Zigg Zoldyck (ジッグ=ゾルディック,[note 1] Jiggu Zorudikku) is one of the two friends of Isaac Netero's who joined him in a past unrecorded expedition to the Dark Continent.[1]


In his youth Zigg had spiky white hair, similar to Killua's, that protrudes in many directions, with three strands falling on his forehead.[1]


The trio dwarfed by the Dark Continent

Zigg was a member of the Zoldyck Family during the time of Isaac Netero. At some point in his life, he joined Netero in his expedition to the Dark Continent.[1]


Dark Continent Expedition arc

While explaining the Dark Continent to Beyond's Expedition Team, Ging mentions about when Zigg, Netero, and Linne explored the Dark Continent and felt dwarfed by the massiveness of the creatures that inhabit the place.[1]

Abilities & Powers

The true extent of Zigg's power is unknown, but having traveled to the Dark Continent with Isaac Netero, he must have possessed a great deal of strength and survival skills. He has most likely received the traditional Zoldyck training.


Being a Zoldyck and having ventured with Hunters to the Dark Continent are indications that Zigg must have known Nen and how to use it on some level; although there is no confirmation regarding his Nen skills.


Generational graph

  • In the Chapter 344, along with Isaac Netero's and Linne Horsdoeuvre's alternate names, Zigg's name is revealed and written as "Zzigg Zaldyeck"—with his surname exactly like the name of the Zoldyck family is spelled in the 2004 Databook, using an unknown symbol resembling a crossed circle instead of an "o" (identical to the "ho" syllable in the Hunter × Hunter Alphabet).
  • In the Viz translation of Volume 33, his name is spelled as "Zigg Zzoldyck".[1]
  • It is widely speculated that Zigg is Maha's son and Zeno's father, both due to the generational graph and the timing of Netero's expedition. On the other hand, due to him looking rather different from the man portrayed in the graph, Zigg could also be from Maha's generation, or be his son but not Zeno's father. The two may even be the same person, if Maha's name was retconned along with his age.
    • Although, it should be noted if Zigg actually were to be Zeno's father, it would make sense that the man portrayed in the graph is what Zigg may currently look like in his old age in the present timeline of the series, as shown with Maha, Zeno, and Silva who are portrayed in their current age on the graph.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic زيغ زولديك (Zaygh Zualdik)
France Flag.png French Zzigg Zoldik
Spain Flag.png Spanish Zzigg Zoldyck


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  1. The character's first name written in katakana (ジッグ) is the presumed transliterated form of "Zzigg"—his in-universe name that only appears with Latin-script letters even in the original Japanese version of manga—based on the transvocalized reading of "Zzigg" in the Japanese language (Jiggu).


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