Zakuro Custard (ザクロ゠カスタード, Zakuro Kasutādo) is a member of the Xi-Yu Family.[1]


Zakuro is a fair-haired youth with notably large oval eyes that sag at the corner. Their hair is short on their nape and shoulder-length almost everywhere else, the exception being a few locks above their forehead, and it is gathered in six bunches: four that curl up around the height of their ears, and two shorter ones that do so at the height of their eyebrows.[1]

Zakuro's attire of choice consists of light-colored clothes: baggy pants and a jacket with a high collar and very large sleeves that narrow at the wrist. They are always carrying around an I.V. infusion set and two bags filled with blood.[1]


Despite being a prominent mobster Zakuro appears to be very mild-mannered. When their throat was slit by a member of the Heil-Ly Family, after the first few moments of shock Zakuro thanked him for facilitating the use of their Nen ability since they lack the courage to cut themself.[1]

Zakuro appears to enjoy listening to music in their free time.[1]


Succession Contest arc

Zakuro attacked by a Heil-Ly member

On the tenth day of voyage Hinrigh has Lynch and Zakuro accompany him to Tier 3 to search for Hisoka and Morena. Right after they pass the checkpoint, Hinrigh notices a man and a woman looking at them and has his two underlings go after the man. They confront the man to question him, but immediately another Heil-Ly member cuts Zakuro's throat from behind, who however quickly incapacitates him with their Nen ability. After killing two soldiers to whom he promised they'd leave, Hinrigh begins searching the deck with Lynch and Zakuro.[1]

Abilities & Powers

As one of Hinrigh's most trusted underlings, Zakuro is bound to be a high-profile and very capable figure in the Xi-Yu Family. They seem to have a high tolerance for pain, since aside from the initial shock they did not seem bothered by having a deep gash in their throat.[1]


Zakuro is a Manipulator skilled enough to have developed a Nen ability.[1]

Zakuro's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation[1] Bloody Mary (血いさな世界(ブラッディメアリー) Bloodless World)
Chap 390 - Zakuro's blood.png Zakuro can manipulate their own blood at will, which has enough strength to restrain a weak Nen user and cause him to pass out from slamming him into the ground. They can then seemingly call their blood back and stop the bleeding immediately. Zakuro needs an open wound to fight with this ability. The IV they carry along is both practical and a condition.[1]


  • (To a Heil-Ly member) "Thanks. It takes a lot of nerve to cut myself."[1]


  • Zakuro, the character's first name, is the Japanese word for pomegranate whose fruit (precisely its pulp) has an intense red-purple color (similarly to blood color).
  • Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on milk or cream cooked with egg yolk to thicken it; probably an allusion to the aspect of Zakuro's blood when using Bloody Mary.
  • Zakuro's Nen ability is named as '"It's a Bloody Small World"—Bloody Mary' in the Viz translation.[1]

Intertextuality and References

  • The main name of Zakuro's Nen ability, Bloody Mary, comes from the homonymous cocktail—a drink with a strong reddish color.


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