Zegin Highline (ゼギン゠ハイライン, Zegin Hairain),[1] a mysterious man and the main antagonist of the video game Hunter × Hunter: Altar of Dragon Vein,[2] was a licensed Ruins Hunter and the 3rd Phase examiner for the 282nd Hunter Exam.[1]


Zegin's game design

Zegin had crimson red-colored hair, with one long protruding bang hanging on the right and a shorter one hanging from the left, and pointed sides. He also had a roman nose, thin eyebrows and wore glasses. He also wore in a white blazer, with two gold-colored belt buckles, and blue trim around the edges, cuffs, and the cape attached to the blazer, a black dress shirt underneath the blazer, matching color white pants, a brown leather belt with a gold-colored buckle, and black dress shoes.[1]


Zegin is callous and conniving, he has shown psychopathic tendencies as he had no remorse for killing all of the examinees in the 3rd Phase of the 282nd Hunter Exam. Also, his goal for wanting to acquire the powerful Aura from the Dragon Vein is so that he can achieve "True Freedom".[1]


Zegin was the 3rd Phase examiner for the 282th Hunter Exam. During his part of the exam, he kills all forty Hunter examinees with his Nen abilities. This incident leads to his arrest and for the Hunter Association to revoke his Hunter License.[1]


Altar of Dragon Vein

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Abilities & Powers


As a former Hunter and Hunter examiner, he is capable of utilizing Nen.[1]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic زيگين هايلاين


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