The known world

The fictional World of Hunter × Hunter is composed of the ocean and the 6 continents which look similar to those of the real world but have different locations. There are 250 countries in the world. Only two continents are known by name so far: Yorbian and Azian continents. In reality, the "ocean" where these continents are is a great lake in the Dark Continent called Lake Mobius.

List of Places in the "Known" WorldEdit

Hunter X Hunter World Map

Hunter × Hunter world map of definite locations

V6 Nations

Location of V6 countries on world map

List of Places in the "Outside" WorldEdit

Dark Continent

The true "outside world" beyond the borders of the map (which can be seen on the far left corner)

Languages and Writing SystemsEdit

There are at least 200 languages in the world, as revealed by the Beatle-07 cell phone's technical specifications.[1] Some of them are:

  • a common language seemingly spoken in the majority of countries, which utilizes a fictional writing system;
  • a language identical to real-life English, including its writing system.[2] It is widespread enough for featuring on signs inside the Black Whale as a second language;[3]
  • a language identical to real-life Japanese, including its writing system, spoken in Jappon;[4]
    • the same language might have been used in the signboard of a dojo;[5]
  • the language spoken by the Kurta Clan in the Lukso Province;[6]
  • Feitan's mother tongue;[7]
  • a language spoken in the Kakin Empire, or an alternative writing system;[8]
  • a language spoken in NGL (unverified).[9]

Ancient LanguagesEdit

  • Ancient Kappese[10]
  • Nankul[10]
  • Various languages from civilizations that explored the Dark Continent[11][10]

Nen-related Languages/ScriptsEdit




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