The Yorknew City arc (or "Phantom Troupe arc" in the Viz version) is the fourth (officially third) story arc of the series and focuses on Kurapika's involvement in the Mafia as he aims to retrieve the stolen Scarlet Eyes of his clan. Taking place mostly in Yorknew City itself, Kurapika's mission eventually becomes intertwined with the killers of his clan and the target of his vengeance, the infamous Phantom Troupe.


Back Home

Gon returns home to Whale Island with Killua. He introduces Killua to Mito and they have a great meal together with his great-grandmother. Gon then shows his new Hunter License to Mito, who almost breaks it. Later, Gon shows Killua around the island. In the late evening, Mito decides to bring them food. Killua tells Gon that he's envious of him, saying that Gon has goals while he has no direction and doesn't want to run the family business. Gon eventually convinces Killua to join him, with Gon looking for Ging and Killua deciding what he wants to do with his life. Killua then asks about Gon's mom, and Gon explains that he never wanted to ask Mito about her since he thinks of her as his mom.[1]

When Gon and Killua return to the house, Mito gives Gon a strange box that Ging left for him. She then tells him about how Ging left, and it’s revealed that her parents died in a car accident, which was what she had told Gon had happened to his parents. After a decade, Ging dropped off Gon as a baby and asked the two to look after him. Mito tells Gon that she and her grandmother really don't know anything about his mother, even if he asked. She adds that she and Ging always played together growing up.[1]

Gon opening the box from Ging

The next day, Gon and Killua try to figure out how to open the box. Killua realizes that it involves using Nen, and the box falls apart immediately after Gon uses it. The two notice that the steel plates have the same strange markings as the thread put on Gon's finger by Wing. There is another colorful box inside, and Gon uses his Hunter License to open it. The two find a tape, a ring, and a memory card inside. After putting the first item into a tape player, they discover a recording from Ging.[2] Ging asks Gon if he truly wants to see him, but says that he doesn't want to see him since he feels selfish. Meanwhile, Ging is shown elsewhere sitting on top of a giant creature, which itself is sitting on top of an even larger creature that takes flight..[3]

Ging adventuring by himself

At the end of the tape, Ging mentions Gon's mother, but Gon quickly turns it off. Suddenly the tape uses Nen to rewind itself and record over the message, also preventing the two from destroying the tape player. They then turn to the memory card, and Killua explains that it's from a JoyStation Console.[3] After Killua buys one, they see that the only game on the memory card is called Greed Island. They learn that it's incredibly rare and insanely expensive. Killua calls his brother Milluki for more information and bribes him with the memory card, eventually learning that an auction will take place in September in Yorknew City. Meanwhile, Milluki finds out that a tycoon named Battera is willing to pay Jenny Symbol 2011.svg50 billion for anyone who completes the game.[4]

At the Flesh Collector's Mansion

At some point after parting ways with his friends, Kurapika succeeds in finding an agency specializing in providing rich and famous people with bodyguards and assistants. However, he is immediately told that despite his Hunter License, he is not qualified for such work because he can’t see something beside her. The agent says that his Hunter Exam isn’t finished and tells him to come back once he can do so.[5]

Kurapika fighting the assailants

Kurapika returns at the beginning of August and accepts an offer to be hired as a bodyguard. In the Nostrade’s mansion, he meets Melody, Baise, Tocino, Basho, and Squala. The head bodyguard welcomes the applicants and sets a challenge for them to acquire one item from a list. However, he also tells them that they must escape alive, and eleven hooded assailants armed with guns and swords suddenly attack the group.[6] With the use of his Dowsing Chain, Kurapika defends himself and observes the situation from above. He notices that Tocino is the only one who is not being attacked. Kurapika jumps towards him and puts a knife to his neck, ordering him to stop the attack. The eleven assailants fall empty to the floor, but Kurapika still suspects that another infiltrator is involved. Using his Dowsing Chain and pointing out Squala, Baise, Melody, and Basho confirm this by using their own Nen abilities. The four applicants then escape from the mansion.[7]

Gathering of Heroes

Gon and Killua arrive in Yorknew City and immediately visit an Internet cafe to try the URL given to them by Milluki. With Gon's Hunter License, they are able to access the Hunter Website and find out that Greed Island is a game for Nen users. Once a player starts the game, they are pulled into the world of Greed Island. Players cannot simply leave the game by cutting the power to the console. If a player dies within the game, he dies in real life. The two are also told that someone once hired 50 Nen users to enter the game, with none returning alive. While the game is indeed out of print, seven copies will be at the Yorknew auction with a starting bid of Jenny Symbol 2011.svg8.9 billion, a price higher than the two expected. Gon and Killua decide to find a way to raise the money needed to acquire the game.[8]

Kurapika and the other bodyguards

Meanwhile, Kurapika, Baise, Basho, and Melody are hired as bodyguards by Dalzollene, and their first task is to escort their boss, Neon Nostrade, to Yorknew City.[8] As Neon arrives in Yorknew, she uses her ability to read the fortunes of several Mafia members, which continues to increase the wealth and prestige of the Nostrade Family. Elsewhere, the members of the Phantom Troupe gather together, and their leader Chrollo gives the order for them to steal everything at the Underground Auction and to kill anyone who gets in their way.[9]

The Underground Auction Massacre

As Gon and Killua visit the market to buy a new cell phone, they run into Leorio.[9] The Nostrade bodyguards have been assigned for the upcoming Underground Auction. Three will attend the auction, and the others will provide surveillance around the Cemetery Building. Gon, Killua, and Leorio discover a way to raise money and begin inviting people to their arm-wrestling contest. If someone wins against Gon, they will receive a diamond worth Jenny Symbol 2011.svg3 million. Gon continuously wins until a female Troupe member, Shizuku, challenges him. The match is intense, and Gon is forced to use his full strength to defeat her.[10]

Feitan and Franklin beginning the massacre at the auction

Before the auction starts, Kurapika and Melody watch over the building’s front entrance. While Kurapika wonders if the Spiders will ever show up, Melody hears the rage in his heart. Knowing that he cannot lie to her, Kurapika tells her about the massacre of his clan, the stolen Scarlet Eyes and his revenge. Meanwhile, Baise, Tocino, and Ivlenkov make their way inside the auction hall. With all the guests seated, Feitan and Franklin disguise themselves as hosts and proceed to kill everyone in the room.[11]

Tocino attempts to defend himself and his companions with his ability, but Franklin's Nen bullets easily rip through everything they touch. Baise and Ivlenkov flee the room but are confronted by Shizuku. She easily kills them both and proceeds to clean the auction room, leaving no evidence behind.[11] Kurapika calls Dalzollene and tells him that all the auction attendees are missing and the vault is empty as well. Dalzollene is then intent on joining the other Mafia members to chase after the thieves[12]

A Fierce Clash Between Spiders and Shadow Beasts

As the Troupe members make their escape in a hot-air balloon, Uvogin tells Chrollo that the items were already taken and that there must be a traitor among the group. Chrollo quickly convinces him that none of the members would have a reason to do so, guessing that the Mafia received a vague tip about their plan. Uvogin tells him about the Ten Dons and their Shadow Beasts, one of whom (named Owl) was responsible for emptying the vault. Chrollo then tells him to make enough noise to draw out the Shadow Beasts.[12] In the Gordeau Desert, the Mafia shoots down the hot-air balloon and surrounds the Troupe members. The Nostrade bodyguards arrive at the scene shortly afterward. Uvogin tells his comrades that he will handle the Mafia, easily massacring them all and even withstanding a missile explosion.[13]

Kurapika and the other bodyguards are amazed by Uvogin’s strength, and Melody senses someone approaching. It turns out to be Worm, one of the Shadow Beasts, and he and three others (Leech, Rabid Dog, and Porcupine) arrive to apprehend Uvogin. The other Troupe members continue to watch or play cards while Uvogin fights by himself. Worm is able to punch Uvogin directly in the face, but the attack does little to no damage. Uvogin then punches Worm back in the face, smashing it in.[13] Worm survives the strike and tries to immobilize Uvogin by pulling him underground, while the other Shadow Beasts take care of him, but Uvogin uses his Big Bang Impact to free himself. He tries to punch Porcupine, but Porcupine's hairs stop the attack, and Uvogin cannot free himself from them. Rabid Dog starts biting him and reveals that his bites contain paralyzing poison.[14]

Uvogin killing multiple Shadow Beasts by himself

After Uvogin is immobilized, Leech injects leeches into him and explains the painful process that will lead to his death. However, Uvogin proceeds to bite off half of Leech’s head, spitting out part of his skull toward Rabid Dog’s head and killing him instantly. With Porcupine still on his hand, Uvogin then yells extremely loudly and kills him with sound. Uvogin asks Shizuku if she can remove the poison and leeches, but she reminds him that Blinky can only suck up nonliving things. Having caught sight of Uvogin’s Spider tattoo, Kurapika is enraged and prepares to attack him,[14] only to be calmed by Melody’s music. However, Kurapika continues with his plan and uses his Chain Jail to capture Uvogin, hauling him into the car as he and the other bodyguards make their escape. The Troupe members then chase after them by using one of Machi's Nen threads. Owl suddenly lands on the Troupe members’ car and uses his Fun Fun Cloth, trapping Nobunaga inside as the others escape. The remaining Shadow Beasts arrive and prepare to fight the Troupe members, who remain completely unfazed.[15]

Uvogin Captive: Where is the Merchandise?

The Nostrade bodyguards take Uvogin to an undisclosed location in order to interrogate him. Uvogin tells them that he will let them live if they release him, revealing that the auction items were already gone when they arrived. Kurapika asks what happened to the auction attendees, and Uvogin answers that they killed them all. Kurapika becomes enraged and punches Uvogin in the face.[16]

Dalzollene calls the Mafia and says that they have captured one of the thieves. He also learns that all the Shadow Beasts have been killed. As Kurapika and Hisoka meet to discuss the Troupe, several Spiders disguise themselves as Mafia members and free Uvogin, with Phinks killing Dalzollene.[16] Uvogin is enraged and vows to find the chain user, telling his comrades that he won't return until he kills him.[17]

Uvogin's final moments

After Shalnark and Uvogin work together to track down the chain user,[17] the latter eventually confronts him at the hotel where Neon and her bodyguards are staying. They agree to fight one-on-one in a remote location. Meanwhile, Gon, Killua, and Leorio attend a conditional auction and plan to capture members of the Phantom Troupe to make enough money to purchase a copy of Greed Island.[18] Kurapika eventually captures Uvogin with his Chain Jail,[19] and questions him about the location and abilities of the other Troupe members. Uvogin refuses to answer any of his questions, only asking Kurapika to kill him. Finally, Kurapika pierces Uvogin's chest with his Judgment Chain, ordering him to answer all questions truthfully. Kurapika once again asks Uvogin the location of the other Troupe members, but Uvogin only smiles and tells him to get lost. Kurapika's Judgment Chain pierces Uvogin's heart and kills him instantly. Uvogin is buried in an unmarked grave at the site of their battle. Back at the Troupe’s hideout, after Feitan tortures Owl to recover the auction items, Chrollo tells the Troupe members that they will change their plans if Uvogin doesn’t return by dawn.[20]

After Gon pawns his Hunter License for Jenny Symbol 2011.svg100 million,[20] he heads to the Southernpiece Auction House with Killua and Leorio to purchase a catalog. The three learn when copies of Greed Island will be auctioned and continue to follow any leads about the Troupe. After heading to the Bull Market, Gon and Killua realize that they can use Gyo to spot rare items. Leorio plans to keep track of the bulletin board while Gon and Killua continue to look for items to sell for a profit.[21]

The two win several items and eventually encounter an antiques dealer named Zepile,[22] who helps them take the items to a Preview Market.[23] After the two learn about multiple doctoring methods, they receive a call from Leorio that two Troupe members have been spotted.[24] Gon and Killua leave Zepile in charge of the auction while they meet up with Leorio to tail the Spiders.[25]

Mafia Massacre: The Phantom Troupe's Requiem

On September 3rd, Machi and Nobunaga wait in the middle of a square in an attempt to lure out the chain user, but they attract Gon and Killua's attention instead and are tailed by them. At the Hotel Beitacle, Light Nostrade arrives and tells the bodyguards that the Underground Auction will continue even after the deaths of the Shadow Beasts. He also reveals that the Ten Dons have hired professional assassins to eliminate the Phantom Troupe. He then personally asks Kurapika to join the team.[25] With the help of Phinks and Pakunoda, who have been secretly following them,[26] they easily capture the Gon and Killua and bring them back to their hideout.[27] Nobunaga ends up liking Gon because he reminds him of Uvogin, telling the others that he wants to nominate him to be a Troupe member when Chrollo returns. Meanwhile, Shalnark prints a list of Nostrade Family employees from the Hunter Website and hands the photos to the other Spiders, telling them to memorize their faces. He adds that according to Uvogin, the chain user isn’t among them, so he suggests that they work in pairs to find someone who knows him.[28] While the other Spiders leave the hideout to look for the chain user, Nobunaga watches over Gon and Killua, but the two end up escaping by utilizing what Zepile taught them and kicking through the building's walls.[29][30]

Chrollo orchestrating a requiem for Uvogin

Using a picture of her that was just uploaded on the Hunter Website, Chrollo finds and approaches Neon Nostrade, who has slipped away from her bodyguards to attend the rescheduled Underground Auction without her father’s knowledge.[30] After helping her to get into the Cemetery Building, he asks her to tell his fortune, which she gladly does. Elsewhere, Kurapika and Light attend the meeting of assassins, with Kurapika defending Light from Zenji. As the two leave by car, they learn from Melody that Neon ran away during her shopping spree. Light begins to panic and has the police put out an APB, but Kurapika quickly uses his Dowsing Chain to assure them that she is already inside the Cemetery Building.[31] Upon reading his fortune, Chrollo cries once he sees the allusion to Uvogin's death. After the two talk and make their way to the auction, he knocks Neon unconscious with a swift blow to the back of her neck in order to get the Mafia members to call an ambulance. He then kills several of the hired assassins with ease and orders the other Spiders (excluding Nobunaga) to come to the Cemetery Building and cause chaos.[32] As the Spiders slaughter the police and 2,000 Mafia members outside, Chrollo finishes killing Assassin A and dedicates the requiem to Uvogin.[33]

As the Troupes massacre continues outside, Chrollo is cornered in the building’s basement by Silva and Zeno Zoldyck.[34] Noticing how skilled Zeno is, Chrollo fights with the intention of stealing his abilities. However, Zeno sees through him and has him pinned against the wall while Silva throws two huge aura spheres at them, triggering an enormous explosion.[35] Silva's transmitter suddenly rings, and Illumi informs him that the Ten Dons have been eliminated and that Chrollo was the one who hired him. Since Silva and Zeno were hired by the Ten Dons, they tell Chrollo that he is no longer their target now that the Dons are dead, leaving Chrollo alone and exhausted as he tells himself that he wouldn’t have been able to steal Zeno’s ability. Chrollo then contacts the other members and tells them to forget about the ambulance and that they will go ahead as planned.[36] The Troupe then makes use of Kortopi's ability to fool the Mafia with fake corpses of five members,[37] taking over the rescheduled Underground Auction held on the building’s 10th floor and selling the copies of the items made by Kortopi’s ability. After seeing the Troupe’s corpses for himself, Kurapika heads back to the auction and is forced to bid Jenny Symbol 2011.svg2.9 billion to win the pair of Scarlet Eyes. After a short confrontation with Zenji, he delivers them to Neon at the hospital. After the Troupe returns to their hideout and celebrates their successful plan, Hisoka tries to call Kurapika with news that the corpses were fake, but he’s unable to get through since Kurapika was talking with Gon and Killua.[37]

Fortunes and the Spider

Chrollo telling the Spiders' fortunes with his stolen ability

A Mafia hacker is unable to identify the Troupe’s corpses and guesses that they are from Meteor City, advising two Mafia members to avoid them and that the Ten Dons would agree with his assessment. At the Troupe’s hideout, Chrollo tells the members that they will leave Yorknew that night once they retrieve the rest of the loot, but Nobunaga insists on finding the chain user.[38] Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio finally all meet up at an extravagant hotel. Kurapika tells the others about his ability and admits that he feels dispirited now that the Troupe’s leader is dead. However, Killua stresses that some of the members are still alive, emphasizing Pakunoda’s ability and suggesting that they should stop the Troupe before they have time to regroup.[39] In order to persuade Nobunaga, Chrollo uses Neon’s stolen ability to tell the fortunes of Nobunaga and the other members, and they learn that five more of them will die in the next two weeks if they keep chasing after the chain user, intending to leave Yorknew to avoid the fortunes. As Kurapika tells Killua that he plans to focus on retrieving the other eyes of his clan, he suddenly receives a text from Hisoka saying that the corpses were fake.[40]

Kurapika then learns that the Mafia has canceled the bounties on the Troupe, and Leorio helps to explain the relationship between Meteor City and the Mafia.[41] At the Troupe’s hideout, the members are concerned by Hisoka’s fortune, which implies that he may be a traitor. While Chrollo surmises that Hisoka is being controlled, it’s revealed that Hisoka used Texture Surprise to alter his fortune so that the Troupe would stay in Yorknew and he would have the chance to fight Chrollo.[42] Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio come up with a plan to capture Pakunoda, and Gon suddenly asks Kurapika if he can use his Nen dagger on him.[43] While Kurapika explains his Emperor Time ability in great detail and how the process would work, he ultimately decides against using his Judgment Chain on any of them because of the nature of Pakunoda’s ability.[44]

Gon and Killua captured again by the Troupe

As Killua tries to find the Troupe’s hideout after Kortopi uses his ability to make dozens of copies,[44] Chrollo is able to deduce that Kurapika is one of Neon's bodyguards and a surviving member of the Kurta Clan. Thanks to a pair of copied Scarlet Eyes that they sold to the Nostrade Family the night before, they determine that he and the other bodyguards are staying at the Hotel Beitacle. Chrollo then tells Kortopi, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Shizuku to go with him to the hotel while the others stay behind at the hideout.[45] Killua and Melody continue to tail the Troupe, and Kurapika realizes that the group is heading toward the Hotel Beitacle. He then warns Squala to leave, and the bodyguard takes the Scarlet Eyes with him.[46] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by two people, Chrollo tells Kortopi, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku stay behind. They then capture Gon and Killua again.[47] Meanwhile, Pakunoda and the other two are able to learn Kurapika's name and face after capturing and killing Squala.[48]

The Exchange

Gon and Killua trying to escape from Pakunoda and Machi

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku take the two boys to the hotel[48] and meet up with Pakunoda's group in the lobby. He tells Pakunoda to check their memories again, but before she can reveal what she has learned about Kurapika, a power outage suddenly happens, allowing Gon and Killua to make an escape attempt. However, Machi and Nobunaga easily recapture them despite the total darkness. Shizuku is then the first one to notice that Chrollo is missing.[49]

After the others also realize that Chrollo is missing, Pakunoda reads a note left by Kurapika that threatens Chrollo's life if she reveals Gon and Killua's memories to the others. Nobunaga tells her to stay quiet while they wait for the chain user's call, stressing that they need to keep the two boys as hostages. In a flashback, Pakunoda remembers the formation of the Troupe in Meteor City where Chrollo stressed the importance of the Spider as a whole, telling them to never forget that someone else will take over if he dies. Back in the present, Pakunoda considers betraying the Spider to save Chrollo and wonders what Chrollo would do, with Nobunaga calling Phinks and telling him to hurry after revealing that Chrollo was captured. Sitting chained in the seat next to Kurapika as Leorio drives, Chrollo says that he didn't think the chain user would be a woman, but Kurapika quickly removes his wig and warns him that his words could be his last. Chrollo then reminds Kurapika that he can't kill him since he left his friends behind. He then points out that the encounter wasn't even mentioned in his fortune, which means that it's entirely insignificant, causing Kurapika to fly into a rage.[50]

Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark soon arrive at the hotel. The Troupe members receive a call from Kurapika, who tells them not to follow him, not to hurt the hostages, and to give the phone to Pakunoda. He then tells Pakunoda to go to Lingon Airport alone to negotiate the terms of a hostage exchange and that the other members have to return to their hideout. Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark try to follow Pakunoda, but Nobunaga stops them for fear that Chrollo will be killed, leading to a heated quarrel between the two groups, with Feitan stressing that Chrollo would agree with their decision to follow her and that Nobunaga’s way of thinking is an insult to the Spiders. The quarrel is eventually settled after Shizuku knocks Nobunaga unconscious and reminds the others of the Troupe’s rules. After learning that Kurapika has a way to see through their lies, the Troupe members agree to return to the hideout.[51]

Kurapika calling Pakunoda after striking Chrollo

Meanwhile, after Chrollo again provokes Kurapika, the latter punches him in the face multiple times before Leorio and Melody calm him down. As Chrollo stresses that he’s worthless as a hostage, Melody listens to his heartbeat and says that he enjoys the fact that death is always near him. Kurapika asks if he was the Troupe’s leader five years earlier when they massacred the Kurta Clan, but Chrollo stays silent as Kurapika readies his Judgment Chain. Chrollo then asks if he used the chain to kill Uvogin, also asking about his final words. He again refuses to answer Kurapika, who feels powerless about having to keep Chrollo alive. As Kurapika backs down and calls back Pakunoda, Chrollo realizes that Kurapika will prioritize his friends over his mission, hoping that Pakunoda will bring the other members with her to the meeting.[52]

At the Troupe’s hideout, after Hisoka enlists the help of Illumi,[51] Franklin, Bonolenov, and Hisoka wait for the others to return, suddenly hearing a sound in the distance. After Hisoka suggests that they check it out and turns the corner to leave the room, Franklin and Bonolenov spot a child standing on the ledge of a nearby window. After the child leaps down and escapes, Franklin wonders if it's one of them and Bonolenov asks if they should follow. However, Franklin worries that it could be a trap and suggests that they wait until everyone returns. Hisoka, his eyes now entirely black, regroups with the other two Spiders.[52]

Kurapika stating his conditions

When Kurapika meets Pakunoda aboard an airship, he uses his Judgment Chain on both her and Chrollo, setting two conditions for each of them. He then tells her to return to the airport with the hostages by midnight and to not tell the others where she is going. After Pakunoda agrees and returns to the hideout, she tells the others about the exchange and that she is leaving with just the two boys. Phinks becomes so angry that he wants to get rid of them and then go after the chain user,[53] but Machi and Kortopi side with Pakunoda. They prepare to confront Phinks and Feitan, who think that she and the others are being manipulated by the chain user, but Gon interrupts their quarrel and emphasizes that Pakunoda just wants to save their leader. Phinks finally agrees to let Pakunoda leave after Franklin tells him that if they all keep fighting, it will be the end of the Troupe.[54]

Just before the exchange, Hisoka unexpectedly appears and threatens to kill Gon and Killua if he cannot board Pakunoda’s airship. Kurapika has no choice but to let him go to the exchange site with them. After the exchange is successful, Kurapika looks down on Chrollo and hopes that he realizes what it’s like to have all his support systems taken away. Standing opposite him, Hisoka happily challenges Chrollo to a fight.[54] He then reveals that he has never been a true member of the Troupe, removing the fake Spider tattoo from his back, and points out that it won’t be considered in-fighting now. Chrollo laughs and tells Hisoka that he isn’t worth fighting since Kurapika stabbed him with his Judgment Chain and rendered him unable to use Nen. Losing interest, Hisoka quickly leaves and tells Pakunoda that he isn’t interested in broken toys, assuring her that Chrollo isn’t in danger from him anymore.[55]

Pakunoda's death

At the hideout, Phinks demands answers from Pakunoda and wonders to himself why she's holding her gun. Pakunoda tells them that Chrollo can't return, and Phinks angrily asks if she's joking, ordering her to explain and threatening her with violence if they don't like her answer. Pakunoda readies her ability and tells herself that she can fire six shots simultaneously for the founding members. She then asks Feitan, Phinks, Machi, Nobunaga, Shalnark, and Franklin if they will trust her and accept it. As Pakunoda prepares to shoot out her memories, Phinks thinks that the chain user is manipulating her, but Nobunaga assures him that it's really Pakunoda. Once Pakunoda fires the six shots along with her memories into the heads of the founding members, Kurapika's Judgment Chain activates around her heart. She prays that she will be the last as she falls dead to the ground. With the founding members left stunned, all of Pakunoda's memories suddenly flood into their minds. Shizuku checks on Pakunoda and confirms that she's dead, asking the others how it happened. Phinks says that he will explain everything and begins to tell the others why Pakunoda made her decision. Still standing alone at the exchange site, Chrollo looks toward the east.[55]

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