"Can you make me a millionaire?"

— Yasuha to Alluka Zoldyck in "Siblings"

Yasuha (ヤスハ, Yasuha) is a female servant of the Zoldyck Family.[1]


Yasuha has short light purple hair and is seen wearing the standard Zoldyck butler uniform.[1]


Though not much is known about Yasuha, it is briefly shown that she has a tendency to be very greedy, to the point of wishing to become a millionaire. When questioned the incident, the angst-ridden Yasuha admits that she could not help herself.[1]


She was a butler for the Zoldyck estate.[1]


13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

138 - Yasuha apologizes

Yasuha apologizes

Yasuha had the duty of looking after Alluka after the previous servant Mitsuba was crushed to death by Alluka's power. One day, Yasuha gave Alluka a piggyback ride at Alluka's request and the child proceeded into wish-granting mode, recognizable by Alluka's pitch-black eyes and mouth. Succumbing to her covetous, Yasuha wished to become a millionaire to which Alluka agreed to. Suddenly, a rain of banknotes fell down onto them from a blimp in the sky. Later, it was reported that a currency transport vessel had suddenly gone missing and when it had been found all the money had disappeared.[1]

What happened to her after this incident is unknown. Given the fact that the Zoldycks have extremely strict rules for their servants, Yasuha was presumably executed.[1]

The cost of her wish was afterward transferred to Kasuga and caused the deaths of her and 66 other people.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic ياسوها (Yasuha)


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