4]


Vict has thick eyebrows and a thick mustache and extra-long sideburns, nearly forming a muttonchops style mustache. He wears the standard Kakin military attire of zipper jacket, pants, and dark combat boots.[1] He wears an earpiece in his left ear.[2]


As one of the First Prince's soldiers, Vict graduated from Kakin's Royal Military Academy and became a part of his army.[5]


Succession Contest arc

Vict, among the other thirteen soldiers working under Prince Benjamin, is present during Balsamilco's explanation before the journey's start.[1]

Benjamin orders his soldiers to act as Royal Guards

Later, Prince Benjamin orders his private soldiers, to both act as bodyguards and spies to all the other princes, and to report any information regarding the Princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts and the Hunters' abilities.[6] As Prince Momoze rests in her bedroom, Vict, Nipaper, Bladge, and Laroc stand guard outside her room, while Tuffdy patiently waits to assassinate the Prince.[2] After Prince Momoze's murder, Vict, along with the other bodyguards are taken into custody by the Kakin Army to be interrogated about the murder.[3]

Vict is subsequently freed[note 1] and eventually assigned to Room 1009. He uses his Nen ability to attack Prince Halkenburg, to no effect. He manages to warn Benjamin about the latter's bow before being defeated. When Steiner along with his associate Peuckert and the Kakin Justice Bureau arrives at Prince Halkenburg's room, Vict is nowhere to be found.[4]

Abilities & Powers

Vict has received military training.[6]


Vict is a Nen user skilled enough to have developed a Nen ability.[4] However his superior Balsamilco believes him to be less knowledgeable than Hunters in that regard.[8]

Vict's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown Tackle Shield (表裏一体(タックルシールド) Two Sides of the Same Coin)
Unseen Ability.png The exact effects of this ability are still unknown. According to Prince Benjamin, it couples attack and defense.[4]


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic فيكت
China Flag.png Chinese 维特/維特* (Wéitè)


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  1. Vict was likely released due to Hanzo forging a suicide letter in which Tuffdy confesses to having murdered Prince Momoze Hui Guo Rou.[7]


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