Zegin's Mansion (ゼギンの館, Zegin no Yakata) is a mansion owned by Zegin Highline that only appears in the Hunter × Hunter: Altar of Dragon Vein game.[1]


The now abandoned mansion was once the base of operations of Zegin and his two comrades Amane and Sabaki.[1]


Altar of Dragon Vein

Thanks to Kurapika retaining some of his memory after being manipulated to be Amane's obsequious servant, the Hunter group find the location of Zegin's Mansion.[1]

Arriving at their destination the Hunter group enter through the back way in order to avoid traps. In the study room of the mansion, the disembodied voice of Zegin greets and introduces himself to the group and alludes to them his goal of "Freedom" and how he will achieve that is by the power of the Dragon Vein. As the group try and escape the mansion they are confronted by enemies that try and hinder them. Outside the mansion, the Hunter group confronts Zegin who now accompanied by Amane and Sabaki praises the group for exceeding his expectations by making it as far as they did but escapes via a jeep driven by Sabaki.[1]

Later the Hunter group searches through the mansion again and finds a mysterious card there believed to belong to the murderous clown Hisoka. They later find Hisoka in the study room of the mansion whose only reason for being there was because of the traces of potent aura left behind and he denies the card they found in the mansion belongs to him. He goes onto explain his goal of fighting Zegin the Hunter that committed a horrible taboo and his search brought him to that mansion. So seeing as to how their goals align with one another to some extent, Hisoka joins the Hunters in hopes to fight Zegin.[1]

After the events of Zegin's downfall, a fellow Hunter by the name of Ogyu joins the Hunter group in hopes to collect all five of the Goddess Advent Cards and when they manage to collect four of the five cards the return to the mansion to collect the missing fifth. Inside the mansion, the Hunter group finds the once thought deceased Amane and Zegin under Amane's control. Amane reveals that his true goal was to acquire Zegin's body for his personal use, though due to the backlash of the power of the Dragon Vein he has been rendered in a state of unconsciousness and so with the power of the Goddess Advent Cards he plans to use them to seal Zegin's mind to preserve him for his awe-inspiring collection. A fight thereafter ensues and Amane dies by succumbing to his wounds while the body of Zegin is killed by Sabaki before he could release the surplus of power left within his body that he received from the Dragon Vein.[1]


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