"...And I love taking my time... though not as much as the moment my target dies..."

— Yushohi in "Predation"

Yushohi (ウショウヒ, Ushouhi)[1] is a high-ranking soldier in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire, and one of the personal soldiers of Prince Benjamin.[2] Originally under orders from Prince Benjamin to be Prince Fugetsu's bodyguard, he's since been reassigned to become Prince Salé-salé's bodyguard.[1]


Yushohi has fair hair styled in a buzz-cut, sharp features and a gaunt face. He wears the standard Kakin military attire of zipper jacket, pants, and dark combat boots.[3] He wears an earpiece in his left ear.[1]


Yushohi has sociopathic tendencies. He enjoys waiting for How to Get Away with Murder to kill non-users, and even more than that he relishes the moment of the kill.[1]


As one of the First Prince's soldiers, Yushohi graduated from Kakin's Royal Military Academy and became a part of his army.[4]


Succession Contest arc

Right before the Black Whale sets off, Yushohi and the other thirteen soldiers working under Prince Benjamin listen to Balsamilco's explanation on what to do and how to proceed on the ship.[2]

Yushohi's bloodlust

Prince Benjamin orders his fourteen soldiers to both act as bodyguards and spies to all the other princes, and to report any information regarding the Princes' Guardian Spirit Beasts and the Hunters' abilities.[3] Yushohi becomes the Royal Bodyguard for Prince Fugetsu.[5] To avoid being detected by the En fields from nearby residential quarters, he chooses not to deploy his own. He attaches a Stinger Ball to the prince, but before it can take effect, she teleports more than 20 meters away from him, causing the ability to become unusable on her. He uses other Stinger Balls to ascertain whether there are Nen users hiding their identity in her service. After Rihan's Predator counters Prince Salé-salé's Guardian Spirit Beast, Yushohi and he swap guard shifts so he will be able to assassinate the defenseless prince with his Nen ability. He informs Rihan that Fugetsu's own Guardian Spirit Beast almost surely has teleportation powers.[1]

The following day, Yushohi discreetly assassinates Prince Salé-salé.[6]

Abilities & Powers

Yushohi has received military training.[3] He has proven to be fairly analytical.[1]


Yushohi is a Nen user, although his superior Balsamilco Might believes him to be less knowledgeable than Hunters in that regard.[7] He can use at least Hatsu and En,[1] and therefore also Ren and Ten.[8] His Nen ability was extolled as the most suitable for assassination among Benjamin's 14 guards.[1]

Yushohi's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown How to Get Away with Murder
((さつ)(じん)()()(ざい)にする()(ほう)(ほう)()(), Satsujin o Muzai ni Suru Hōhō)
Chap 381 - Needle Ball.png

Chap 382 - Sale-sale's death.png

An ability meant for assassination that Yushohi starts by summoning a "Stinger Ball" (虫射球(ニードルボール) Needle Ball), an insect-sized orb with four wings and a needle, to which he assigns a target. After an incubation period, the ability kills the target through unknown means. The incubation period is much longer for non-users than for Nen users. How to Get Away with Murder is terminated if the target moves more than 20 meters away from Yushohi, who is not notified about the ability's deactivation. If a Stinger Ball is found and removed from the target, the ability can never be used on that target again.[1]

Since the buzzing sound of a Stinger Ball can only be heard by Nen users, the ability also allows Yushohi to tell them apart from non-users.[1] It is unclear whether this is because the construct is emitted or because it is part of a Conjuration ability which Yushohi has designed to be perceivable only by Nen users. Regardless of the Nen type involved in its manifestation, a degree of Manipulation may also be required.


Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic يوشوهي
China Flag.png Chinese 無小黑


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