The Village of the Bandits from the Mountains is a place in Greed Island where the sick bandits reside.[1]


The village is the home for the Sick Villagers[1] and the location where to acquire the "Wild Luck Alexandrite" card.[2]


Greed Island arc

Gon and Killua are confronted by the Sick Villagers who beseech them for their help. The two with Biscuit Krueger learn that the villagers suffer from an unknown illness and a child in their village has it the worst. So the two donate their Jenny and most of their worn clothes to the villagers in hopes to get an item or information, however, they receive nothing in return.[1]

After winning the Paladin's Necklace from Antokiba's monthly tournament Gon and the group return to the village and due to the villagers trusting them to allow Gon to use his newly acquired Paladin's Necklace to dispel the curse laid upon them. With the villagers in a healthy state, they reward Gon the "Wild Luck Alexandrite" card.[2]


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