The Xi-Yu Family (シュウ゠ウ()(いっ)()()()()()()()()Shū U Ikka) is one of the three largest Mafia families in the Kakin Empire, and the most powerful by finances and numbers.[1] It is led by Onior Longbao.[2] Third Prince Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou is one of their benefactors.[1]


Succession Contest arc

Members of the Xi-Yu Family boarded the Black Whale in order to secure territory on the New Continent. The boss is a VIP on Tier 1 of the ship. The underlings are scheming to whittle down the numbers of the two rival families, Heil-Ly and Cha-R, until landfall.[1] They control Tier 4 and earn profits from human trafficking as well as the exchange of goods.[2]

After a phone call with Brocco Li, Onior orders his Underboss, Hinrigh Biganduffno, to find Hisoka before the Phantom Troupe.[2] More than 300 members were killed over the next few days, suspicions for which fall on the Heil-Ly Family.[3]


The Xi-Yu Family is the one with the most members in Kakin, and at the start of the voyage, it used to count over 300 of them.[3] It is unknown how many are left.

Xi-Yu Family
Boss Underboss Benefactor
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  • Taken together, the katakana of the three Mafia families form "Shūeisha", the company responsible for the publication of Weekly Shōnen Jump and of Hunter × Hunter.
  • The crest bears resemblance to the kanji for "to surround" (周), which can be pronounced like the first part of the family's name ("shū").


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