Zaban City (ザバン()()()()()()()()()(), Zaban-shi) is a place located within the Kukan'yu Kingdom[inference] and was the preliminary site of the 287th Hunter Exam.[2][3]


The city is described as a prosperous city, the streets are subsequently filled with shady dealers and scam artists.[3] It is known for having been home to Johness the Dissector, a serial killer who maimed 146 victims with his bare hands.[4]

Underground Tunnel

405 applicants gathered in the tunnel

A large tunnel was built 100 stories underneath Zaban City and can only be accessed through a secret entrance located in the Tsubashi Street.[3] It is mostly flat but more than halfway through it goes into a series of stairs. Pipes line the ceiling of the tunnel.[5] It leads directly to the Milsy Wetlands. The passage is more than 80 kilometers long.[6]


Hunter Exam arc

Arriving in Dolle Harbor from the Captain's ship, Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio all plan on heading to Zaban City. Gon and Kurapika follow the Captain's advice by heading to a lone pine tree in an arboreous forest even though it's in the opposite direction of Zaban City while Leorio originally was going to take a bus to Zaban City, however, he learns that its a trap and follows suit with his two new friends.[2]

After clearing the Kiriko's trial, the family of Kirikos flies the trio to Zaban City,[7] where the son leads them to the Hunter Exam site, which is a greasy spoon place. It, however, leads to an underground tunnel[3] where the First Phase of the exam takes place. The exam proctor, Satotz, leads the examinees through the long and narrow tunnel[5][6] and up a steep stairway that leads into the Milsy Wetlands.[6]


Anime and Manga Differences

Stairs leading to the entrance of Milsy Wetlands

  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, the underground tunnel has several forks that lead to shortcuts. However, the shortcuts are lined with a hallucinogenic cedar with a special smell to it. Tonpa takes Leorio and Nicholas to that tunnel in order to ruin their chances of passing the exam.[8]


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